EBC Balkan started the new cyclss of the GUIDED MORNING ROUTINE on 16th May. Since, the first day of the program was total lunar eclips and, astrologically, it was beneficial for practices, the mantra chanting was organized for even better alignment, focus and productivity as well as energizasing the body for the day ahead.

The number of the followers has increased on Facebook up to 575 and on instagram up to 632.

The steps of our specially designed morning routine included breathing exercises, yoga and reading motivational stories – about people who made a great impact on the world and practical advice. This was aimed to empower participants and provide stability so they can cope with challenges in their daily livis.

The first cycle of the online guided challenge lasted for two weeks, afterwards participants were supposed to do the same routine on their own for another two weeks, share their experience and give mutual support.

Take a glimpse at some of the impressions from the participants!

  • I haven’t been practicing for a long time and got rusted. After just few days doing yoga, pains in my neck got weaker and until now they have completely disappeared. I feel like a new man both mentally and physically…. The rhythm suited me well and provided confidence that I can do anything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! With love, Nikola”
  • Doing exercises with you in a live program and with the video were soothing for me. The stretching exercises even lessen the pain in my knee. Today, after the worming up exercises, I managed to do a couple of Sun Salutations quickly and I felt amazing. Thanks a lot, to all of you. – Jasmina”
  • I have practiced the morning routine for the first time and it really helped me organize better and start my day. It provides more energy and better concentration at work. It removes blockages and gradually increases strengths and flexibility. The list of the daily activities gives us guidelines for the next day and not to give up on them because of the new ones that occurred. It emphasizes our priorities. The great routine which I continued to practice even after the program and I can freely say it is excellent for the backache and improves my stature. Thanks to Mohanji, all the Acharyas and everyone who contributed to this great workshop. – Selena”


The first guest was Nataša Rajčević who is very passionate about food and firmly believes that everything we take in has a lot of influence on our physical and psychological health.

She puts a lot of effort into bringing vegan food to many people and through her recipes proves how it indeed can be delicious and interesting.

Her blog “Bourbon and Blueberries” was announced as the best “foodblog” in 2019 in a category of healthy and vegan food in the region.

With the second guest, Anika Petrović, there was a conversation about releasing stress through the sound.

For the last decade she has been working as a sound bath therapist, performing Gong Baths, or Sound Baths in Serbia and all over the world. She has a certificate from the Sound Healing India.

The valuable things learned from her are:

For the first time in June, our interviewees were one of the first participants of the club.

Marijana Milanović was interviewed and it was really inspirational and encouraging to hear her experiences and realize that everyone more or less struggles with the same issues while changing their habits and waking up early.

She has experienced lots of ups and downs in her effort to maintain and continue waking up early. She selflessly shared things that motivate her, challenges that she faced and visible results and benefits that waking up early brought her.

Martina Krepčić kept askig herself “Is it really posible to go to bed and wake up early when you have small children?”

And she found out that the new habit made her stronger and more focused during the day.

On the occasion of the International Day of Yoga, June 21st, on May 24th and 26th EBC Kids Balkans and Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga carried out a yoga class for children in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A certified teacher of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, Staša Mišić, conducted yoga for children aged 6 to 9.

The children were very focused and interested in every segment of the class. In the end, they did the Freedom Meditation which releases them from fears and it left a huge impact on them. Also, they were carefully listening to moral stories and actively participated.

They expressed their gratitude with lots of hugs!

June was filled up with such amazing programs!

The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga and the EBC Kids Balkan had the opportunity to present themselves in Pula, Croatia, on June 3, 2022. 62 students enjoyed a yoga class in nature, led by Staša Mišić, a certified instructor of the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga.

On 13th Jun for the first time global event for kids from around the globe Ignite the Spark was conducted by Mohanji.

It was a unique program for children where Mohanji himself guided children and parents on how kindle the inherent potential within each child and enable them to shine bright in this world.

The program also provided tool and techniques that children and parents can use in their everyday life to cope with pressures and bring out the highest potential in every child.

On the occasion of the International Yoga Day, organized by the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga and the EBC kids Balkan, after Bosnia and Croatia, on June 17, 2022, yoga classes were held in Serbia. This time, the children from Novi Sad had the opportunity to experience and learn breathing techniques and yogic postures that can help them concentrate better and learn more easily. There were about 90 children in two groups, aged 7 to 9. For most, this was their first yoga experience!

The last in a series of yoga classes for children organized by the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga and the EBC kids Balkan, and on the occasion of the International Yoga Day, was held in Novi Sad, Serbia, on June 2. It was a very important day for yoga intended for children with special needs.

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