California, I’ll be knocking on the golden door. Like an angel, standing in a shaft of light. Rising up to paradise, I know I’m gonna shine.
~ Robert Hunter/Estimated Prophet

Hello friends. Whoa. The “Lionsgate” Stargate energy and recent Grand Sextile/Star of David configuration have really been packing some heat, yes? It’s all been fine preparation for the powerful New Moon in Leo we have arriving on Thursday, August 6th. The Lionsgate energies are related to personal courage and also invoking our own inner executive/leadership energy. Also the use of personal power in beneficial and constructive ways, for ourselves, and also for the all. For a brief moment we will have both the Sun and Moon in Solar-ruled and powerful Leo, and have additional cosmic support to open and walk through some very new doors, both personally and on a higher spiritual level.

The Sabian Symbols related to this New Moon are 13-14 degrees Leo: A human soul seeking opportunities for outward manifestation, and also 14-15 Leo: A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people. – Marc Edmund Jones/Elsie Wheeler

Though some astrologers are connecting the second Sabian Symbol with this New Moon (*14 Leo) exclusively, I feel that they both are pertinent to the current energies, with the first being the most significant as there is a sense of expansion and perhaps even knocking down some doors, or “busting out” in the air. The second symbol reminded me of the expression “Life’s Rich Pageant,” with an element of celebrating and rejoicing for all that we have learned and experienced up until this point. Also, there is a connection to the celebration of Lammas/Lughnasadh in the Northern Hemisphere (8/1) as it relates to the “First Harvest” of the Summer.

14 Leo: A human soul seeking opportunities for outward manifestation.

Theme: Readiness

new energyInspiration: Readiness can define human character and behavior or, on a spirit-soul level, an ingenious alertness of the human ego for knowing it is not captain of the ship. Once again a symbolic perspective on the old joke about making your own plans. How does it go? If you want to bring mirth and laughter to God or Goddess, tell him/her your plans. The day is fraught with energy of being on the verge. Like an expectant mother, delivery is imminent. But as we plan and schedule, organize and manage all affairs toward some desired or expected end, a huge dollop of humor is required because the soul does not wear a Rolex. Watch for things and people to pop out of nowhere. It is the unexpected that carries the most rewarding sense. If you feel urgency about the timing of things, do tread softly and with gentle humor. Know that all is prepared and readied in its own time. – Blain Bovee/Sabian Sage

If we review the entire year up until this moment, we will see that we’ve been in an enormous “learning curve,” with all of the previous months’ stellium activity which has given us a larger than usual dose of one particular planetary energy at one time, riding alongside a solar maximum of high solar flare and geo-magnetic activity, along with the “Grand (Water) Trine” energies which will be in effect up until 8/22/13. It’s been a potent mix of potentials that along with other planetary and energetic aspects, are configuring 2013 into a year that will not be easily forgotten.


Here we are, now where are we? It’s like nothing that I’ve ever seen. I didn’t think I’d like it here at all, but I swear I’m on the verge. – Tragically Hip

New Moon Message: The current Lionsgate energies and upcoming New Moon are very much related to being “guardian” of your own frequency. It is wise to not base interactions with others on past behaviors, but current ones. Be awake and alert. It is a time of energetic and spiritual disparity (in appearance.) Though on another level there is truly no separation, for time being for many there will need to be to further advance in your soul’s path and mission. Bless and release all with love, for resentment, guilt or other forms of negativity may bind you to where you no longer wish to be. For some, the Grand Sextile/Star of David configuration has become a journey into their own so-called darkness and illusion in the form of fears, worries and obsessions. Hold the light, dear ones as this too shall pass. Align yourself with the truth of yourself and of all beings, that these temporary foibles and illusions are not “you,” however it is a powerful opportunity for growth for all parties concerned. Blessings and new awareness await those who have been diligent in these tasks of healing and growth. All is well. Shanti. – The Keepers, 8/1/13

Traditional Leo New Moon aspects: Standing in one’s own light and power, finding time for “play,” celebrating our unique story, happiness and laughter, going on a new adventure, leadership and creativity.

Leo New Moon Mantra: In this new moon I am free to become my own best and authentic version of myself. I relish in my uniqueness; letting go of the projections and expectations of others, blessing all. I shine. And so it is!

Happy New Moon friends. Radiate. Laugh. Enjoy!

NOTE: New Moon in Leo is 8.6.13 at 1:51 PDT/4:51 EDT (Source: NASA)

Author: Irma Kaye Sawyer

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