How many of us have communicated with ourselves – and I do not mean talking to ourselves out loud or in front of the mirror?

What I refer to is the established communication with our cells, organs, body, aura, subconscious mind, higher self and so on…

The very understanding of the fact that everything within us or around us is energy and that energy communicates, will help us understand that we have access to just about any information – provided we know how and are willing to listen.

I cannot resist sharing one personal experience which was, at that time, my discovery of the Universe and its laws – my Universe within and the beautiful way it functions and communicates. It was when I just started living in New Delhi, India, after moving from Kolkata with my husband almost one year after our marriage. I must mention that within that one year I had to quit my job and found myself at home for the first time in my life. My regular yoga, meditation and spiritual activities were minimized as I was engrossed in adjusting to my new Indian family and fitting into my new role and environment. As I finished setting up my new home in Delhi, without any warning or reason, one by one my joints started getting inflamed and within one week I was hardly able to move. Even sleep was almost impossible since I couldn’t find a position in which I would feel no pain. The moment I needed to get up my body would remind me of each of its smallest joints and the importance they hold when it comes to supporting the pressure of my physical body.

I was diagnosed with Acute Rheumatoid Arthritis by the best doctors in Delhi at the time and was prescribed a high dosage of steroids, Methothrexate injections and so on. Being a person of medical background and supporter of holistic healing who has taken a vow not to take allopathic medicine unless my life is in danger, I was very much aware of the side effects of the medicine prescribed and refused to take it despite the alarming warnings of my doctors and the tremendous pain I was going through.

At that time it was Mohanji, my Spiritual Master, who briefed me about the accumulated emotional charge in my joints and suggested that I visit a hypnotherapist whom he had very high regards for. A few days later I was having my second session with Dr. Yogesh Choudhary and underwent a life changing experience – communication with my cells.

He used the technique of minimization during which we are actually able to minimize ourselves in our mind and access just about any part of our physical or subtle body. Once I visited the most painful, small, tiny joint on my right foot (and you cannot imagine the intensity of that pain even when a drop of water would fall on it, not to mention when it was subjected to any sort of touch), I was clearly able to see my cells and receive their message. They told me “Dana has stopped supporting her mission in life, so we have stopped supporting her”. Imagine my amusement when I realized that the joints are actually the main support of our physical body. We cannot get up, we cannot walk, and we cannot function without them. Dr. Choudhary guided me through the process of therapy on the spot and during further follow up.


A few more interesting sessions followed this one and each one was just as amusing. A few weeks later I started with my regular daily walks and before I knew it I was able to go to the Gym and overall enjoy my life again.

I was so eager to spread the message of this wonderful, non-invasive and absolutely effective way of healing by becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself and my future mentor was already my therapist, so I didn’t have to look around. I was so comfortable in the divine hands of my destiny and, although it was pain which introduced me to this intelligent microcosm within me, it was definitely a master plan, making my first step onto this path the way it happened. Nowadays, each session with my clients is such a tremendous learning for me and gratitude is all that I have.

So, when everything within and around us is in harmony and we are joyful, content, happy and peaceful, our health is great and our relationships blossom. Rare are those who would actually acknowledge such a state and think of the entire mechanism behind it. However, the moment we are feeling not so great, health starts to call for attention or relationships become disturbing – these are mostly the times when people start to think of a higher reason for what is happening in their life. And there IS a higher (or should I say a deeper) reason for everything that we go through since our subconscious mind has the power of calling our attention and communicating with us through messages sent in the form of discomfort or disease at most.

It is so wonderful to know that the physical body is not the only form of our existence (although it is the only one which most of us can perceive with our eyes). Numerous studies have shown that aside from the physical, all humans also have etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies or electromagnetic fields overlapping each other and vibrating at a particular frequency. It is our mind which has the power to access each of these subtle bodies… and it is Clinical Hypnotherapy which uses the power of the mind to help people not only in accessing the real cause of the problem, but in finding a holistic approach and solution to it with the help of a trained therapist. It is very important to emphasize here that a hypnotist is a person who can put you in a hypnotic trance, but it is a qualified and certified hypnotherapist who can actually perform the therapy in hypnosis.

Being a spiritual science by nature, hypnotherapy is still widely covered with a veil of mystery and misinterpretation. Rare are those who are aware that hypnosis is actually an altered state of relaxed awareness which makes us more disassociated, more focused and more open to suggestion. This natural trance state is regularly experienced every time we are just about to fall asleep or a few moments before waking up, while daydreaming about something nice or being absorbed in a good book or film, etc.

hipnoticAlthough derived from the Greek word ‘hypnosis’ which means ‘to sleep’, it is actually an empowering state of consciousness and allows selected and focused attention. Throughout the session the client is fully aware of what is occurring and remembers everything once he or she has returned to normal awareness. The client is fully in control, using his or her free will and personal judgment.

Any therapeutic intervention implies change, so entering a trance state alone does not signify a therapeutic endpoint in itself. Once the individual has achieved a trance state, the hypnotherapist uses many different therapeutic methods ranging from simple suggestions to psychoanalysis.

Age Regression and Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression, Release of Foreign Energies, Life Between Life Therapy, Body Scanning, Body Talk, Desensitization of emotional charge and so on are just some of the techniques used in Clinical Hypnotherapy – a sacred science which can bring relief to almost any condition (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

Irrespective of the problem that needs to be addressed or which technique is used, it is the openness of clients, their willingness to experience, learn and change that plays a major role in the success of a therapy. It is so delightful to work with people who already meditate regularly and whose brain waves easily ‘switch’ to an alpha state. The process is much faster, experiences are deep and so often, while connecting to their higher guides, they receive messages which are life-changing. However, meditation is not a prerequisite for hypnotherapy since almost everyone can experience some state of hypnotic trance. It is very important to know that one is safe throughout the process, nobody can ‘get stuck’ in the past, be it this life or any other, and nobody can manipulate your mind since you are aware of everything throughout the session.

So whenever your existence sends you messages in the form of body aches and pains, emotional or mental disturbance, fears which have no relevant roots, repeated patterns in life and so on, be certain that it is for your benefit. Be it some childhood experience which was unpleasant and suppressed and now seeks your attention or past life unresolved issues related to your health or relationships, it will always act as an anchor which will send alarms while some related trigger happens in your present life.

Whatever the case, know that there is always something to learn from the present situation and when the time is right the Universe will provide you with suitable guidance and resolution. Be open to recognizing it and, of course – choose to love, accept and heal yourself. That is the best that you can do not only for yourself, but for those around you and this entire world. It is only when we are in harmony and full acceptance with ourselves that we can love, accept and contribute to the well being of this world. Be the change you wish to see in the world!


danijela-authorAuthor: Danijela Radonic Bhandari (Dana)

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy Trainer from California Hypnosis Institute who currently lives and practices Hypnotherapy in India

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