Written by Deepak Raja

Om Sai Nath. Sai Nath, Pranams to everyone.

I hope you are all doing great. “Avo Sai Bijlee” is a channel about Sai Baba, His devotees or Maha Bhakta, scared articles given by Baba to his devotees, various places associated with Baba, Tirthas or sacred pilgrimage places, What is the face behind the videos, the narrator who says “Baba give this article to this bhakta”, “this is the significance of this temple”, etc.? There is no face associated with the videos so far. My name is Deepack Raja.

It is four years since the inauguration of “Avo Sai Bijlee” YouTube channel. We are stepping into the fifth year today. Even last year, I had mentioned that I wanted to interact with you all over video.

Today, I have written a note to Baba and drew lots. Baba came and blessed me and asked me to speak with you all. I have come today to speak with you over video. So far, I have spoken only with audio. When I am speaking for the first time in video, I feel a little hesitant. I don’t know what I’m going to talk about. I have not prepared anything, but I’ll talk to you directly.

I must first tell you about the journey with Baba that I have had. If I think about it, “Baba is Everything”. In my life, Baba is Everything. I am very very happy! Happy in body, mind, and soul. With a very full and happy heart, I am speaking with you. And, the reason for that is also Baba.

If you came to my village, no one knew about Baba. I come from a small village like that. Baba came to me in college one day.  Baba, came to me through a college friend of mine. Let me tell you how it happened. In the classes, the Professor asked us in the conference hall “Tell me about the God you like”. Many students mentioned many different names of Gods like Ganesha, Hanuman, Allah, Jesus, etc. There are four rows of students and I was in last student in the fourth row. Students were answering row by row. I was in the last bench and there were several students before me. One of the girls, who was also my friend and who was sitting in the previous row before me said “Sir, I very much like Shirdi Sai Baba”. I felt very happy. Till then I had not heard about Baba nor knew where He was. I was captivated by Baba and I mentally prayed: “Baba, let no one else before me mention your name before me after that girl.” The students answered in order and when my turn came at last, I got up and said “I like Shirdi Sai Baba”. This is how Baba “overcame” me or “overruled” me and entered my life despite me.

I learned a lot about Baba from that friend. I used to fast on Thursdays as she had told me to fast. I later came to understand that Baba discouraged fasting after reading Sri Sai Satcharita. At the same time, she was the one who initiated me into the path of Baba. Like, Thursdays are special for Baba, one should go to Baba Mandir on Thursdays, and so on. That is how I grew in the way of Baba. Imagine this: I was born in a village, there was not much familiarity with Baba in our family, Baba is at best considered a Muslim saint. So, what she said was Gospel truth to me. So, I was slowing getting into Baba’s ways.

This went on for about five months. That is, for five months after “I like Sai Baba” incident, I was fasting and going to Baba Mandir on Thursdays and doing small sevas in my own way. I did all this without knowing who Baba was or where He was. My family has strong devotion to Tirupati Venkateswara. Just like we love Baba and are devoted to him, my family was deeply devoted to Tirupati Venkateswara. Every year, in the Tamil month of Purattasi or the month of Ashwin (which corresponds to September-October in English calendar), they go on annual pilgrimage to Tirupathi. There was one more thing: wherever they go on pilgrimage, I never accompanied them. They also knew it well. “Asking Deepack to join is of no use because he’s not interested in these things.”. Five months after the incident, once I went home, my father showed me a ticket and said “Son, we are going to Tirupathi as the month of Purattasi has started and it will take us ten days to return.” I was very happy that there will be no one at home for 10 days.  I can call all my friends and have fun during this time. My father says “Look at the tickets.” I was wondering why he is asking me to see the ticket. As per the booking, they are going to Chennai, and from Chennai to Mumbai by flight, Mumbai to Shirdi by taxi. After staying at Shirdi for two days, on the return trip, they go to Mumbai to Chennai to Tirupati. I was surprised to see Shirdi as I knew it is the place of Baba. When I asked my father, he said “I know you fast ever Thursday. You change your WhatsApp profile picture to Shirdi Baba on Thursdays. My friends also tell ask me ‘See, your son goes to Baba Mandir every Thursday’. I am not able to believe you have changed thus and I am very happy that you’re becoming devoted. I want to know more about the God who brought this change. I came to know that His temple is in Shirdi in Maharastra State. So, the entire family is going there to Shirdi first and then Tirupathi.” I was very surprised. I felt very happy. Imagine this: I am from a village and I knew nothing about Baba then as I was in initial stages of my journey. My family also did not know about Baba. Just because of my devotion to Baba, they were doing pilgrimage to Shirdi. I felt very happy. They did not get tickets for me as they were very sure I will not accompany them.

Their travel was in 10 days. There was no airport at Shirdi then. The nearest airports were either Mumbai or Pune. They were getting ready for travel. I told my friend about this: “My family is going to Shirdi first and then to Tirupathi”. She was screaming with joy. She was very happy – even happier than me. She said “Deepack, I came to know of Baba in 2008 and we’re planning travel since then. Somehow the time hasn’t come for Shirdi pilgrimage. Some obstacle or other turns up. You weren’t aware of Baba at all. You mentioned him just because I did. Now your whole family is on a Shirdi pilgrimage Why don’t you too join them?” I said that is not possible because the day they are leaving, we have an examination scheduled in the college. It is not possible to travel. She said “Since Baba is calling your family because of you, you will certainly accompany them.” I was not confident. After this discussion in the college, I went home. I still remember what happened that night. I have a screenshot of the message. I have a tendency to store memories: photos, videos, messages, etc.  I have been doing this for years and will share it with you all some time. After going home and having dinner, when checking the mobile, there was a message in the college WhatsApp group that the exam has been postponed to the following month. I was very happy that it is happening as per my friend’s prediction.

Next day, when I went to the college, the first thing my friend ask me was “Did you get tickets to Shirdi?”. I said “no” and she said to book the tickets fast. I was in a quandary. I was hesitant to ask my father for tickets because I thought saying “I’ll also accompany you” will dent my reputation. Thinking like this, I went home. My father called me “Son, come here.” When I went, he gave me my tickets to Shirdi. He said “Here are your tickets to Shirdi. I know you will not accompany us. Still, I got you the tickets and you can keep them.” I wondered if he had gone crazy. He continued “I could not sleep last night. I was feeling uneasy that I did not get you tickets to Shirdi. This has never happened to me so far. Even though, I was sure you are not coming, I got these tickets. After that i felt big relief. Keep the tickets even though you may not come.” I told him that I am accompanying them. He felt very happy.

My biggest happiness that time was not going to Shirdi but traveling by flight! Even though the rest of the family had traveled by flight to several states and countries, I had not flown till then. More than Baba’s darshan, I was thrilled by the flight experience. I took a picture of everything at the Chennai airport including the boarding pass. I still have them. My family (my father, my mother, me, my uncle, and my aunt) flew from Chennai to Mumbai and from Mumbai went to Shirdi by cab. I have never traveled beyond Theni, Coimbatore, Madurai, Chennai, and parts of Kerala. Kerala is very close to our place and I love Kerala and the nature there. So it was the first time to another state and with my family and in a flight! It was a dream. There was no guide at Shirdi. We stayed at Hotel Daivik which is a star hotel. After checking in and freshening up, we came out in the evening.

Shirdi felt very different: there were several flower shops. We did not know where the temple was and wandered around the lanes. We thought, as with other temples, we can pay for VIP darshan and get the darshan fast. We entered via Gate 3. They were giving Arati tickets. We didn’t know that. We paid as we thought it’ll get us fast darshan. People were saying “Jaldi Jaldi (fast fast)” and we did not understand. When we went inside and we were sent via Nandi gate. We got to the place where musical instruments are played for arati. We had darshan but people were not moving forward but staying put. My mother etc. were on the other side and they too were not moving. Then people started singing Arati. It was in Hindi which we did not understand – we knew only Tamil. I didn’t know English either. Though I studied in English school and college, I did not learn English as I was very casual. It was evening Dhoop Aarti. People sang Arati, chanted “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” and turned around themselves. Not understanding what is going on, we imitated all of these. After darshan, we came out and went round the temple. When we came out, we saw several tombs or samadhis. We talked among ourselves: Baba seems to be a Muslim saint as there are so many samadhis. This is how I came to Baba. After the happy darshan, we then went back Chennai, visited Tirupati and prayed Lord Venkateshwara and returned to our place.

On returning home, Baba completely turned my life around. After stepping into Shirdi soil, I encountered unmentionable difficulties. It was not physical or financial issues but tremendous mental suffering or heart aches. I am not able to mention them here. I was literally pushed to the brink of death because of the mental anguish. I was not able to share with anyone though I had lot of friends. I am not able to talk about them here. My life was reaching a real turning point. For about 3 months after Baba’s darshan, I suffered a lot. Things were getting progressively worse and things were becoming unbearable. Tormented by thoughts, I used to cry in the nights and my pillow is the only witness as it used to get totally wet. I am an easy and outgoing person with many friends but I was not able to share with anyone. I could go on no further and came to a decision: to end my life. I did not worry about parents, family, relations or friends when coming to this decision.

There is a National Highway near our village and there is lot of heavy vehicle traffic in the by-pass road. There was a steep downward turn at one place. Because of the downward slope, vehicles come at high-speed and because of the turn, it was hard to control. I decided to commit suicide there by lying on the road. It was around 7pm-7:15pm in the evening and it was very dark. It was also raining at that time – a light drizzle. I went to middle of the road at the place and was lying on the road, face downwards, closing my eyes and covering my ears. I covered my ears so that I wasn’t scared by the sound of the vehicles. I could hear the horn of a heavy vehicle like truck coming towards me. Lying on the road with closed eyes and ears, I had made up my mind to leave the world. I could hear a noise like that of a collision. I thought that was the end of my life.

After about five minutes, I opened my eyes. My body was covered with blood. You can see scars of those injuries even now. It was still drizzling. The vehicle which hit me had moved forward. I was just standing in the rain with my body covered in blood. I wasn’t sure if I was dead or alive. That was the only question and I was just watching the scene in darkness – thinking that I’m probably dead. A motor bike was coming fast towards me and the rider shouted at me “Move away move away. Do not block the way”. Only then I then realized that I might be alive. My body was full of injuries and the body was bleeding but I was alive and not dead! This was a big surprise to me. A big vehicle, a truck, had hit me, I was under the tires, my body was full of injuries and covered in blood but I wasn’t dead. I still have the scars. So, I was very surprised about this. I sat on the parapet by the side of the road and was wondering if I was dead or alive. I closed my eyes and I was trying to recollect what had just happened. I got a recollection that, when I was lying face down in the middle of the road, someone had dragged me very fast by my feet towards the side of the road. When I was lying face down on the road with eyes and ears closed, someone had dragged me by my legs and taken me to the side of the road. I had thought my legs got stuck with the tires of the vehicle but someone had dragged me by my legs. That is why I was still alive and my body was covered in blood. I still have scars in my hands from the injuries.

I started crying. I was not crying about my previous mental anguish but about not knowing what is going on now. I cried very loudly and was lamenting loudly “Who Saved me? Who Saved me? What is going on. Tell me. Tell me.”. This was a forest region and it was also raining. So, there was no one around and I was crying heavily. I was in the Highway. I am a big believer and lover of Nature. When I was asking loudly “Who Saved me?”, I could see lighting flashes and hear loud sounds of the thunder. I deeply wanted to know who saved me. I do not know why but I asked “Baba, did You save me?” and it thundered in response with flashes of lightning. I was surprised and was wondering “Did Baba save me? Is Baba talking with me?”.  I asked again “Baba, did You save me?” and it thundered in response with flashes of lightning. I totally did not understand what was going on. Whether I was dead or alive. Where I was sane or not.

I then got onto my motorbike and went towards home. It was around 8pm-8:30pm in the night. This was my heart-felt request to Baba: “Baba, if it is You who save me, this is my final test. Please appear before me three times. If you appear before me three times, I will be always at your feet. I will do whatever you wish me to do and I will dedicate my life for you and spread your name throughout the world.” With this mental request, I was riding my bike in the night with my body bleeding. Believe it or not, next moment, three cars sped past me and each had a picture of Baba at the back of the car. In addition, the last picture also had “Why fear when I am here” written under Baba’s picture. I stopped my bike and was crying heavily at that place.

When I was crying, a friend of mine was passing by. I had known him at the Sai Baba temple. Thinking “This is Deepack Sai’s motorbike”, he stopped to see if my vehicle had broken-down in the rain and if I needed help. I was sitting there with my body bleeding. Seeing that I had gotten into an accident, he asked “What happened, Sai?” and lifted me up. When he lifted me up, I was very moved to see that the pen he had in his pocket had a picture of Sai. I started crying again. At that moment, I realized that Baba is inside as everything. As Baba says in Sri Sai Satcharita “I have no form or dimension. I am always everywhere. I do not need a door to enter.” At that time, I understood this at the bottom of my heart.

I went home and told my family that a dog crossed my path and I got into an accident and fell down. I was sleeping that night in my room. I had an incredible experience that night. i was in a room in which all the doors and windows were totally shut. I had a dream. In the dream, I was getting into an accident with a truck. In the dream, I was crying to Baba “Baba, save me. Baba, save me.” Believe it or not, it was the moment in my life I felt my Guru. I was dreaming and, in the dream, I was getting into an accident and I was praying to Baba in the dream to save me from the bottom of my heart. The doors and windows of the room were fully shut. I felt someone is pressing behind my right shoulder. In the dream, I say “Baba, I am awake now”, When I woke up from the dream, there was an exquisite scent pervading the room. I have no words to describe the divine scent. As the doors and windows were fully closed, it convinced me that Baba was near me. This is how I came to Baba.

After this, I started mentally conversing with Baba. I totally forgot about my earlier problem. For example, when going to office, I used to say to Baba “Baba, let me see how many darshans of you I get today.” These are the darshans of Baba’s pictures in shops or stickers of Baba on motorbikes, autos, cars and other vehicles. I used to count and talk to Baba “Baba, Today I saw you 10 times. Let me see if it becomes 15 tomorrow.”. I forgot about my situation and my surroundings. I was moving towards Baba with child-like bhakti or devotion. I didn’t know about it then but realized this later. At that time, I did not understand. I used to ask Baba “Where are you Baba? How did you come to me? Tell me about Yourself.” I used to babble like this to Baba when going in motorbike. I used to be a very outgoing person and had lot of friends. I now reduced company of other people. I preferred solitude in forest areas or in mountains and used to talk with Baba: “Baba, are you around me? Where are you, Baba” Several times, I was not sure if I was sane or insane. Possibly I have become mad. This was the bhakti or devotion I developed.

I got an murti or idol of Baba. I got it through a friend I came across in social media (WhatsApp). I came to know that he was in Shirdi. My college friend, who had introduced me to Baba, was getting married. I got a statue of Damaru Baba (Baba with Drums) holding his hands up. I had gone to Coimbatore to get the murti. I had given the murti to my friend in her marriage. Then my life changed. I moved to Coimbatore. There a very nice family in Coimbatore which was very kind to me. I learned a lot about Baba from them. I am not sure if I can mention their name here. I learnt a lot from them about Baba and Baba’s devotees. They fed me when I had gone to their home for the first time to get the statue. Without knowing anything about me, they welcomed me and said “You’re a Baba Bhakta, Sai. Come and have food” I was really moved and had never experienced anything like that. I settled down in Coimbatore and came across many Baba bhaktas through that family. Another turning point in my life was Naga Sai Mandir in Coimbatore. I used to go there everyday at 6pm and interacted with several Baba devotees and learned a lot. There was a grandfatherly gentleman who used to talk about Baba and answer my questions about Baba. I gradually started learning more about Baba.

I used to search a lot on YouTube about Baba for all kinds of questions and about incidents in Sai’s Life. Like how he was found as a sixteen-year-old boy at Shirdi, how he disappeared for about three years and came back to Shirdi with Chandbhai Patil. Baba was found under the Mango tree and pointed to the horse. I was intrigued by the Mango tree under which Sai appeared and helped Chandbhai Patil find the horse. I wanted to find more about the Mango tree and came across a video on YouTube channel “Sai Margh” from someone in Andhra Pradesh. They had identified the Mango tree and made a video on it. I downloaded the video. I did not know the language of the video (Telugu). I and my friend from Coimbatore collected lot of information. I decided to go Shirdi and located the Mango tree. It was out of sheer reckless confidence.

I went to Chennai from Coimbatore and took Nagarsol Express. I got down at Parbhani station around 7:30am-8am in the morning. I took an auto and went to multiple places such as Dhoopkheda, Selur (which is the place of Baba’s guru Venkusha) and then the Mango tree. There is a big story behind the trip to Mango tree. In fact, there are big stories and experiences behind each of these, like how I got into the train, who took me along, etc. and it’ll get very long. Coming back to the Mango tree, I went to the Mango tree. It was very very difficult to get there. It was really difficult. If you see old videos on this, you will realize. It was really difficult to get there. I was thirsty and hungry. The motorbike we used to travel to the Mango tree was punctured. We climbed on the hill. I had got the picture of Baba from a friend in Coimbatore. I kept it under the tree and did pooja and told Baba “Baba, I am going to Shirdi and Dwarakamai.” It was Feb 18. I wasn’t aware of YouTube at that time. “Baba, I am thinking of creating a WhatsApp group. The group will have information about You. You should bless this. Without any desire for name or fame or money, make me do this. I need your blessing.”

After Mango tree darshan, I went to Dwarakamai. After Shej Arati, at around 11:15pm on Feb 18, 2019 I was inside Dwarakamai, I created a WhatsApp group and named it “Avo Sai Bijlee”. “Avo Sai” means “Welcome Sai” and is the greeting from Mhalsapati when Sai Baba came back to Shirdi with Chandbhai Patil. “Bijlee” means electricity. Just like the lightning shows light during a dark night, “Avo Sai Bijlee” is an invitation for Sai as Light or Electricity to come to our dark lives and illuminate our lives. It was also inspired by the lightning and thunder during the night when I attempted suicide and when Sai entered my life. Most of are in darkness and we welcome Sai Baba to shed light and illuminate us.

After that I came across many Sai bhaktas and made many contacts. And, my contact with Vinny Ma is one of the biggest events of my life. She literally shaped me – chiseling bit by bit. Ma is one of the biggest .., Ma is one of the biggest …, Ma is really great. Without Ma, I could not have come this far. There were several people who have helped me in several different ways at different times in my journey to Baba. Vinny Ma has played a unique role in my journey towards Baba. I do not know what to tell as there are so many different things to say.

Ma is the one who told me “Deepack, you are going to so many places and getting so much information. Don’t keep them only with you. Share it with people around you.” We opened “Avo Sai Bijlee” YouTube channel. We started sharing the content about Baba-related information including Baba-related places we had visited in Avo Sai Bijlee channel. I am not a professional YouTuber. I wasn’t aware of the nuances of taking good videos like correct angles and correct zooms and so on. There was lot of shakes in the videos initially. Also, my voice was not very clear but tentative. I learned over a period of time. Several people suggested that one can make lot of money on YouTube. They recommend converting to Brand account, for example. I said I am not interested. Even at this point in time, even at this very second, I think YouTube is maya or illusion. With Baba’s blessing, we are sharing Baba-related content. Some people let us into their premises but do not permit video recording. Some people do not even pick up phones. We have created the videos bit by bit over a period of time with lot of uncertainty. The one and only driving force behind this is Vinny Ma. She was the one who walked with me through all these steps and taught me everything. She was the one who said “Go to Tarkhad’s house in Vasai. You will learn so much.” I learned so much from her. She was a great mentor and guide.

There is so much behind how I came to Baba. There are so many people and so many incidents and so many experiences. Getting contact with a soul like Vinny Ma in my life is like big treasure and boon to me. Before Vinny Ma, there was someone in Chennai who guided me a lot. I am not sure if I can mention her name. All my initial learnings about Baba were from her. I used to pester her “Tell me about this. Tell me about that.” She used to create audio recordings and send to me. Without just keeping the recordings with me, I used to share on WhatsApp group. She has also created several recordings for YouTube channel including readings of Sri Sai Satcharita. She is Sunanda Ma. After that, I learned more from Vinny Ma. They are equal to me. I have told them both.

I came across so many people. I learned so many things from so many people. On the way, Baba also tested me a lot. We start alone. On the way, so many people gather and come together. We think that are our family and Baba’s family.  While traveling, based on minor issues, there are frictions and some people fall apart. This is how Baba makes us refined, ripe and ready. I realized over a period of time. I wanted everyone to be happy all the time. But sometimes things took different turns. The only one who stood by me till the end is Vinny Ma. I do not have words to express how I feel for Vinny Ma except to say Ma is great.

The YouTube channel is not for name or fame or money. We’ve gone to several Baba-related places and have posted videos of them here. We’ve also posted feedback from bhakta’s from abroad here. This is not for my personal name or fame. These are for recording my own memories and experiences. After ten or fifteen years, if I watch these videos, I’ll recollect “I have gone to these places” and rekindle memories and feel happy. That is why these videos are posted.

Another thing: Any of you, if you are coming to Shirdi, I will do whatever help I can for you. This is not for money or name or fame. Whatever Vinny Ma has taught us like Shirdi/Bhiksha Walk, Mandir Tour, and Local Places and we will show you the same. All this is my very small seva or service for Baba. My mother carried me in her womb for ten months and brought me to this world. Baba has given me rebirth and a new life. Instead of merely thanking him and saying “Baba is great”, I want to do small seva or service to Him. As a human being, I want to do something worthwhile to Baba. The YouTube channel and social media posts are a small way towards that. I know that this is all Maya and have no interests in likes and comments and subscribes. I do not know much about them either. All I know is recoding videos and uploading them.

For the YouTube channel, several people have helped me. There are so many sisters who have helped me with this. Things like adding descriptions. When I was not well, my friend Yashoda from Malaysia helped create videos. I did not know how to create a channel on YouTube. Sister Radhika helped me with creating a YouTube channel. I am thankful to them. Several sisters have helped me with WhatsApp group. If you’re on WhatsApp group, you might know them. Two sisters from Chennai and one from Malaysia: Sita, Sukanya, and Nithya. I am thankful to them. They have helped me with different things at different times.

I do not know where I started, what I said and what I am going to say. Here is one thing I can tell from my experience: I come from a small village and I did not know anything about Baba. I learned about Baba little by little. I can say this: There is no Mahan (or Great Soul) like Baba. If he casts His glance on us, He will watch us for manifold generations. Not only us, but our families too. He will protect us and our family. A great example for this is me and my family. My friends know how much care Baba has taken of my family. He has taken care of me every second.

I will tell one thing. To serve Baba, you do not need to do big puja or annadan. Just love Baba. Love Baba with all your heart with great joy. Love Baba without worrying about anything else. Love Baba so much that He should feel jealous about your love. Baba should think “Why does he/she love me so much? How is he/she able to love more than Me? Is his/her love going to overtake My Love for him/her?”. Just swamp Baba with your love. When life or soul leaves the body, no one can help us even if they want to. Neither parents nor spouses nor children nor family nor friends. Only Baba can be with us at that time. Give your love with great joy and happiness and ananda.

At this time, I want to share one thing Vinny Ma told me and complete this video: Live normal life with Baba as the focus. When I came into Baba’s Path (or साई पन्थ्, Sai Panth), I started reducing time spent on activities like singing songs or watching movies. Earlier, I used to be a Tamil Actor’s super fan. I used to go to his movies and do puja and abhisheka with milk. After coming to Baba, I reduce these. I spent time on reading Sri Sai Satcharita and doing Nama Japa. Vinny Ma told me, “You fool. Don’t do like that. Having taken human birth, we have to enjoy worldly activities too. We should enjoy both worldly experiences and spiritual experiences. Over a period of time, what is less important will go away on its own and the spiritual activities will increase. Once you reach that stage, the worldly will appear insignificant. You have come to Baba at a young age. So, you should enjoy going to movies and clowning around. If you go to a movie, just imagine Sai is also sitting with you and enjoying the movie. If you’re clowning around, imagine Sai is also part of the activity and laughing with you.” This is what Vinny Ma told me. After that, my life became even more enjoyable.

And, finally, it is all about Love towards Baba. Shower Baba with Love. It is not about what people say about us. People may extol us that we are doing these activities at this age. Never pay attention. That will only increase the ego. We are like the squirrel in Ramayana which carried grains of sand on its body and put it on the bridge that was constructed over the ocean towards Lanka. It is like Baba is building a spiritual and Dharmic bridge and I as an insignificant squirrel doing what I can towards that activity. Several of you speak highly of me, send me wishes and messages, call me, and even fall at my feel when you come to Shirdi. I am really sad about these. I am just like an earth worm. I am doing what I can as a seva to Baba. If you think this is great, it is Maya or illusion. Just throw that thought away. I am a very ordinary person. Just like the mighty Vanara Sena (Monkey Army) and the small squirrel helped Lord Rama build the bridge over the ocean, let us do seva in our own way. Please help me in this and let me know how I can help with your own sevas. Let us help new bhaktas in this spiritual journey, Dharmic journey as laid out by the great Mahan Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.

There are so many things mentioned in Sri Sai Satcharita. If we take even one thing mentioned in Sri Sai Satcharita, something like “Do not complain about others and speak behind their back” and practice it throughout our lives, Baba will be very happy. Baba has asked only one thing of us: “Remember Me when eating. Remember Me when sleeping.” This is all He expects from us. He will never let us go in the wrong path. He will take very good care of us.

We are entering the 5th year of Avo Sai Bijlee today (Feb 18, 2023). I will speak with you all again through video at the beginning of the 6th year.
See you in next Leela. Jai Sai Nath.

3 thoughts on “5th Anniversary of Avo Sai Bijlee

  1. Such a lovely experience you got Deepak. I have ever I asked you your journey with Sai. You mentioned that Baba has not given you the permission. I am glad that he has given you now. Baba brings his children wherever we are. In our initial stage of our journey towards Him….he shows his presence in some ways to reaffirm that he is Real. I have experience that in my initial stage coming to Him. Om Sai Ram🙏

  2. Sai’s Leelas are beyond words.
    Thank you for sharing and Pranams to Sai for having been able to read this today.
    Ohm Sai ! Sri Sai ! Jai Jai Sai !

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