by Sanja Dejanović

Slogan of ACT Foundation “One positive ACT a day”

There is a wonderful organization
Known as the ACT Foundation
They travel across Serbia and the entire globe,
Giving from the heart as much as they can:
Food, hygiene products, firewood, and medicine;
School supplies and clothing, and even diapers
For those who need them most.

They organize various events in their name,
Concerts, dinners, and other activities,
To entertain people and raise funds.
And since last year, they have also been planting fruit,
Reaching out to all those in need,
Including our furry friends,
Because they know that the gift of giving
Is a holiday for the heart.

When others are happy, our hearts rejoice,
And the ACT Foundation seeks to provide comfort
Where there seems to be none.
They may not be able to reach everyone,
But they pray for all to live better lives.

Their work may one day come to an end,
But they would rather see everyone
Warm and comfortably accommodated
Than to have to make difficult visits.

They are grateful to everyone
Who supports their work,
And they know that the gift of giving
Is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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