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At 28 years old, Scott Harrison had it all. A top nightclub promoter in New York City, his life was an endless cycle of drugs, booze, and parties. But 10 years in, desperately unhappy and morally bankrupt, he asked himself, “What would the exact opposite of my life look like?” Walking away from everything, Harrison spent the next 16 months on a hospital ship in West Africa and discovered his true calling. In 2006, with no money and less than no experience, Harrison founded charity: water. Today, his organization has raised $496 million to bring clean drinking water to more than 11 million people around the globe.

After a decade of indulging his darkest vices as a nightclub promoter, Scott declared spiritual, moral, and emotional bankruptcy. He spent two years on a hospital ship off the coast of Liberia, saw the effects of dirty water firsthand, and came back to New York City on a mission.

Upon returning to NYC in 2006, having seen the effects of dirty water firsthand, Scott turned his full attention to the global water crisis and the (then) 1.1 billion people living without access to clean water.

He established a small core team in a tiny Manhattan apartment and created CHARITY: WATER.

THE ORGANIZATION SET OUT ON A BIG MISSION, TO BRING CLEAN WATER TO EVERY PERSON LIVING WITHOUT IT, and an even bigger vision, to reinvent charity with an innovative 100% model and radical transparency, proving every single water project funded.

Fourteen years later, with the help of more than 1 million supporters worldwide, charity: water has raised over $496 million and funded over 59,000 water projects in 29 countries. When completed, those projects will provide over 11 million people with clean, safe drinking water.

Does bringing clean water improves humanity?

If you are asking WHY WATER, this is what charity water says:

  • 785 million people in the world live without clean water. – That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. Or, twice the population of the United States. The majority live in isolated rural areas and spend hours every day walking to collect water for their family. Not only does walking for water keep children out of school or take up time that parents could be using to earn money, but the water often carries diseases that can make everyone sick.
  • Access to clean water means education, income and health – especially for women and kids.
  • Diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. 43% of those deaths are children under five years old. Access to clean water and basic sanitation can save around 16,000 lives every week.
  • Clean water helps keep kids in school, especially girls. Less time collecting water means more time in class. Clean water and proper toilets at school means teenage girls don’t have to stay home for a week out of every month.
  • In Africa alone, women spend 40 billion hours a year walking for water. Access to clean water gives communities more time to grow food, earn an income, and go to school — all of which fight poverty.
  • Women are responsible for 72% of the water collected in Sub-Saharan Africa. When a community gets water, women and girls get their lives back. They start businesses, improve their homes, and take charge of their own futures.
  • Every $1 invested in clean water can yield $4–$12 in economic returns. It’s a solid investment; access to clean water is perhaps the single most powerful tool for sparking economic growth that humanity has ever known. (took from the water charity website:

The water charity team offers people to get involved in various ways, including very creative ideas. As they say “The craziest thing we can do is nothing.”

If you want to support their quest for ending the thirst of the planet, you can

  • Join their “The Spring” tribe and invest in clean water and sustainability by giving monthly amount to sponsor a water project;
  • Honor or remember someone special by making a gift in their name;
  • Pledge your birthday and help change lives. Instead of gifts, ask for donations. (they have already raised $9M for clean water through birthdays campaigns);
  • You can create your own campaign to fundraise money.

If you are interested to support the WATER charity and join their mission of ending the thirst of the planet, you may find more details on their website:

What is interesting about this non-profit organization is that they are committed to a 100% model. This means that 100% of public donations go directly to fund clean water projects. This idea is not welcomed by everyone because some think that this gives the public unrealistic expectations. But so far, more than 1 million people from 100+ countries have given in this way.

With a clear purpose, selflessness, conviction and dedication we can achieve imaginable we just need to dare to take the first step!



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