Insights from a Decade of Discipline, Faith and Purpose

The Awakening Times (TAT): You have been with Mohanji almost from the beginning, since 2010. Can you explain to us what has been your motive for discipline and perseverance?

Biljana Vozarevic (BV): My motive for discipline and perseverance has been the key purpose why I am here, and this is liberation. Liberation while living – this is to reach a state where you are having everything while you need nothing. You can have everything but you use as much as you need and respect things. You have liberated living. On the other hand, liberation while leaving the body – leave completely fulfilled, have no more loose ends for the next life. It means you don’t need to take another birth in order to feel life and experience life. You are completely fulfilled and you have had enough in this life, you reached the highest consciousness, you reach no mind state, state of no thoughts which is permanent and you operate from the high level of awareness and in that mode you don’t accumulate more desires.

That is why I can persevere because without it this goal cannot be achieved. I like to persevere because I know what I’m here for. It’s the most important thing that I know what my priority is. Then everything else comes to its place. Life supports it, the tradition supports it, and Mohanji is always there.

On another note, I may have trained or practised this discipline at some other time. It is not something which is new for me. I already had good working habits and I am able to be hardworking and consistent with other things since childhood. Also, I’m able to concentrate on one purpose for a long time. I keep it as light in front of me, as the focus, I perceive what my destination is all the time, it requires concentration as well. I have that, somehow, I cannot say that I reached that level of concentration only in this lifetime. One sign that it has been with me even before I met Mohanji,

is that I like long-term goals and working towards them. One example is university, because to finish university you need perseverance to pass all the exams. Especially as I was studying while I already had a child. Filip was born and when he six months old, I started preparing for the entrance exam. When he was one year old, I enrolled for the university. I was taking care of him, though my mum was helping me a lot. I was using nights to study. It was physically and emotionally very demanding, but I persevered.

Another example of discipline, consistency and perseverance was preparing for and running marathons. Because you go through all kinds of phases and challenges, even pain, and in the end, satisfaction is bigger. The more effort I would put in it, the more satisfaction there is. That is how I see the that ability to persevere had already been in me before.

I also adapted my lifestyle towards my goal, family and other responsibilities. At the same time I keep this focus of liberation and dedication to stay connected and connect deeper. I am able to do that because I love Mohanji tremendously. At the same time I do my regular job, and volunteer on Mohanji platforms, which is a way of expressing myself, fully. I am exhausting a lot of my karma through Mohanji’s platforms. I have acquired quite a lot of skills, and opened myself a lot to other people, much more than I used to. I used to keep a lot of things to myself. Now my heart opened a lot. So, I adapted my lifestyle and didn’t allow anybody or anything to stop me from that, whatever the outcome would be.

So, the purpose is to realise what I actually am, not what I seem to be. Not my positions, possessions, relations, or anything material, nor any role that I play in the society. The purpose is to realise myself beyond all these and become that fully.

TAT: You organized the first retreat with Mohanji in the Balkans, what did it look like, can you tell us the details?

BV: The mission started with group meditations and talks. We had a strong idea to take forward the mission from just group gatherings in our meditations, to something bigger. This was the first retreat with Mohanji ever, called Mohanji Lifestyle Retreat. We spent two and a half days in His presence. It was 16-18th November, 2012. Full-day programme of various activities meant for cleansing and spiritual growth.

During one of his talks, Mohanji said how a woman who can see regardless of the distance, and can see Mohanji clearly wherever he is, called him saying she saw a big grey cloud from a group of people coming into him, and that she was horrified at the sight, warning him he will die if he takes so much poison from people onto himself. Mohanji replied to her: “That’s why I am here”. He took all the negativities that started melting from our inner system and all the activities that stimulated cleansing. Not for a second was it a fluffy holiday weekend. The experience was much deeper as we were within the energy field of a master. People are usually not conscious of it. There is a feeling of relaxation. Apart from that, there was a feeling of a mild headache in everybody. We noticed how Mohanji’s health deteriorated. He took huge quantities of the blockages, negativities or “poison” from people onto himself, and left them with only a mild headache. His one body was bearing that heroically. Through headache as a tangible symptom, we understood that cleansing was happening, that it was intense and real. We were bathing in his energy field. It was a true energy spa. He improved us all. I’m deeply grateful for this blessing. No words can describe it. My love increased. My awareness increased, too. Mohanji said that people would be aware of the changes more after two or three months. It would manifest in our everyday life.

Another interesting moment was when Milan Bojic, a journalist, interviewed Mohanji. He was keen on asking questions. He loved the chance he got to write a text about Mohanji. The experience boosted his inner growth, too. When Milan interviewed Mohanji face-to face, he recorded the interview. But when he reached his room, the dictaphone just buzzed and nothing could be recovered. Mohanji’s energy was so strong, that the gadget failed! Milan got deep answers that satisfied him, grateful for what he learned. Then he wrote a draft of their interview while it was still fresh. I shared my experience in detail here.

Regarding the organising part, it was an improvisation. I organised it in a very low-profile way, it was like a half-private gathering of friends, although we didn’t know each other well, from various parts of the world – Serbia, Macedonia, Great Britain, Ukraine. It was a one-man show made spontaneously. I just checked the number of places to sleep, males with males and females with females, without checking who is suitable to sleep in which bed with whom. In one room there were two or three men in a double-bed of a guest house.

TAT: You have participated in all important projects related to the Mohanji Foundation, is there any you would like to single out?

BV: Yes, I have participated in many projects because I have been part of the core team since 2011. I have been proven trustworthy and this mission is the biggest part of my life. That is what I decided and I stick to it. What could I single out? I love it when I see what is missing and I feel I am able to add that, to learn the skills and involve people to go together towards it. I started the YouTube channel in English and one for Balkan. The English one has now been replaced by the new one. It was my endeavour, journey into the unknown as I was a passionate enthusiast, not a professional. I learnt everything from scratch. I recorded, edited and uploaded most videos there.

Also, I designed a lot of posters, edited Mohanji’s pictures, some of which are on the website. They have reached walls in people’s homes. This is all a huge proof to me how Mohanji’s grace works. We didn’t have professional photographers at first – enthusiastic amateurs were there. You may be one of the best professionals, but if you don’t have grace, your work will fall flat. On the other hand, you may not be a professional, like I am not, but with Mohanji’s grace these pictures came out superb. This is awesome.

Another, even more important example is the watermark of global Mohanji Foundation. This is the picture that I took during the retreat with Mohanji, in Andrevlje, in 2015. A few of us were offered a task to give suggestions for the watermark. Then I played in Photoshop with that picture and sent it along. Mohanji picked one regardless of who had made it. He just saw a few options and picked mine. It was so fulfilling, that I will always remember it! This is another example of grace; I had been going through some challenging experiences before that, some tests. After that, this was like elixir and nectar of bliss. Whichever product with the watermark I look at, my heart expands. There have been plenty of bigger projects, but this task will always have a special place in my memory.

I have also been an Acharya board member for four years now. Mohanji empowered a group of people who dedicated their life to adding value to the society and create a positive transformation through Mohanji platforms. This was a huge stepping stone in my life. Because it somehow shows what my life commitment is. Another platform is Himalayan Academy – I am a global member of Himalayan School of Traditional Dance, contributing to it and spreading the tradition through dance in Europe, predominantly in Balkans.

TAT: How to explain the joy of volunteering to others?

BV: Volunteering on Mohanji platforms is something special, what you do from the heart without expecting anything in return. It amplifies your sattwic nature. As we have tamasic, rajasic, sattwic part of our constitution, volunteering is leading us to that highest, most refined quality of human being. It is most noble and helps us cleanse ourselves in our striving for the highest consciousness. It is purifying. It allows us to do karma yoga. Here we have a chance to work, even 20 hours a day if we want, or one hour a week. It depends on our capacity, commitment, and availability. Tradition will always offer opportunities. It is up to us to recognise them. Catch them, snatch them, be available and allow the things to happen through us. The joy of this is that you do things, spend time and energy on something you love, or something that, in the long run, you know will be useful for the next generations as well.

In the short run, we have immediate results for certain projects, like we check out our to-do lists, etc. We also exhaust our karma through various situations with our teams, working with people, learning skills, etc. In the long run, we are doing something useful for the world. We are bringing brightness in people’s lives. That sense of purpose is utterly fulfilling.

Mohanji has set an intention, with all his power of an avadhoota, who walks like an ordinary human being, like a family man, he set an intention and interwove it into his platforms. He said everyone who is working on this platform will have enhanced fulfilment. He said it and he stands by his words. His words are like a command to the universe. Everyone who works on these platforms will be energised and will have enhanced fulfilment.

Apart from this, meeting new people, communicating with various personalities across the word, where we feel close to each other, like relatives. it s amazing.

Having a community like that is extraordinary. This is what I think of as the joy of volunteering. Do something which is fulfilling and also useful for the society both for this generation and generations to come.

I have a lot more connections with people than I would only have had at my work. Through connection with Mohanji we immediately establish a rapport. On top of that, it is beautiful that we stand together; we’re here to nurture each other, to support each other, like in a family. When someone is going through an uneasy situation, we bring them closer, we are helping him, nurturing him, bringing him back to good feeling, good energy. We inspire each other and we also learn from each other. So, this community, the Mohanji family, is an invaluable asset in the world. This brings me joy as well.

Last but not least, volunteering helps me stay connected deeply to Mohanji. I feel I am getting connected closer and closer to him every day.

TAT: Have you progressed while volunteering for MF in terms of new skills, abilities, etc.?

BV: Yes, tremendously. By profession, I have a university degree in the English language and literature, and I am a yoga instructor.  I have learnt plenty of skills – as an event manager, coordinator of various activities, video editor, designer, and what not. I cannot even list all of these. I wrote and published a book of poems, “Conscious Walking” in Serbian, working in various software applications, blogging, conducting meditations and other Mohanji’s techniques and Acharya programs, strategising, creating podcasts, creating audio courses from Mohanji’s teachings, creating content for blogs. Now, dancing skills as a Bharatanatyam dancer, and as an HSTD global member, delivering this art form to the world. I really didn’t pick much. Whatever I thought I could learn and do, I would do. I didn’t spare nights working when something was urgent. I feel extremely fulfilled when things get done timeously, promptly, efficiently.

TAT: When you look back and see the results of Mohanji’s clarity and vision in just ten years, can you imagine what is coming in the future?

BV: In the future I can see a lifestyle which Mohanji now promotes. Because he works through a lot of people, I can see there will be a lot more people who will recognise the value of someone who recovers true values in society, someone who is working for people, for all beings on Earth and perhaps beyond the Earth, someone who is here to give himself fully out of love for humanity and who works tirelessly, 24/7, for that, a true leader who connects with every person, regardless of age, profession, culture, nationality, or what part of the world they are. This is extremely rare: how with his presence, he lights the inner fire in people and brings them back to themselves. I can see that a lot more people will realise that the stature that Mohanji has is possible. There will be more bright people aware of their true potential and reminded of what life is about. I can see that numerous people will regain themselves, know themselves, and be themselves. Mohanji Centres of Benevolence will speak loud and clear what Mohanji’s mission is about. Sage Agastya called Mohanji “Friend of the universe”. He is here to uplift humanity. He will be known through our stories of experiences with him, how we transformed and became brightness through our connection to him, to his consciousness. We will tell stories how he opened the doors of freedom and brought the light of awareness in us. I am tremendously grateful for that and I love him so much.

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