A person who listens to his mind is lost.

The mind enslaves anyone who is not strong enough to master it.

George Bernard Shaw

Written by Pelka Evdenic Kuzelka

I wrote this text as the final presentation for the study of Clearing, a technique of psychoanalysis that I studied for three years and finished in January of this year.

A mind is a useful tool. Organized and fragmented, necessary for survival, it is wonderful and terrifying at the same time, like fire; however good he is as a servant, he is as bad as a master.

The mind is the great unknown. Some studies show that the mind begins its functions only in the 5th month of life. According to others, somewhere between 37-39 weeks of pregnancy. Before that, reflexes are allegedly in charge.

The mind is total fiction. It deals with ideas that have been learned, inherited, imagined, and created. Already at the earliest age of life, attitudes have formed that turn into a filter through which an individual looks at everything around him, starting with himself.

The mind is everything and nothing concrete. There is not just one definition, there are many of them and all are partially correct, but none of them are complete.

The mind is a paper-mâché dragon that looks scary but is nothing at all. It’s a fake. He should be ashamed of himself for behaving like that. It is a whiny little thing that feigns greatness to survive. But most people are convinced that this paper-mâché dragon is a fire-breathing monster that will destroy them at any moment”.

Charles Berner

In these critical times in which we live, the human mind is so overloaded with information that the vast majority of humanity is no longer capable of making meaningful conclusions, but falls into low energies of fear and apathy. That is why it is extremely important to raise our energy. By raising our energy and separating from the collective (un)consciousness, we are helping all of humanity in the best possible way. Eckhart Tolle says that our task now is not to be part of this madness, and we can achieve this when we stop Doing and realize Being. Work in its primary form is thought. We human beings think all the time, except in our sleep. From early morning until late at night we are bombarded with different sources of information. We listen to the news, and our mind works at full speed, but… News that is no longer news, but manipulative and stupid information that grabs our attention (and distracts it from important things) and seems so real. That’s why the life of many becomes more difficult and it gets harder, the more they watch television and the news on it. Because of this huge amount of informative garbage, the mind no longer can separate the important from the unimportant, it is no longer capable of healthy thinking, so apathy, anxiety, anger, and suffering appear.

In these low vibrations, people are susceptible to accepting situations that they would never accept under normal conditions.

It’s not the mind’s fault. The mind serves us to interpret what we have received with our senses. Where there is no mind, there is no experience. Our senses receive a huge amount of information simultaneously, but only what the mind pays attention to exists for us. The mind is like an automatic pilot that guides us through life and is a kind of guarantee that we will come out ahead. In specific moments, it’s great to have it and to get us out of any risky situation. And as Bernard Shaw says in the quote above, “The mind enslaves anyone who is not strong enough to master it”, difficulties arise when we identify with the mind and our thoughts. Our creative ability to solve any challenges is enormous when we live in Being. But when our mind rules us, we lose the ability to creatively approach challenges and everything suffocates us, every problem seems insurmountable.

The way out of that situation is the way of awareness. The path of awareness is the path of meditation and self-knowledge. When we start down that path, the mind will try to entertain us and distract us in every possible way. The moment we sit down to meditate, he starts jumping around us like a little puppy. The mind is afraid of inactivity because it knows that its time is fixed. After all, it knows that it will die. Our Being does not have that fear, because it is unlimited in time. That’s why we must accept the mind with those qualities it has and keep it busy, with let’s say, breathing. It will calm down and our Being will take control of our existence. All of this is very simplistically explained, but in essence, it is even simpler: acceptance of our mind is the key. He only has the power of control when we reject him and when we fight with him, when we are dissatisfied with him, with our body, with our life.

Many problems that arise in our minds are not real, they are just a product based on past experiences. Paraphrasing Einstein, such situations cannot be solved from the same level on which they were created, one must rise to achieve the bigger picture and see the solution. The mind is not capable of living here and now, it is the place of Being in which all solutions are found.

The mind is the strongest horse that pulls the chariot when the chariot is unconscious.

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