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Treat the Person, not the Disease

In the previous blog, “Healing the Gut with Beginners Mind”, I touched on the importance of the belly button in Siddha Medicine and Healing. While I did not provide so much detail as to why in this blog I’d like to delve a little deeper into the prominence of the digestive tract in overall health. The importance placed on digestion in Siddha healing cannot be overstated. In fact, digestion in our system is not confined to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract but includes the various enzymatic actions of the organs, all the various tissues, right down to cellular level metabolism. All these layers have their own digestion, assimilation, and absorption functions. Beginning in the mouth and ending on a cellular level, Siddha healing holds an expansive yet inclusive view of what is meant by the word “digestion.” From our perspective up to 90% of diseases can be traced directly to poor GI digestion. This is a most vital insight into just how truly important a role that robust and balanced digestion plays in ones ability to live in a healthy and vibrant manner.

In stark contrast, even though there are GI specialists in their disciplined approach, modern science has only begun to pick up the scent of the interrelatedness of the GI tract, its digestive actions, cellular makeup and how these promote health or disease in a person. 

“A huge proportion of your immune system is actually in your GI tract,” says Dan Peterson, assistant professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. (November 2015)

I can distinctly recall when this insight was making the rounds of social media. Still working as a pharmaceutical rep it was discussed at length by my colleagues as well as with numerous physicians. The general consensus of amazement that our health could be so entwined with something as previously overlooked as what we ate and how we were able to absorb it, truly astonished me. I was just floored. Sure, I had grown accustomed to the general lack of understanding of the true role that food intake influenced an individual’s health. What did shock me was the enthusiastic conversations that followed. It was so charged with emotional exchanges, it reminded me of how people talked of the first moon landing! Privately I felt it to be such an encouraging development leading to a more whole view of treating people. By including the digestive system when working with diseases, allopathy was expanding how they view disease and its treatment. Simply by the discovery (understanding) that gut health, and by necessity diet, was directly linked to immunity. One step closer to a more holistic view of treating people, not just isolating a disorder and trying to resolve based on a concentrated approach.

Whenever I have encountered people who complain of digestive problems I am aware that resolving those issues can have an enormous impact on their overall health. The importance of helping someone overcome chronic constipation is not ordinarily considered life-altering in most medical or healing disciplines. I beg to differ. Not only are most now aware of the immune system being affected but psychologically a healthy GI tract leads to a healthy mind as well. So, what seems like something simple to treat by simply taking fiber supplements or laxatives, which give only temporary relief, constipation should be taken seriously. Affecting about one-third of adults over age 60, I have found it affects people of all ages. Each one required treatment unique to their situation and one that would help to prevent it from recurring. 

A platform of individual healing that treats the whole person

One example was a young child of 2 years whose parents, both physicians, asked for help. She had not been able to have a bowel movement of any consequence for several weeks and infrequent ones for an even longer time. Her mood had become whiny and cranky and fear was beginning to show itself whenever they took her to the toilet. It was apparent that the issue was not a blockage or something more serious needing emergency care. Looking at her I felt the way to proceed so I prepared a mixture of soaked raisins and a few other food products and sweetened it with maple syrup so she would not be repulsed by the taste. I also instructed the parents to be sure she sat in a squatted position while evacuating. In hatha yoga, it is called Malasana or Garland pose and allows the peristaltic action of the colon to function without strain or stress. In a few days, her bowels had evacuated and become normal. To both, her and her parents delight her mood returned to the playful and joyful toddler she had always been.

A second example is a lady, mid-fifties referred to me by a physician. She had not been able to produce a bowel movement of any consequence in four months. She was desperate. What was most alarming was that the referring physician stated that she was scheduled for surgery the next week as they had run out of options. And that this occurred rather often in her practice. Meeting the woman for the first time I found her in a mildly aggravated state. I found her colon to be completely dry and lacking vitality or the memory of how to contract properly. After treating her with Varma point stimulation which is the therapeutic aspect of Vasi Healing®, I gave her a prepared ghee based mixture of various things to balance the vata in the large intestine. In addition, I gave her a footstool to prop her feet up since she was not open to practicing Garland pose while using the toilet. As she left I intuitively told her that whether she had a bowel movement or not to return for another treatment the next day and that within 24 hours she could expect results. Showing up the next day she reported no evacuation but lots of rumbling and passing cramps. After the treatment, she reminded me that it was almost 24 hours and she had not yet been able to go. 

“But it hasn’t been 24 hours yet, you still have two more to go,” I replied. 

She stared back and told me that if this did not work, she would be in surgery in less than a week.

Less than an hour later I received a text. She had four solid evacuations, her stomach pain and bloating was gone, her mind and body felt more relaxed than she could remember. More bowel movements followed in each of the coming days. And to her credit, she avoided the few foods I asked her to stop eating like yogurt, cheese, and eggs.

The third example is that of a young girl, just out of high school who was referred by her mother, a physician. The girl has a deep love of animals and had her first real job working at a company that boarded and groomed pets. Low paying for sure, but her love for animals is what attracted her. When she complained of constipation that had persisted for some time her mother sent her for treatments. Following the first Vasi Healing® session it was quite clear that she was beautifully open to the treatments. I gave her an herbal to take before bed. When she returned the next day for the treatment she happily reported that her bowels had emptied that morning and she felt so much better, lighter and happy. Before we began the Amritha Kalai aspect of the treatment something spontaneous occurred.

“You are going to have a dream or some very clear and strong insight,” I told her. “something happened in the recent past, you forgot yourself and how you wished to be in life.”

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed sitting up on the massage table, “it already happened! I woke up this morning and lying there it came to me that I always wanted to be a veterinary technician. It’s like I’d totally forgotten about it.”

After the session, we talked some more and she informed of a job at a veterinarians office in another city that she was determined to apply for. One that would train the employee and allow them to be certified as a vet technician. Actually, she was determined to get this job even though they had already turned down more mature and qualified applicants. And you know what? At that moment I did not, heck I could not doubt her at all. It took a while but she got the job. And, according to her mom, she also matured very quickly after our sessions, and was a happier more fulfilled person. Constipation in her body seems to have been a call of a blockage in her life course. Vasi Healing® sessions allowed this inner urge to come forth. 

Each one of these examples shows a variety of ages and issues that begged for attention on an individual level. One that would speak to each individual’s real need. Yes, they all needed to have bowel movements. Yet each one had specific issues as each one is a unique phenomenon. Each one is not just constipated but far more. Each one is a person. And that is why Vasi Healing® as an Integrated Healing Platform is so effective. 

Siddha Vasi Healing® is the unique healing system of Stephen’s guru, Palpandian of Tiruvannamalai, India. As an Integrated Healing Platform of the unique Tamil Siddha lineage its scope makes possible healing for any disease of the human experience.

More information can be found at: https://www.siddhavasihealing.com

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