A very common source of unhappiness for devotees is that they cannot seem to find their Guru, or when they do find a guru they become disappointed.
The truth is: Very few in this world will have the direct personal guidance of a True Guru (Perfect Master).

So the approach of looking for a Master is flawed. The True Masters may publish their teachings but they do not advertise for disciples.
Most in this world are just not ripe enough to benefit from the direct guidance of a Perfect Master, but they can gain great benefit in a Masters teachings. The Masters teaching are charged with their Shakti, and the devotee will progress spiritually by following their teachings, so in a true sense the love (Guru’s Shakti) and written teachings of the Guru is their Guru.

Lahiri Mahasaya did not go out into the world to try and find his Guru, his Guru Babaji picked the right moment to appear in person to him to provide personal guidance and blessings. Paramahansa Yogananda went in search for his Guru in the Himalayas and he came back home disappointed, but then by God and Guru’s grace his Guru Shri Yukteswar who was already living close to his home, appeared to him.

The truth is: If it is your destiny in this life to have the direct guidance of a True Guru it will happen.


Source: Yogivah Giri facebook profile

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