In recent times we have been witnessing the development of global crisis caused by introduction of COVID 19 Virus or so called Corona virus. This has caused an unprecedented crisis in the history of modern world to this date. The world is facing a major crisis in all aspects of our existence, caused by the most primitive of all Life forms – a virus. The complexity of Human life and our very existence is at its knees in front of the simplest of all life forms, which is a paradox in itself. This is an attempt to explain the nature of this problem from the perspective of Chi, the Universal Energy that encompases all that Is, and offer practical and real solution to this issue. More than this virus and the consequences of pandemic that are looming, the world seems to be infected by a far greater problem. It is relationship between Fear and Guilt manifesting through relationship between Mind and Body.  How is this related? Before we explain it there are some basics that we need to know.


According to official science and what is known so far, COVID-19 is a virus strain, first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, that has only spread in people since December 2019. Very little is known about this new virus and it has the potential to cause severe illness and pneumonia in some people. COVID-19 is primarily spread through respiratory droplets, which means to become infected, people generally must be within 2 metres of someone who is contagious and come into contact with these droplets. It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads. Symptoms of COVID-19 appear within two to 14 days after exposure and include fever, cough, runny nose and difficulty breathing. It is believed that symptoms of COVID-19 may appear in as few as two days, or as long as 14 days after exposure. So far there is no approved medication for this virus.

The effect of Covid-19 infection is manifested  in human lungs tissue where the inflammation causes the alveoles in lung parenchyma where gas exchange happens, to swell thus decreasing their ability to exchange gasses. This causes a process in Lungs called carnation where Lungs tissue turns solid and block exchange of gasses. This condition if left unchanged can cause death of the body.


So, how our body fights it? In the same way like with any other virus infection! We already have the system developed against it and it is so sophisticated. And we have it without even knowing it! It produces antibodies, a kind of soldier cells, which then go on and destroy the virus.  In the most recent study published by Australian Institute For Infection And Immunity in Melbourne, Peter Doherty, it has been found that our body produces four specific antibodies which are destroying this virus. So it is not all the bad news, isn’t it. To this very date the numbers stand at 160,000 people infected and 6,500 deceased. This report was published by BBC News service on 17th March 2020.

Virus Anatomy

So what is a virus? Simply, it is a small parasite that is unable to  reproduce by itself. Once it infects a cell, let’s say a human cell, it can direct that cell to produce more viruses. The structure of a virus is made of an outer shell of protein and the nucleus which is RNA or DNA as genetic material. RNA or DNA encode proteins and the simplest virus can encode 4 proteins to most complex ones which can encode 100 to 200 proteins…

Energy Model

Kinesiology is a rewarding healing science to study the direct connection between mind and body. With its many procedures combined with the art of muscle testing technique, Kinesiology allows us to examine and correct many issues at its root thus allowing the body to self-heal. To explain really how it works we would have to delve deep into quantum physics and holographic model.

Three Nervous Systems

Our body has three nervous systems and they are:

  1. The voluntary network which is under conscious control and distributed primarily to voluntary muscles
  2. The involuntary or autonomic nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic, which controls physiological functions of internal organs such as digestion, heart beat, production and distribution of hormones, blood flow, etc.
  3. The Acupuncture Meridian system which supplies and transmits the energy called Chi or Bio-Energy to ALL body structures and organs. This system is the least known to Western mainstream science, however long known to Eastern medicine and phylosophy.

Through our body there are 14 major energy channels or meridians which run on the surface of the body and also inside of the body where they cross on many places forming a perfect hologram of our body. Chi which flows through meridians is divided into Yin and Yang flow where Yin supplies organs that function 24/7, and Yang supplies organs that work as per need. For us and our body to be healthy all meridians and holographic intersections must remain in balance with constant flow of Chi.

The flow of Chi is very sensitive to fluctuations in our lives caused by stress. Our reaction to some situation is what we call stress and that causes variations in our perceptions, attitudes, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Using scientific, psychic or clinical methods we can measure the variety of changes that a mere thought can produce thus triggering a chain reaction of numerous physiological changes in our body as a response to a given situation.

The Role of Thymus Gland

The thymus produces progenitor cells, which mature into T-cells (thymus-derived cells). The body uses T-cells (antibodies) to destroy not only infected cells, but also cancerous cells. T-cells created by the thymus also help other organs in the immune system grow properly.

Thymus gland regulates overall balance of body’s acupuncture Meridian system. It is very important to understand that our Immune System is intimately connected to Chi or Bio-Energy system via Thymus Gland. The effect of stress and our reaction to it through our negative attitudes, feelings, thoughts and emotions, have a negative effect on Thymus Gland which then throws our Immune System out of balance. An extensive study of this phenomenon can be found in books Behavioural Kinesiology and Life Energy by John Diamond, M.D. Many studies have shown the direct link between suppression of Immune System by stress in form of intermittent shocks and development of cancer. When the Immune System is suppressed there is reduced presence of brain chemicals called endorphins which cause anti-cancer and infection fighting cells to diminish.

The report in Science (223: 188-190) states, “Our findings support the view that the central nervous system by modulating immune function exercises some measure of control over the inception and development of disease”. The report further says that a feeling of Helplessness has been related to reduced anti-cancer killer cell activity and increased tumor growth.

Relationship Between Mind And Body

There is a basic universal law that we need to understand, which says that the body obeys the mind. It means that the body tends to manifest what is stored in mind or what the mind believes. In other words we are only subject to what we hold in mind. When the negativity happens it is us who allowed it by giving it the power over us. The energy field of beliefs and concepts is more powerful than the energy field of the physical body. Our inclination and tendency to accept negativity depends on the state of our mind and how much negativity we are holding in it. For example, there are three types of thoughts which we can distinguish: 1. destructive, 2. constructive, and 3. spiritual thoughts. If we energise these thoughts and manifest them into reality then the outcome reflected in our world will be according to the energy field of these three types of thoughts. Each thought will create a body reaction in the form of emotion which has some specific energy frequency and ability to create reaction in our nervous system. So the obvious conclusion is to de-energise destructive thoughts by simply rejecting them, and accept constructive and spiritual thoughts. For example if we accept a negative thought that we will get Coronavirus this will create an emotional response of Fear which will then put our body in 1st stage of stress which will then lower our Immune System. A positive mind will refuse to accept negative thoughts and reject them as untrue. By doing that the positive mind will not buy into commonly held negative ideas. In another example, if we hold Guilt in our mind then we are easily prone to self-condemnation, or if the person has a lot of Fear stored in his/her mind then this person will easily buy into a Fear of some disease or pandemic. So the psychological and physiological effect will be according to what is held in mind and projected.



It is us who manifest negative situations by energising negativity within ourselves, stored in our conscious or subconscious mind as an unresolved emotional pain from past reactions to some situation. The situation itself is neutral, but it is our reaction to the situation, based on patterns and conditioning from the past, that create what we call a negative outcome. As we project these patterns of negativity as energy field, they in turn create events and incidents in the world which we then blame for our own reactions . We ourselves are creating our Universe according to these patterns. All that we experience are our own thought forms, feelings and beliefs projected onto the world which are then causing what we see today.  This is what many enlightened Masters meant when they said “We are living an Illusion, or the world is Maya”. Even Australian Aboriginals call this reality “Dream Time” as expressed in their sacred wisdom and spirituality.

Most people in today’s world are living in a state of survival and they are preoccupied with it in many subtle forms. As a result they live in one of the three stages of stress: 1. allarm, 2. adaptation syndrome, and 3. exhaustion, each connected to distinct psychological states and then physiological changes mentioned above. The levels of consciousness which deal with animalistic survival instincts and which lower the frequency of Human energy field are Gult, Fear, Anger, and Desire for gain. The critical level of consciousness is Courage which then as we progress further spiritually lead into Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Peace and Enlightenment.

The idea that “there will be an outbreak”, or “new virus will create global pandemic”, or “Corona virus may last all summer”, etc. is a very good example. The negativity of this will be accepted by someone who has stored a lot of energy of unresolved Guilt, Fear and Naivety. Because of unresolved unconscious Guilt from the past, the person will be unconsciously programmed that he/she “deserves” to catch a virus. According to the laws of consciousness the body will obey the mind and the belief that the virus is contagious and easy to catch will be manifested into reality. Without even knowing it the person has succumbed to this negative belief system and the body will then manifest the disease. So it is the suppressed energy of unresolved Guilt and Fear that will create disturbance and compensation in the Bio-Energy system which will then create enough momentum and dynamics to create the disease.

At the center of all this is a mere thought. One single thought is enough. Thought can be seen as a “thing” or form which has a high rate of vibration and it has an energy pattern. We give it power by energising it and then the thought has more power to manifest into reality. You can take any thought for that matter. The thought of a beach and ocean and the thought of pandemic. There is approximately 4 milliseconds between the arising of a thought in the mind and us identifying with it. As the identification happens the body reacts by producing an emotion which then triggers energy patterns of suppressed Guilt or Fear, or whatever.

It is paradoxical that fearful thoughts will result in exactly that which is feared. The more energy we give it the more power it will have to manifest the negativity into reality. Another paradox is that it takes no effort to slip into negativity because it’s energy field is very low and therefore it doesn’t require much effort to be negative. Gilt and Fear tend to feed each other and it is a viscious cycle which grows even bigger in each new turn. So the effect of any virus can be seen as a level of frequency caused by suppressed Guilt and Fear, consciously or unconsciously.

According to research of David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., our disease prone beliefs can be summarised by looking at these questions:

  • Do I worry about my health, holding fear thoughts in mind about what might happen to me?
  • Do I get a secret feeling of fear, excitement, and danger when I hear about a new disease that is currently being reported and in vogue?
  • Do I spend time on constant checkups, reading about diseases, getting frightened by TV stories about them?
  • Am I interested in hearing about dieases of famous people?
  • Do I believe that the environment and foods are full of hidden dangers, or that the foods contain additives which are poisonous and will cause disease?
  • Do I believe that certain diseases “run in our family”?
  • Do I stop or want to stop (but don’t dare) to witness auto accident victims?
  • Do I like hospital TV programs?
  • Do I like TV programs that include hitting, shouting, fist fights, killing, torture, crime and other forms of violence?
  • Am I a guilt ridden person?
  • Am I holding a lot of anger?
  • Do I condemn other people’s behaviour? Am I prone to be judgemental?
  • Do I hold resentments and grudges?
  • Do I feel trapped and hopeless?
  • Do I say of myself, “Whatever is going around I will probably catch it”?
  • Am I concerned with acquisitions and status symbols instead of quality of relationships?
  • Do I carry a lot of insurance and still worry that it’s not enough?

In summary, the way to heal and strengthen our bodies is to change our beliefs, attitudes, feelings and resulting thoughts. Once we change our negative beliefs and attitudes we will remove the stress of negative emotions that energise them. Equally the same we must reject negative programming that comes from the world, as well as our belief systems.



Author: Zoran Milišić

Zoran Milišić is a specialised Kinesiologist who was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After completing primary and secondary education, and enrolling at Mechanical University in Sarajevo, he migrated to Australia at the beginning of 1993. After completing a tertiary education in IT and a successful and exhausting career in IT industry in Brisbane, QLD, Zoran left the IT career and corporate environment and found his inner calling in studying Kinesiology. Zoran has completed more than 70 Kinesiology subjects in various Kinesiology modalities and Western Medicine, and built a successful career as a registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner in Brisbane. He ran his own practice until moving back to his hometown Sarajevo in 2007. Zoran is now based at Vrsac, Serbia where he works as a Kinesiology practitioner. Zoran is an avid cyclist and photographer. In his road racing career as cyclist Zoran won a number of medals and competed in many state and international races. He also rode for BiH National Team. As a photographer, Zoran travels the world and documents life in digital and analog format. He held number of successful exhibitions and National Geographics published and awarded number of his photographs. Zoran is also Mai Tri method practitioner and Mohanji Acharya, as well as husband and father of three children.


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