The nature represents an absolute form of existence of universal life. It is a reasonable infinity. It approves the law of evolution, the revival. The nature is alive; it is not composed by dead forms. There are powers in nature that support life. These powers work hidden in the silence of eternity. The beauty and the perfected purpose fullness, the order and eternity add to the Animate Sensible Nature a divine power and never-ending internal energy. The nature has neither past, nor future – its moment is always now. It is always young and revived. The nature – this is the world of things, forms and relations, the world of human thoughts and emotions, a unique system of realities, in its hidden essence filled by the reasonable reality. It is the love of God towards everything that is alive. The existence hides behind the time and space an absolute Wisdom.

Further the master Petar Danov underlines the following:

The animate nature is a collectivity of wise beings which represent the “atoms” of the great, enormous world. The whole space where we live and move is filled by creatures of different categories and cultures. This is the reason why through the eyes of those who have a cosmic consciousness, the whole Space with its nature represents an entire living creature within which everything unites. 

There are principles, powers, energies and laws acting in the animate nature. There are two basic reasonable principles: the one of power (activity) and the one of mildness. The first one separates, individualizes and divides the Whole. It logically leads to struggle, destruction and death. The other principle, on the contrary, unites the individualities and brings peace; it originates from the spiritual world. This is a proof that the world has been built on the basis of two manifestations coming out of one Beginning. That is why the basic law in accordance with which the world is developing, is the evolution (the perfection of the material substance and its rising to spiritual one, to full mutual penetration and merging into the Spirit) and its opposite process – the involution that stands before it (descending of the Spirit to the matter and building the world of forms). The involution direction is from the Center to the periphery while the evolution is going up the way back following the first process. These two principles or directions of global development of Space in their operation liberate energy necessary for creating of eternally changing conditions of life. As being such principles they represent methods of performing the great plan for the universe outlined by God.

nature dancing

Discussing the relation God – Animate Nature, the master underlines

……..We call reasonable animate nature the thing that is manifested and the one that is not manifested yet, we call ideological soul of the existence. The ideological, eternal, sacred and the not manifested yet – this is God, it is the great BEGINNIG OF LIFE. It is connected to the manifested. That is why some call nature the body of God. However the nature only represents an image. Some people deep in their ideas to such an extent discussing this image, that they support the opinion of Nature and God being one and the same thing. But if Nature and God were one thing then God would be a restricted being. We know one thing for sure: the Nature is the manifested and God is the not manifested, the infinite that eternally manifests and yet remains not manifested. 

According to the master the nature is the very manifested external reality, the manifested superior sensibility, superior love. However Nature has hidden its spiritual and divine side from the lower consciousness. People only see the shadow of things, the changing visibility but not the real content, the real Life, not the spiritual and reasonable powers that manifest and act behind that visibility. The Science has only examined the external form so far– following the way of the empiric and rational knowledge and only now it starts to show interest in the real creating powers of Space. That is why at the end of XX century the mankind has already stepped on the Moon, is taking out of the earth atmosphere navigated shuttles, is preparing an expedition of astronauts to Mars and is managing to master the thermonuclear energy and plasma but yet does not know well enough its own “Ego” and is only using 1 % (!) of its brain potential – the material bearer of our consciousness.

All things in nature as a manifestation of the superior reasonability have a deep internal purpose. The real science of today has to go further than studying the content and the internal creating powers hand in hand with the metaphysic knowledge: it has to direct its efforts towards the deep hidden purpose of the objective realities of the Existence.



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