Written by Pelka Evdenić Kuzelka

Like a handful of dry sand, time slips through my fingers. I have already made a little sand road of my own. Some parts of this path have slipped through the cracks, created by inertia. At one point in my life, I seemed to be stuck in one of these cracks that engulfed my sand. It is easy to fall into this maelstrom, since the sand you have in your hands seems inexhaustible, that you can build a huge castle out of it, if you want, and you can even keep losing it without worrying. It is a fata morgana.

I can’t see how much sand is left in my hands, I can’t calculate and there is no way to stop it. What I can do is be grateful that I am still here, I can choose what I will spend my time on, who I want to spend it with, how I want to feel, and where I can be of service. I can take all reactions and situations well; I can choose to be right in every case with people and not get carried away by their reactions. I can dedicate my time to be authentic and to give my soul the best experience of this life. I can surrender to the qualities of Ishwara and this will make the sand between my fingers get more weight and fall exactly where it is needed. 

So, the day I run out of sand and have to look at this work from above, it will be nice to realize that it is only a tiny part of a huge and wonderful work of the Masters of Tradition.

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