Energy Pattern Of Covid-19 And The Law Of 5 Elements

It is interesting to observe that virus Covid-19  is affecting no other organ other than Lungs. To understand why is this so we must understand the basic law of flow of Chi through 5 elements and the relationship between mind and body.

There are 5 Elements, namely Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood (see picture below). According to this Law everything in our Universe can be described as a flow of Chi through this system of 5 elements. So the most logical way to look at the cause of some disease is to look at the diagnostics in this system.


Chi flows in clockwise direction in three energy cycles:

  1. Shen – the feeding cycle
  2. Ko – controlling cycle
  3. Luo and Yu – Yin/Yang exchange within the element

As we learnt from the above, the energy disturbance created by our negative beliefs, attitudes, feelings, thoughts and emotions are picked up by this meridian system of Chi and then it is converted into changes in body physiology. The negativity in our mind which is the sole reason for stress and disease carries a specific energy pattern which can be analysed and diagnosed to a precise detail by Kinesiology muscle testing. The stress energy pattern can be described as three states of Chi:

  1. Over-energy, this is associated with inflammation or “itis” of the tissue. Covid-19 virus is causing pneumonia or inflammation – itis
  2. Under-energy, this is associated with degeneration or “osis” of the tissue. This is where we need to look to find what causes weak immunity
  3. Harmony, state of equilibrium which is the state of Health – no virus

As we look at the effect of Covid-19 virus we know that it causes an inflamation of the tissue in Lungs. Therefore there is an excess of Chi or an over-energy situation which produces “itis” or inflammation. So to resolve this enigma and heal the system we must follow Chi “downstream” to find what is really causing the energy to back up and overflow Lungs. We also have to look at the emotional energy of each meridian to find the real cause.

In the above section we discussed the two emotions Guilt and Fear and how they are interconnected and how they seem to feed each other. It is known that the energy of Kidneys is Fear, and the energy of Large Intestine is Guilt. By energising negativity of Guilt and Fear we are creating an energy field which causes blockages of Chi on these meridians. So the Lungs are not the culprit. It is the energy of Guilt and Fear which block Chi on corresponding meridians. Once we understand that our 5 Element Chart now looks like this:



The minus (-) sign depicts blockage or Under-energy state and the plus (+) sign depicts Over-energy state. In the above chart it is clear that Lungs are “attacked” by Kidney – Fear, Spleen – Worry, and Large Intestine – Guilt, or by negative energy of Fear, Worry and Guilt. And finally, the emotional energy of Lungs is Depression

So to resolve this energy pattern, one must obviously dissolve the energy of Fear, Worry and Guilt which will in turn release blockage caused in Kidney, Spleen and Large Intestine thus returning to our natural healthy state. There are a number of ways to do this and I will mention some of them here, things that all of us can do right now to help ourselves and people around us, raise our frequency and help our world. It is very easy and fun to do and anybody can do it.

First we need to look at raising the energy of our Kidneys. You would think that it is something complex and difficult to do, but it is really not. It comes down to two things:

  1. Reduce salt intake – salt damages your kidneys and it causes many physiological problems in the body like water retention, disbalans of potassium, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. One interesting thing to notice about the salt is that it holds the memory of our emotions stored in our cells. As we know, there are three types of memory in our body:
    1. Cellular – this is memory of our life experiences, in this incarnation
    2. DNA – this is memory of of our ancestral lineage and their life experiences stored in the molecule of our DNA
    3. Karmic – this is memory of unresolved life dramas and impressions which created another incarnation including this one

So by reducing salt intake we are increasing our body’s ability to remove unresolved negative emotional energy from our system stored in one of the above memory level.

  1. Drink plenty of water – they say that an average human body needs approximately 2L of water per day. Well, not exactly. The accurate formula is 0.3L per 10kg of body weight, per day. So if your body weight is 60kg you would need 1.8L of water per day as a bare minimum. For someone who weighs 80kg that would be 2.4L of water per day, and so on.

Your Kidneys, and virtually all tissues need a lot of water to remain strong and healthy. So drinking water is easy and fun.

You can also stimulate certain Neuro Emotional points on the body for Kidney meridian.  This will unblock Kidney meridian and shift the negative energy of Fear.  These points are usually painful and they can be stimulated by accupressure with your thumb, ensuring that you don’t go beyond pain threshold. This point is called K4 and it is marked with red dot on the diagram below. Please ensure that you do the same point on another foot:



Five Pillars Of Health:


  1. Water – we covered this one above
  2. Food – it is inevitable that what we eat becomes us. So there goes the saying “You are what you eat”. Our food must be “light and alive” for us to feel the same, rather than “heavy and dead”. Yes, go vegan or plant based. Have tendency towards vegetarian or even vegan food. This food is proven in many clinical studies that it supports and restores our health in many ways. It also contributes to non-violence which is the essence of who we are. Heavy and dead food is not only meat from dead animals, but also highly processed food such as sugar and gluten. While East meets West, West eats meat.
  3. Exercise – your body loves it, it is healthy, it strengthens your immunity and it is fun above all
  4. Yoga – there are many benefits of doing Yoga and breathing exercises and this has been extensively researched in many clinical studies. Why not try Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga.
  5. Meditation and Contemplation – regular meditation, contemplation, reading spiritual books from enlightened spiritual teachers and contemplating on their words, engaging in charity work, helping people in need, etc. Why not try Mohanji Power Of Purity guided meditation or engage in ACT Foundation work. This will help spread positivity, message of peace and universal love in our world.

Yoga Mudra Hand Positions

Practicing Yoga Mudra hand positions. Our body has amazing self-healing capabilities. Literary, we have a physician in our hands. By connecting fingers in certain positions we stimulate the energy in our meridians and unlock the self healing properties. These Mudras are easy to hold, they are fun to do and you can do it while nobody takes a notice. They will do a great goodness to your wellbeing.


Mudras for Fear

Bronchial Mudra

Both hands: Place the little finger at the base of the thumb, the ring finger on the upper thumb joint, and the middle finger on the pad of the thumb. Extend the index finger.


Varuna Mudra

Bend the little finger of your right hand until the tip touches the ball of your right thumb; place the thumb of your right hand on it. Press the little finger and thumb slightly with your left thumb. At the same time, your left hand encircles the right hand lightly from below. Do as needed, or practice three times a day for 45 minutes.

Back Mudra

Right hand: The thumb, middle finger, and little finger are touching; the index finger and ring finger are extended. Left hand: Place your thumb joint on the nail of the index finger. Do four times a day for 4 minutes or, against acute complaints, until it has an effect.


Mushti Mudra

Bend your fingers inward and place your thumbs over the ring fingers. Do this with each hand. Do as needed, or three times a day for 15 minutes.


Bhramhara Mudra

Place your index finger in the thumb fold, and the tip of your thumb on the side of your middle fingernail. Extend your ring and little fingers. Do this with each hand. Do four times a day for 7 minutes.



Shiva Mantra

Chanting Shiva Mantra 108x “Om Namah Shivaya” can have an amazing effect on our body. The effect is actually more than the words can describe. Practicing this mantra can build protective shield around us and put us in so called Shiva state of consciousness. Lord Shiva is not a person. Shiva is the divine principle of being One with the Universe. It is beyond words and explanations and our minds can’t grasp it. It is a non-dimensional state where all is nothing and nothing is all, an all pervasive and omni-present state where there is no end or beginning. It is a timeless state where there is knowing without knowing, the Source itself out of which all is created in infinite forms. It is our Reality, an infinite potentiality, the state by which I know that I am. Many sages and masters of this world described this state of mind as being one with the Universe, our Ultimate Reality the Unmanifested Universe.

Reprogramming Our DNA

The state or frequency of our Mankind as a collective consciousness in relation to this global crisis can be described through 64 hexagrams of ancient Yi Jing. The 64 hexagrams correspond to our level of consciousness coded in our DNA through 64 codons of our DNA molecule. Each hexagram corresponds to one codon of our DNA which unlocks our hidden Gifts and Siddhis (Powers), but it also reveals our Shadows which inhibit our Gifts and Siddhis. So every situation in life is presented to us as an opportunity for our spiritual growth and enlightenment. Every situation is always Win-Win and every loss is our real gain. So in terms of our collective consciousness as one Mankind which comprises about 7.5Bn people on our planet and in the relation to Covid-19 global crisis, at this very moment of writing this paper we stand at Hexagram 24 – Silence, The Ultimate Addiction.

Hexagram 24 – Silence, The Ultimate Addiction



  • Siddhi: SILENCE
  • Shaddow: ADDICTION
  • Repressive Nature: Frozen
  • Reactive Nature: Anxious
  • Physiology: Neocortex
  • Amino Acid: Leucine

This hexagram consists of 5 Yin lines on the top of only one Yang line at the bottom. This is an interesting combination and it reveals the current position of our Mankind, according to original Yi Jing translations “A Thunder Within Earth”. Our collective Shadow is Addiction. It speaks about our inability to resolve our repetitive problems throughout the history of our Mankind. Some statistics speak about our misconceptions about life and ourselves and tragedy which ensued out of that. One defeating statistics says that out of total time on this planet, humans spent 80% of that time in wars. We come pre-programmed with addiction to negativity and we lived like that for eons. We are subject to various propaganda and conditioning of our mind. This Shadow is hidden in this very crisis and it is for each of us to resolve it on our individual level as well as on a collective level. We humans, as it stands today, use our brain in a very limited capacity. The capability of our brain is virtually infinite and it is totally unexplored. The collective consciousness of our Mankind is dominated by survival mechanism in our brain dominated by Fear. This Fear changes the chemistry of our body and brain. It carries such a low frequency that it is inhibiting all Human creativity and it enslaves us in right-brain dominant world full of anxieties and insecurities of duality, and it further subdues our natural freedom with which we were born with. It prevents us from thinking outside a square box, outside of our comfort zone on a physical, emotional and mental level. Instead exploring infinite greatness of our life we are reduced to predictable paths and repetitive patterns. This leads to development of various addictions, all of which are summarised as negativity of some form.

The repressive nature that comes out of this is feeling Frozen. We are frozen from fear, unable to move, powerless to do anything. It manifests in many ways and some of these are depression and narrow mindedness. Being frozen is a state of contraction. We shrink in fear of looming and insecure future

The reactive nature that comes out of this is Anxiety. In order to avoid falling into a bottomless pit we spring into action out of anxiety. People are anxious about the pandemic and we are anxiously jumping to help them so the motive for action is still ego driven. There is one thing that is common with both types of people and it is Anxiety. One mirrors the other. When people are anxious they are in survival mode and they are prone to all sorts of manipulations, propaganda and conditioning. This anxiety driven activity obscures our hidden potential of Silence. Yes, Silence as the source of all sounds. It is not possible to describe silence as any attempt to describe it would fail.

Our Siddhi is Silence, an exit door out of this viscious circle. Addiction repeats patterns in circles whereas Invention creates spirals. Over the milenia humans tried to silence the mind to no avail. Most of people achieved a temporary silence, a short term relief from compuslivensess of thinking. The pure Silence is the void in which thought process stops and our Light shines forth. So it is not really a physical silence. It is rather a state of mind which can be described as Stillness, Oneness, Isness, Beingness, Bliss, Truth, Love, Absolute, God. Yes, God. So to conclude all this, the Mankind has been presented with a unique situation of either “make it or break it”. In real terms we have an opportunity to evolve as one nation of Humans on this planet and continue forward as one species respecting each other and all Life on our planet. That is the hidden potential in this outbreak. The Universe is in absolute balance and everything that we see is an expression of that same Love. Even this crisis can be seen as a blessing in the sky, an expression of Love, an opportunity for all of us to awaken to our True Reality. But to do that we have to become aware of our addictions to repetitive patterns of negativity throughout our history and break these patterns in order to elevate ourselves in consciousness and evolve as a new species of Man, expanded in consciousness to our true power of Silence. So be in peace, stillness, silence, and unconditional Love as a source of all that Is.

Author: Zoran Milišić

Zoran Milišić is a specialised Kinesiologist who was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After completing primary and secondary education, and enrolling at Mechanical University in Sarajevo, he migrated to Australia at the beginning of 1993. After completing a tertiary education in IT and a successful and exhausting career in IT industry in Brisbane, QLD, Zoran left the IT career and corporate environment and found his inner calling in studying Kinesiology. Zoran has completed more than 70 Kinesiology subjects in various Kinesiology modalities and Western Medicine, and built a successful career as a registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner in Brisbane. He ran his own practice until moving back to his hometown Sarajevo in 2007. Zoran is now based at Vrsac, Serbia where he works as a Kinesiology practitioner. Zoran is an avid cyclist and photographer. In his road racing career as cyclist Zoran won a number of medals and competed in many state and international races. He also rode for BiH National Team. As a photographer, Zoran travels the world and documents life in digital and analog format. He held number of successful exhibitions and National Geographics published and awarded number of his photographs. Zoran is also Mai Tri method practitioner and Mohanji Acharya, as well as husband and father of three children.




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