by Ambika Mohanji

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Act Foundation, our team in Turkey would like to reflect on the impactful initiatives that have been carried out throughout the country, benefiting many underprivileged individuals. It is truly inspiring to witness people from different parts of the world, diverse backgrounds, and varying belief systems come together when driven by pure intentions and a higher purpose.

Mohanji’s initiative Fruit tree plantation drive in Turkish newspapers

Since 2021, Act has been actively present in Turkey, organizing numerous activities that continue to this day. Volunteers have provided significant amounts of food to individuals in need and have also planted numerous fruit-bearing trees.

In April 2021, Act volunteers from Bosnia visited Istanbul and collaborated with local volunteers to serve food to 12 underprivileged families. They also met with a local social worker and provided over 30 kg of food to a single family. Additionally, they reached out to a single mother who was in desperate need of assistance. In light of the Ramadan celebrations, they prepared essential food items for 10 families, some of whom were refugees displaced by war crises. Each family received over 30 kg of food. The team also extended their support to stray animals by partnering with a local charity organization and providing food for 130 homeless people on multiple occasions.

In October 2021, the first plantation of fruit-bearing trees took place. The founder of Act, along with a team comprising individuals from various parts of the world, participated in this noble cause by planting 113 Mulberry trees on the outskirts of Eskişehir. These trees were intended to benefit future generations, and their fruits would be accessible to all.

Donations to single mother frim Nigeria who came in Turkey in search for better life

In 2022, the team collaborated with a charity organization from Syria to distribute essential food packs to individuals residing in refugee camps along the Turkish-Syrian border. Two more fruit tree plantations were carried out during this period. Fifty trees were planted in an Old Age Home in Eskişehir, where the Act Foundation founder once again joined forces with the team. Additionally, 80 trees were planted in a small village adjacent to Eskişehir by a local volunteer who recognized the beauty of this initiative and desired to contribute.

During a devastating natural disaster, namely an earthquake that affected numerous cities in Turkey and Syria, Act volunteers from the UK and Serbia swiftly responded by providing essential items such as food, water, medicines, blankets, tents, and stoves. Despite the language barrier, Cathy, Selma, and Mirchea were fortunate to encounter local individuals who generously assisted them in fulfilling their mission. Translators and manpower were readily provided to aid those in dire need, both in Turkish and Syrian cities.

ACT food donations for the Holy month of Ramadan

There are still many remarkable initiatives and projects planned for the future in Turkey, all aimed at adding value to this beautiful country and its people. We express our deep gratitude for the platform provided, which allows us to embody our highest human values. We extend our thanks to the founder of this platform and to all the wonderful volunteers who consistently contribute and create impact within their capacities.

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