Some sincere seekers see Reality as if in a dream; hazy and not very distinct, but they do glimpse some Reality there. They feel filled with the spirit of God, and may even erroneously believe themselves to be Self and God realized and begin to teach.
In a higher spiritual realization some begin to actually see God, as one would see his own reflection in moving water. They may feel tempted to use supernatural powers as their vision and abilities expand.
In an even higher realization Reality is seen much more clearly, like light and some shade but still not quite distinctly. They feel themselves to be swimming in an infinite ocean of bliss.
Even higher is the realization of absolute Clarity. One then looks on all beings and creatures as if to be looking into a mirror at his own face, perfect clarity, distinctly he sees the Soul of God as the Soul of all.




Author: Yogivah Giri



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