By: Ritu Garg

Why do you tell me to hide my god?

Do you hide your god?

Then why, tell me why, do you tell me to hide my god,

why do you tell me to hide the seed of Shrishti?

Why do you tell me to hide Shiva’s Shakti?

you uphold Purush, and tell me to hide my Prakriti


You tell me to hide the source of my fertility.

You tell me to hide the mark of my muliebrity.

you tell me to hide the essence of my feminity.


Tell me, do you hide the air that you so effortlessly breathe?

Do you hide the sun that warms the ground beneath your feet?

Do you hide the rain, that wets your fields to bring you wheat?

Do you hide fire, that brings your heart the heat?

Do you? Tell me, do you?

Do you hide the vital liquid that runs in your veins?

Do you hide the soil that sprouts the grains?

Do you hide the sweat that beads up in your manes.

Do you?

Tell me, do you?

You celebrate birth as auspicious

and whisper about the underlying process.


Tell me, why?

You show the world my progeny

but whisper about my anatomy?


Tell me, why?

Can you really half-love almighty?

Can you separate purity from impurity?

She doesn’t distinguish sacred from profane

She doesn’t distinguish lofty from mundane

She is omnipresent

She is in every element

She is everything

and everything is she

She is you

She is me

She is indeed

my seed….

my seed ….

my seed has

the character of life – moistness

the strength of life –ferrous

the colour of life –sanguine

the power of life –divine

these flows give me glows

my highs and my lows

they give me my mystique

and complex moody streak!

don’t make this blood a taboo

this is the life of me and of you

it is to fulfill

god’s own will

to let the world go on

from eon to eon ….

it’s not a shame

it is not a blame

it’s not a guilt

it’s not a gore

it is not a secret

it is not a scar

it is not odd

it is the wish of God

it has nature’s nod

it is nature

it is God

if life is a flower

it is the bud

it is life’s cud

it is life’s cud

it is

it is – period.

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