What is the Guru Mandala? Are all the Gurus and traditions connected? If so, does that mean when you bow down to one, you also honour the other? What can we do for our Guru? How can one become a true and sincere disciple?


Mohanji: Guru Mandala represents a state, a Realm of Masters. Please understand there are not many Masters- there are only states. You call someone a Master based on a state. When a person achieves a certain state, we consider that person as a Master and there are certain signs that people connect to- a person who is contented with existence, a person who is able to deliver with conviction, a person who has consistency, a person who stands with you today, yesterday, tomorrow and every day, every hour, every minute, and does not fluctuate- i.e. stability, stillness of mind. These are all signs of being a Master. So there are various states which are possible in the path of evolution, into higher levels of stability.


The Guru Mandala means the zone of the Masters of the same frequency. When you are in a certain state, your expression will be of a certain frequency and in that frequency a lot of different Masters come together and they expound or they emit that frequency- that is what we call as Guru Mandala. And this leads to a transformation in you.


If you are in the company of such Masters, (just like when you are in a place with lots of fragrance, your whole body and your dress will also be fragrant), your aura changes, your energy changes, your pattern changes, your blockages get removed. When you are working in tandem with Masters, then evolution becomes much faster. That is why the company of Masters is always recommended in Sanatan Dharma. It may not be easy- because there will be numerous dimensional destructions happening in the company of Masters- because there are numerous blockages that we have accumulated over a period of time which we may not even see; but when you are actually with the Master, the Master understands these blockages you have and then starts breaking them. It might be very painful and sometimes it can be very traumatic. So there are certain things like concepts- the usual concepts about behavioural patterns, sexuality, the money aspect, the upbringing and the educational aspect- so many different aspects and concepts we have already collected and we think are boundaries.


Masters may destroy all these boundaries and say- Look here, all your experiences are connected to you as an incarnation and Karma is the only rule– then Masters, i.e. Masters who exist in a stable inner state, break all these things. When you are in connection with them, or when you are serving them or working with them, they start breaking all these things up. Then it might be very traumatic and fearful for some time, but after that it’s 100% freedom. You actually experience freedom because freedom is equal to lack of dependency. A Master holds your hand until you become totally free.


Total freedom is freedom from your own mind, a mind filled with concepts, fears and phobias and all the other needs. It is totally annihilated and not even a thought happens in the mind- total freedom- so a real Master creates more Masters- then you also evolve into that state and you too become part of the Guru Mandala.


You can connect to any form, because when you connect to one form, you connect to all. Forms are not that important here, the frequency is the main thing, stability is the main thing. When you connect to any form of that frequency, then you connect to every form of that frequency. For example, if somebody is an alcoholic, he will have many friends who like alcohol. Similarly, when you connect to a Master then you connect to all Masters of that frequency. That is how it works.


And are these physical realms? No. These are frequency realms and frequency realms have no physical meaning at all, it can be anywhere. So when you say Masters of the same frequency flock together, it’s true. Where they are needed, that’s where they are. So they are all based on need and necessity. It is not based on what place they like to be. There is no “like” here. It’s all necessity. What you have to do, it will be done. What they have to do, they will do. The mind has no value here. The mind does not exist here. Purpose alone takes it forward. It is only about purpose. That is the Guru Mandala.


What can you do for a Guru? A Guru needs nothing from you. If you are steady and steadfast and consistent and you have conviction in the Guru, then the Guru delivers. This is exactly how it works.

Guru is a state. When you decide to serve a Guru in a human form, you are actually serving the state. You are actually serving a frequency. Guru does not need anything from you. What does a Guru need from you? Guru is here to deliver. And what does the Guru deliver? A Guru delivers stability, a frequency, a state to you. If you are talking about a Guru in the human form, your reason for connection to your Guru is your aspiration – you would like to be in that state of the Guru.


As the scriptures say, there are no disciples for any Guru, but every disciple has a Guru, because there is an aspiration for the disciple to come to that state. So if you are serving a Guru, then basically what you need is the conviction, you need to believe and trust that you are doing the right thing. Consistency- yesterday, today, tomorrow- you should do the same thing. And continuity- whatever you do should be continuous. Not that you serve the Guru today and tomorrow you don’t have the mind or you change your mind and you do a different thing. That will not help. These are all mind related things. Guru has nothing to do with mind things.


And also, a Guru does not have any needs.  A Guru will survive, it is not a problem. But you need the Guru because you need to reach the state the Guru exists in. Now the detrimental factors are doubts. If you doubt a Guru, if you criticise a Guru, if you judge a Guru, the Guru material inside you dies. The Guru aspect in you becomes dim. It’s like a lamp without oil in it; it is a burning wick with very little oil in it, so it can’t burn well. But if you are full of gratitude and love for the Guru as he is, every Master will have his own flavour. That is the way it is chosen, because the world has 7.5 billion people and 7.5 billion people are 7.5 billion frequencies. When a Master has to address these 7.5 billion frequencies, he has to have certain characteristics and constitutions to address them. Maybe he is not addressing the whole lot- but even a segment of it- he will have that kind of flavour.


Jesus had a particular flavour to address his people. Prophet Mohammed had a particular flavour to address his people. Krishna, Buddha, everyone had their own flavours and constitutions. Guru Nanak, Shirdi SaiBaba, Mahavira- all these people addressed the generations of their time and in the language and configuration which they could understand. Because the teachings were beyond their generation it survived, otherwise they were there for talking to the people of their generation.


Why did they take bodies? They took bodies so that they could convey something to the people- it’s not because they needed the body. Basically, when a person becomes a state, the body becomes insignificant. So when you are established in a state, the body is not the thing, communication is the main thing. You keep the body as long as you need to say something. That is completely based on the purpose of life, i.e. when you do not have any need of your own, then the purpose is of the higher level, or the purpose is that of service. So for that purpose, they keep the body as long as they need, to talk to people, to convey the message. Then they dissolve, and the message continues through lifetimes, through generations. And that message becomes clarified or becomes more like a philosophy which can even cause a religion. Religions are formed out of philosophies.


Philosophies are created for a certain generation and then transcends generations. This is how it happens- so if you are actually getting connected to a living Master- there is no better luck that you can ever imagine in life.


You can have any possessions you like- you can have buildings, cars, children, relatives – but the connection to a state which is represented by a Master is highest possible in any lifetime. If you can achieve that, then the next thing you need to cultivate, nurture within you is “no doubt”. No doubt, no criticism, no judgement, no fear- then you stick to the Guru with total acceptance. You will automatically raise yourself to the level and state of the Guru. Even at certain times in the past you have seen that happening.  When a person increases their capacity, the Guru delivers himself completely into the disciple and he disappears. We have seen that happening- that means the disciple raises his capacity from a glass to a bathtub and to an ocean – then the Guru delivers the ocean which is himself- to the disciple and he will just be dissolved. So this has happened in history and it can happen again, but then why it is not happening frequently is because there are no disciples with full conviction, with full commitment, full consistency- for whom only guru matters, nothing else. Those kinds of disciples are not there, it’s missing- that is why no Guru is able to deliver anything to anybody- because there are no vessels to receive it.


Then what happens is that the Guru sometimes transcends himself and dissolves and leaves his body as space for people to visit, or a place of worship, a Samadhi– for the future people to connect to. Then again, it is not his body, it is not his constitution, it is his state that is creating that vibration- for that place becomes a shrine and lot of people get benefited even after his death.


But a true Guru is looking for a true Disciple all the time. The biggest achievement, the greatest pleasure for any Guru, is to have a true disciple- who does not judge him, who does not criticize him, does not doubt him, and stays there as a complete vessel so that the Guru can deliver himself into it. This is all beyond gender, it is not man or women or anything, or child or adult or anything, it is just the capacity.


If you want to do something for the Guru, be consistent. Be complete with the Guru and always look at the Guru as the ultimate option. A true disciple does not exist, apart from being a shadow of the Master. Guru is the light, a disciple assumes the form of a shadow and then he moves along with the light, with the Guru. A Guru may be a drunkard, an alcoholic, a drug addict or whatever, it doesn’t matter if you know that this person has a state- stick on. That is the highest you can do for a Guru, being there, being stable, it is up to the Guru to Deliver, but being consistent is up to you. You have to be consistent beyond time, beyond space, beyond everything. Understand very clearly, all that you have earned from the outside world you have to leave when you die, but what you have earned by your connection to a Master – this continues through lifetimes and that is your biggest asset, biggest income, biggest bank balance you can ever earn. Beyond that, there is nothing in life.


If you clearly realise that this is the highest bank balance possible, you will definitely focus on it as your first top priority. Usually, we see in the outside world, Guru is one of the options- you have nothing else to do, you will go meet a Guru. Even if you understand that this Guru is not ordinary, he has transcended time, he is eternal, he is in a very high state of awareness, still, the Guru does not become your priority, he becomes an option,  “I have nothing else to do- I’ll go today.” What happens then? The Guru will only give you drops, he will obviously deliver, but you have only limited capacity. When you have the capacity of an ocean, you get so much water. But if you only bring an ounce glass, Guru can only give you a few drops, that is all you are bringing, your capacity is only that much. That is why a true disciple cannot exist apart from a Guru. A true Disciple and Guru are one.


What is your explanation of the Divine Feminine? Has it played any role in your life/enlightenment? How can we access this divine feminine grace? How can women today bring about well-being and prosperity for their families on an everyday basis? 


Mohanji: Divine Feminine or Shakti is the creative aspect of Shiva. Shiva is pure consciousness and without Shakti there is no creation. So Shakti has three aspects- Iccha Shakti, Gnyana Shakti, Kriya Shakti – the power of will, the power of knowledge, the power of action (respectively). Feminine does not mean a female body- that is a wrong understanding. Feminine is the mother aspect, the creative aspect. Mother is more natural as a creator than a father. Father is a source aspect, but the mother is the creator.

Every woman in this world is a Mother by nature, whether they have children or not. The feminine is connected to motherhood, motherhood is connected to creation. So motherhood is vital, it is inevitable. You can’t really put any kind of frame to motherhood. Motherhood means what we see in this world. The whole created universe is connected to Mother, divine feminine. Shiva without Divine Feminine has no expression, he is pure Consciousness and he is complete by himself and the Divine Feminine created the creation, created the universe. All the forces of the universe derived out of Divine Feminine.

Again I repeat, it is not about a female body; when you look at a female body and decide this is Divine Feminine- we don’t understand creation at all. Feminine is part of Shiva. There is a part of the feminine in every masculine. Masculine does not have its own existence, everything is interconnected. These are all aspects of creation which are essential to continue the creation in the world and also for the universe to exist. So Divine Feminine is you and me.

But when the infusion happens, which means that the energy flows into the creation and becomes a creation, a manifestation, then that becomes actualization for the feminine. Like if you take a human Mother, or a Mother of any being, the actualization of Motherhood happens when the child happens, that means the creation happens. And every creator has a need for creation – otherwise, he is not a creator. Creator aspect only becomes reality when there is a creation happening- in the mind level it doesn’t happen. So divine feminine is real, it is powerful and if you understand that you are representing the Divine Feminine as every woman of the world- then you understand the whole structure.

Mohanji and Devi

Why there is this question at all is because we have attached certain sins connected to sexuality, sins connected to certain aspects of feminine- that is when all these things become contaminated. Actually, there is no sin – the only sin as I said is the violence aspect. When you are violent about something- when you are denied something and you become violent that leads to complications. So the denial is connected to certain states of morality which we think are essential, but the real state of existence is in the flow of karma; the flow of species, the flow of life is itself the Dharma. Sanatan Dharma says that every day is existence, every day is a flow; and in the flow there are twists and turns and ups and downs- that is exactly how creativity works.

In the aspect of the Supreme Consciousness, in the absolute Shiva, there are no ups and downs and twists and turns, because of its’ permanent existence. But in the aspect of Shakti, there are 3 aspects- levels of creation, dualities, time and space, utilization of time and space. All these aspects come within creation, and without this, there can’t be creation.

So when we are talking about creation, without Shakti, Shiva does not have expression and without Shiva, Shakti has no power. They are interconnected; they are two aspects of one thing. The created universe is connected to the non-created or unmanifested universe. Every manifestation has come out of the unmanifested. Every sound has come out of silence.

If you understand this then the whole thing is beautiful, it’s vibrant, it’s beautiful there is nothing right or nothing wrong. Whatever is your aspect of creation or actualization of that aspect is right. If you suppress the actualization then it is wrong because you are again making it a pending matter and only in the mind it exists. The do’s and the don’ts, the good and the bad- all exist in the mind- and once you cross over the mind, it’s beautiful, it is a grand creation in a much larger order.

You can only wonder at the creation, the Creator, and the whole aspects of feminine and masculine both. Both are two dimensions of the same thing. Both are two sides of the same coin. Just like our existence, the duality, the nature of our existence maintains the drama of life. If there is no duality, if there is no drama of life- then life is bland. Even if you are completely away from all this and you are completely withdrawn inside and not connected to it- the drama still happens. Drama of birth and death happens, drama of emotions happens, everything happens- but at the same time if you are not affected then you are stabilised in the Supreme Consciousness- that is the only thing you can connect to, the only thing you can aspire for or merge into, that is exactly what our whole life is about.

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