In 1999, Keanu Reeves became most famous for his role in the groundbreaking science fiction film, The Matrix. It earned an impressive $463.5 million at the box office and was nominated for and won four Academy Awards. The Matrix is a happy story in a lot of ways, but the life of its star wasn’t always.

Now 50 years old, Keanu’s life has been full of more tragedy than you would expect from a movie star. Despite each setback, he’s kept pushing forward. It’s helped develop himself into the awesome person that he is on and off the screen.

At the age of three, his father left their family. They stayed in touch for a few years, but after the divorce and moving from city to city, they fell out of contact. Keanu attended four different high schools and struggled with dyslexia, making his education more challenging than it is for most. Eventually he left high school without earning a diploma, though through sheer will, he is an avid reader now.

At the age of 23, his closest friend River Phoenix died of a drug overdose. During a Reddit AMA last year, Keanu said: “He was a remarkable human person and actor. We got along very well, and I miss him. I think of him often.”

In 1998, Keanu met Jennifer Syme. The two fell instantly in love and by 1999, Jennifer was pregnant with their daughter. Sadly, after eight months, their child was born stillborn. They were devastated by her death and it eventually ended their relationship. 18 months later, Syme would die in a car accident.

In 2006, Reeves told Parade Magazine,


“Grief changes shape, but it never ends.”


It’s a lesson that we’ll all likely learn.

Even with those incredible tragedies, Reeves would push on. He’s starred in a variety of blockbusters and has become a wealthy man, but the pain of his losses has changed how he thinks about money. He’s well known in Hollywood for being among the more charitable actors. After the successes of The Matrix and its sequels, Reeves gave $80 million of his $114 million earnings to the special effects and makeup staff of the films. He also took pay cuts on the films The Replacements and The Devil’s Advocates so stars like Gene Hackman and Al Pacino would agree to be in the film while keeping casting within the designated budget.

There are some incredible personal accounts of his kindness as well. Redditor Kahi made the following comment about the Sad Keanu meme:

“A family friend builds movie sets, doesn’t design, is one of the poor dudes that just builds. Anyways he worked on the set for the Matrix and Keanu heard about family trouble he was having and gave him a $20,000 Christmas bonus to help him out. He also was one of the only people on the set that genuinely wanted to know people’s names, would say hello and mean it, and would talk to people as if they were his peers and not below him just because they were practically making nothing to build a set. I’ve never heard anyone say Keanu is a douche, seems like the nicest person in Hollywood from a second hand experience.”

In his AMA, he told fans that he likes to keep it simple. In 2003, Keanu told Hello! Magazine: “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.”

Even though he’s likely worth $100 million, the man still rides the subway. And he’s super nice about it too.


So in the end, I think we can all pretty well agree that even in the face of tragedy, a stellar person can thrive.





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517 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves True Tragic Story

    1. He is a celebraty and though he has gone through so many things that are publicized… The average person can have much worse issues. When I was 13 I was raped by my dads best friend… That led to me Alcohol.. That led to a life of insain sexual, mental and self abuse. Pregnant at 16, married at 18 and 3 more children. My marrage failed 14 years later. By the time I was 38 I finally seaked out and got help. Thank god my children forgave me in their adulthood for the life I led. My oldest son was diegnosed with diabeties at 12. When when he got older he didnt deal with it. At 23 we found out he had 2 holes in his heart and that caused a stroke. 10 monthes later he died of a massive Seizure. Loosing a child is harsh… Very harsh…. So why is Keonu Reeves life sooooooo tragic???????

      1. You are right, Darcy. There are people who have lived much harsher lives, such as yourself. Although judging your own life against others is the most pointless thing someone can do. I am truly sorry for what happened to you, no-one should have to live their life in fear and confusion, but everyone has their own problems and their own drama. It is all relative to that person. To say someone should not be feeling bad or feeling stressed because they are not dealing with something as bad as you have doesn’t make a difference. What makes a difference is understanding that everyone is unique and so are the problems that they face. The only thing in life that can bring you down is yourself. Stay strong.

        1. I wholeheartedly agree with you Brody. This is not a competition, whether you had a better or worse life than someone else. I also admire your ability to speak to that girl and offer your opinion and tell her at the end to “stay strong”

          You’re doing just fine.
          Good luck!

        2. Beautifully presented Brody.. Darcy Williams, no point in comparing ur struggles to others.. everyone has their own battles to fight.. whats more important is how you overcome them.. u r strong n u hv proved it so far.. stay put n stay strong.. God bless.

          1. exactly, may be u hv gone far ,….. so what ? there’s no point of degrading other’s pain….. & what darcy had done , is her own fault….. she didn’t think twice….took alcohol, sex etc which in turn devastated their children’s lives…..keanu even could…but he didn’t …, we can’t compare them….actually we shouldn’t….we can respect…max to max consolidate….but, under no circumstances, we should pose negative mentality to other guys with lower pains in their lives…..

            people like darcy find peace by comparing….isn’t it darcy ?

            we all know what you said…all have pain, some sort of….high to low….

            so what ?… became celeb ?….keep commenting with your alcohols….

            shruti rightly said…

            ” no point in comparing ur struggles to others.. everyone has their own battles to fight.. ”

            go & lament for your child SILENTLY…

          2. Wait, this person was a child when she got abused ….how can she know better on how to deal with extreme abuse ….what is wrong with you for judging a child that way?????

        3. Darcy, I too am sorry for your unfortunate past and wish you the best and a blessed future filled with positive people.

          Brody, that was a compassionate kind response. I hope you raised a lot of children with your positive mindset.

        4. Well said Brody! I NEVER understand why people have to be SO negative and mean when it’s talking about the tragedy of another human being! He just happens to be famous and he’s a good man! He’s well known, and he worked to become famous! Death is death and one human being is not more important. If she wants to compare, he lost 2 people close to him…but NO ONE is comparing! God bless everyone!

        5. I came close to losing my child many times and it was very hard so I vowed he was my last. Even though this is very tragic I think you should try to make another family your like lworking your ass off all the time you deserve a break with lots of love and relaxation. You seem so sad and I think it would bring a little more life into you!

        6. You are so right, Most people have tragic lives but it’s how we choose to deal with it that makes us, if you choose to dwell on the past it will control your life but if you choose to learn from it and teach others how to deal, it just might help you to heal yourself. i’m not saying it’s an easy road because its not. I’m saying there is so many beautiful things out there we just have to get past the pain and see it.

      2. Seriously? I think the point of the whole article was that despite his fame and everything that comes with it, he’s human and not some tool that holds himself at a higher pedestal. His life has had tragic moments. You have had too but unlike you he chooses to stay humble about it and keep going. You on the other hand are blaming one horrible instant in yours to justify almost everything that followed. You were raped which led to alcoholism which led to teen pregnancy which led to early premature marriage etc. I’m sorry about your son but he chose not to take care of himself. You may or may not have tried hard enough to put the point across (to him) that his health mattered but that doesn’t matter now does it. What Keanu has done, (what many have done) is by moving on and doing positive things instead of letting tragedy consume him (them). Have you?

        1. John this is true to a point. But maybe Darcy doesn’t need another hit over the head with a bat. Your point could have been much more effective and receptive if you worded it in a not so anger-charged way. This could have helped her if you had a compassionate tone and a deeper understanding of what she and many, many of us have been through. She expressed herself through her pain and anger, just like you did. Be nice and choose peace. take care

          1. Melissa, very well said. I don’t understand why people are harsh just to make a point.

          2. Thank you, Melissa and Venus for standing up for Darcy. No man has the right to criticize a woman who, like Darcy, when a 13-year-old girl — girl — was raped by her own father’s best friend. The repercussions in every area of her life — from psyche to the family dinner table, from physical to spiritual, from trust to feeling trashed — cannot fairly be minimized as some male commenters here have attempted to do. I am often embarrassed for the “mansplaining” (yes, it is a fair term) that some men will attempt to do in an effort not to face the collective reality of extremes of male violence against females of all ages. No, not all men, of course not all men. But far too many. And for any man to bash Darcy indirectly or directly for speaking about her pain is part of the problem. I am sorry for your pain, Darcy, and for your loss. May you find caring people to be in your world going forward.

          3. Scotfourowls,

            Very well said. It is nice to see someone with honor, integrity, a true sense of fairness, kindness with a gentle touch when being direct and who is well spoken, stand up for what is right and just. I just wanted to tell you that It was such a pleasant surprise to see such a valiant attempt to eloquently explain your point of view, while exhibiting tenderness and understanding for others. We change the world with one act of kindness at a time. Keep up the good work. Take care and God bless.

          4. This is all the more reason for all of us humans to read God’s Word the Holy Scripture. For we are gaining knowledge from our Living God that no one is able to show us. It is Living bread and Living water for nourishment of our mind and heart to allow God to talk to us by reading His Word on a daily basis let God comfort in our walk of life. Hope and pray for everyone to put God first in everything. May God bless the ones who continually keep seeking Him making Him their #1 Agenda ..

          5. Thank you all for the encouragement we all need. The devil may be a looser, but he is no quitter and the spirit may be willing, but amen to keeping your face in scripture; hopefully the KJV.

          6. Ive been through a lot too but I’m not comparing my life to Darcy’s and saying “I’ve been through so much more so why is her life soooooo tragic?” You shouldn’t compare other people’s pain to yours. Pain is pain. Everyone is different you can’t compare people

          7. Melissa, that was so spot on. Some things are left better unsaid. The only ones that could have possibly benefited from all of the negativity were the ones doing all the bashing. We all have problems and have been through hard times. We’re different and therefore, we all would more than likely react differently to the same circumstances. A Kind Word can go a long way.

        2. John, I agree with you 100%. People look at the success of another and say to themselves “This is why they overcame their tragedy!” But in their IGNORANCE they lose sight of the fact that people like Keanu became and continue to be successful despite their tragedies. Also, when they compare themselves and see how horribly they responded to their own tragedies, they say it is because they did not have the help or resources to overcome the tragedy. I call BS on that excuse. We have all undergone our own tragedies; I have way more friends in Heaven waiting for me than someone in their forties should. Especially when th I se peoe never did drugs and worked hard to help others. But, I digress… in the words of a well known J.N. role; “Suck it up, Buttercup!” We all have our tragedies and pitfalls; there are those among us who rise and overcome and then there are those who keep themselves in the muck and mire out of self-pity. Those who cannot escape the muck and mire need to let go of the pain and make room for strength.

          1. Let me ask you ….where you raped by someone at the age of 13????? It’s hard to imagine how to ever come something you’ve never experienced, isn’ t it ?

          2. I was rapped at the age of 9 by my neighbor. I was sick to my stomach. I was scared to go to sleep. It was rough on me but I over came it and I’m certainly not looking at this article saying … his life isn’t that bad. No one said it was .. they are simply saying he’s has some tragedy in his life but he’s over come it. He’s an amazing person because he’s so generous and he could have fell to drugs and alcohol but he didn’t. That is a success story. For you to say it’s not because your life was harder makes you selfish and informant. Sorry for what you’ve been through but your actions after it happened were your choice and yours alone. Don’t put down someone else because they chose a different path and ended with a different life. I hope things are amazing for you now

          3. Ignorant is the only word you thought needed correcting? Maybe you should look up some of the incorrect words you used then rewrite without using the word ignorant.

        3. Exactly right we aal experience tragedy in our lives in some form or another, that’s what we have in common. Being bitter because some one chooses to not let theirs become a road block isn’t doing you a bit of good. You both made choices in how to deal with tragedy and that’s the difference he shared his personal life with his fans and I respect him for that shows he’s human. You shared yours and all I give you is empathy. Stop blaming your past for your mistakes and deal with it you will be much happier.

          1. This really isn’t the best way to tell someone “stop feeling depressed.” Yes we all have been through tragedy one way or another and for some it’s more harder for them to pull themselves through than others. Telling Darcy that she shouldn’t feel unhappy and bitter is no better than her saying that a celebrity has no right to be depressed.

            There is no such thing as “average people.” We are all pretty much the same. We’ve made mistakes, we’ve been through bad situations, we are all made of flesh and blood and have feelings which can be broken. How we deal with events of the past and apply those experiences to our present day depends on how much of an impact they’ve had on us and how we’re mentally able to cope with them.

            Darcy, I think it’s wonderful that you managed to find the strength to escape the first time round, and I feel for you that you lost your son. You have been through a lot, but others have had even worse than you, so it’s not fair for you to think you’ve been through worse and that you deserve more sympathy. You need to let go of that past and stop feeling you deserve better than everyone else because you don’t, we are all equal and nobody deserves to suffer. You need to rather than apply the bad things of your past as a reason for why you are the person you are now to instead apply the things you’ve learned and how you were able to defeat those past demons to helping yourself and others when it tries to drag you back down again.

        4. The social media also has a lot to account for the mental torment and brutality against people in higher positions than others. They love to tear down celebrity figures and when there is nothing to be said about one they will simply make it up unquestionably and create unwanted drama to sell articles. Just because they’re a celebrity doesn’t make them any less human than the rest of us and doesn’t deny them the right to be depressed. Celebrity life is far more harder when you have cameras and fans judging your looks and every action and invading your privacy.

        5. I was beat rapped molested by grandfather’s uncles I didn’t finish school . I took my four kids and ran from family and friends cause I didn’t want my kids to deal with the drugs their daddy was on or deal with the hurt from my family. I started as a cashier. Than a teller than service banker than store manager now a senior accountant. So you can blame your past or deal with by proving to yourself. That you and your kids deserve better. I didn’t drink do drugs and I may not have much but I survived with my four babies no child support and no family. My youngest just finished her second yr of collage while working . We may not have money own a home but we have a family that will do anything for one another. I taught my kids from day one you do the crime you do the time. If you want things in life you work hard for it cause No one is promised tomorrow and no one can make you do the right thing no one can make you happy . You have to be happy and proud of yourself than others appreciate and see you for who you are not what you have or don’t have. But blaming your past childhood is wrong cause we as teenagers as adults we have choices and those choices make who we are. Nothing is easy not for the rich not for the poor but we appreciate what we have and we work to accomplish better . God bless all

          1. Heidi….what an amazing Mom you are. Your children are lucky to have you and the lessons you have taught them. So many kids these days are growing up not knowing the value you of hard work and earning what you have. juse wanted to take a moment to tell you bravo!!!!

          2. The Bible has the answer to Life’s wierd problems !!!

            When Man gets right with God with the intermediance of Jesus Christ , that’s when he finds “Life”. So until someone finds “Life”, it does not makes sense to fathom out the reasons for the problems it poses !!!

          3. Mam I have respect for you for the things you’ve been through. Your story just touched me no matter what past we have come through we have a choice to rise above it no matter what. God bless you and your family. Peace.

          1. Yes we all have some kind of past why smear it all over the Internet! This isn’t about any of you its about Keanu! And that with all of his success he is still grounded unlike most movie star’s. I know this will sound harsh but stop comparing your situation to his or say its unfair he is different from us he is a movie star. And BRODY was being very respectful and in my and other’s opinion said nothing to offend Darcy, so please people just STOP! You look like your looking for a pitty party, pick your self off dust your self off and move on! Like I said I know this sounds harsh but why live in the past it will cripple your present!!

        6. John, I absolutely agree…it isnt whos life is worse, but what you do with it….! Ive had a crappy life, but im choosing to make things better…going to school to become a minister, and help people …take responsibility for MY actions, and not blame others. And, im glad you had the guts to say what needed to be said, John!

          1. So you think she was responsible for being raped ????….that is insane !!!!!….Please do everyoneva favor and DO NOT become a minister .

        7. Very well said, life is not a competition but how you handle the hard balls delivered to you. I my self have had a hard life, but I move forward, to dwell doesn’t get you anywhere. If I had the money like Keanu, I would do the same, donate to people who need it. Thank fully I also have a supportive husband and a brother, who just recently found out everything about me. That certainly helps. Take the lessons learned, get help, and move on! That is the best in life! Which is truly beautiful if you have truly moved on!

      3. The point was, despite his misgivings he is a good person. He acts selflessly without complaining and trying to garner pity like you just did. His life might not be as tragic as yours, but guess what… Your the only one petty enough to point it out.

        Another difference I notice is that you make poor choices… You chose alcohol and to abuse yourself. You could have helped others with similar issues, wrote a book, or thrown yourself into numerous constructive or positive things.

        Poor tragic Darcy

        1. You don’t even know her. How sad you need to belittle. Says a lot about you. Think before you speak, and choose peace and compassion over anger and disrespect. It’s good for the soul… and it’s good karma, Kyle.
          take care

        2. its about moving forward and never giving up . I made poor life choices for 20 years .
          I’m sober 10 plus years and overwhelmed with gratitude . I think Keanu Reeves is an inspiring person & a fighter . Money has nothing to with this . It’s about walking through pain and getting to the other side . Grief comes in waves and has many stages .
          This story is uplifting

        3. Your comment is spot on! Not to mention the years she had to turn things around! What about her child’s tragic lives as a result of her actions? Ugh! I hate it when people don’t see the path of destruction their choices are causing others…even decades years later.

      4. I’m sorry for the way things turned out for you. The story was not about how sad or tough his life was but how he endured, dealt with it and stayed positive through it. He blamed no one. He helped people he hardly knew. Doing for others can be healing in itself. I hope you find that same inner peace.

      5. It’s a story about how a guy who is recognized for being a truly nice fellow was shaped by tragedy into becoming that nice guy.

        How sad would it be if he did nothing except brag on internet forums about how his life is so much more tragic than everyone else’s….

      6. your life is tragic as well. many people face tragedy it’s how we manage and emerge from what happens in our life’s that matters I do not think he is any more awesome than you or I

        But in this age of celebrity his story is an inspiration to others plus he has remained true to being a normal guy he has never published this information it others who tell his story.

        I met him when we took dying children on studio tour as part of a charity to help children realise their dreams he was so nice , he really spent the time and was genuinely interested and caring he really touched me

        We returned home when we got back he had sent signed gifts to each child and a donation that helps us continue our work it was a personal cheque

        We never asked

        I understand your pain I have lost a wife and had to bring up children alone whilst working as nurse in critical care I smashed up my spine but despite this and so much more I know I am not alone and I am still here and have today another day to enjoy. life is imperfect full of injustice but its the only one we have I wish you peace and joy you never know what it will bring next

        Love xxx Michael

        Ps just like you me and Keane the world is better when we care

      7. Because he went on to become a famous wealthy actor who repeatedly gives to others despite his own suffering. Whereas you are throwing a pity party. I have had worse than you, but I recognize Keanu is a great man.

        1. You are a dumb ass. She isn’t having a pity party, she is simply asking questions. She didn’t ask you to pity her you awful troll.

        2. You are an ass. She didn’t ask for any pity, she just asked questions. You accuse her of throwing a pity party, yet throw in there that you have had it worse than her. Typical troll. Crawl back under your rock.

      8. Darcy,

        Sorry for all of the tragedy in your life, but… it’s not a contest. His is equally as tragic as yours. The point is not the tragedy, but how you deal with it.

        1. Lovely reply, Bill. So many people are speaking out of their own pain and anger, just as she has done, and they just don’t see it. It is so very non productive, and goes against our own human nature. Your short, simple encouragement is huge. take care!

      9. There is always someone worse off, just as there are people who have had a far worse life than you have. I am sorry that happened to you and I am glad that you eventually got help.

      10. Just because you’ve had it bad–or even worse– doesn’t take away from the sadness of what another person had to experience. A sad life is a sad life. Tragedy is tragedy. People can sympathize with Keanu Reeves just as easily and readily as they can sympathize with you.

        However, this article isn’t really about you now, is it? And though I feel for what you had to go through, I must say that talking about yourself like this when no one asked for is just calling for attention, and quite self-centered.

        Also, to be extremely blunt, who are you? People don’t know you, and random strangers in the internet really have no reason to care about you or your affairs. So is it really such a wonder why no one writes an article about your tragic life? Keanu on the other hand is a celebrity with a wordwide fanbase due to his films–which is why people give a shit. He actually means something to them because they are either his fans, his critics, or they just have some sort of passing interest in reading about him. He’s a part of their lives, and even if that part is really small, that gives people enough of a reason to give a shit about him.

        1. @no-one, I agree with you 100%. If anyone thinks you are harsh? You are only stating the fact. Sometime fact can be but so be it! I like the way you made your point.

      11. Not sure why you felt it was necessary to laybout your entire life. There will always be somebody who has a more tragic life then somebody else. Take the story for what it us. There us no reason to compete on who’s life is more tragic.

      12. It’s very unfortunate you have gone through what you have. You should seek help if you havent.

        Because your life has been worse, that doesn’t discredit his pain – of which he has had a lot. Learn how to support others after your struggles instead of just be bitter

      13. Point of the story wasn’t that he had the worst life out there. Point of the story is he, although being very successful , treats people with compassion. He has a heart and doesn’t act better than others just because of his success. He doesn’t let his tragedy be his downfall and ruin his life or others around him. He has used his tragedies to make himself better and stronger. A positive role model and a rarity in many people in this day and age, especially in Hollywood. Kudos to the positives.

      14. His life isn’t any more tragic than yours and I’m personally very saddened by yiur loss and grief as I am for Keanu’s. However, Keanu lost several people in a short span and still is not bitter about what he has or to humankind in general, it seems. Though I’m going solely on things I’ve heard, watched and read and know neither him nor you, I would think rising above such grief and hardship would take extreme strength. So with that, congrats to you on rising above your hardships. I pray you are not bitter toward humankind or others who have also risen above their hardships.

      15. I am sincerely sorry for all that you have gone through, but many people suffer harsdhips and losses. One is not greater than the other, except to the person it is happening to. What you have gone through, someone else might not be able to survive. But you did and are continuing to and that is a Blessing. Having empathy for another’s pain is a Blessing, too. Wishing you the best and all great things in your future.

      16. The person who wrote this article sounds as if they have led a more charmed life than Keanu, and respects him for being who he is and not letting despair run his life. We all go through hard times, some harder than others. It is all a matter of perspective. Why must you turn this into a pity-party competition?

      17. You’re fucking ignorant
        Stop the center of attention trip you’re doing it’s getting old!!

        The moral of the story is that money and fame don’t necessarily make you ind to an ass!

      18. WOW the fact that you think because you’ve had a hard life means that no one else’s tragedy is worth anything? Fact of the matter is he doesn’t blame his hard life on how he is, he doesnt complain or milk the situation. I too have had a hard life (some may say harder than how you’ve had it) but i will not and not belittle others experiences just because i know mine was unusual. Always remember someone has it harder than you. You done have a right to judge the intensity of someones hardships as you did not experience them. Please think before you rush to judge/

      19. Not once did they ever say his life is more tragic than everyone else’s. Try if you can to focus on the fact that he could feel entitled or be an ass. But he’s not, he’s grounded and down to earth despite his fame.

      20. Because shit happens to everybody and Instead of blaming everything and everybody he dealt with his hand of bad luck, because he has something you don’t -self respect

      21. Are you telling me that being abandoned by your father, losing a close friend, losing your first born and your past lover is not tragic?

        It’s unfortunate that people can’t come together and lift each other up. Instead, hateful people like you just want to bring others down. Grow up, stop seeking recognition from others the wrong way and earn it.

      22. Your experience in life doesn’t negate the severity of someone else’s grief. My life could be harder than yours. Does that mean your experience isn’t valid? Why do you decide what a person can bear? His life was hard, but that’s not the point of this story. The real story is how he is kind and doesn’t burden everyone with his tales of woe, although he is open about it. He doesn’t make people feel sorry for himself, he just soldiers on. Is that a lesson you have learned?

      23. Where as my heart goes out to you for all you have been threw. You of all people should understand the pain and suffering he has been through. And the loss of his child is just as tragic as yours.

      24. I am sorry about all the bad things that happened to you, and they do suck. Being raped as well as losing a child are two of the worst things that can happen in the world.

        That being said, trying trivialize someone else’s bad experiences to garner attention towards your own is quite low, and while Keanu has not had it quite as bad as you the first thing you jumped to was making sure everyone knew that you had it worse and what did he have to complain about.

        We are all human and life sucks some of the time, and while I do feel bad for the things that happened to you, your statement comparing the tragedy you have both suffered was childish, you seemed to just want attention.

      25. It’s not a competition for whose life is the hardest. You even seem bitter whereas he is thriving and a giving person. The jury is still out on you

      26. Why is his life so tragic? He lost a friend, a child and someone he was in love with….plus he really never knew his Dad. That’s tragic no matter what you went through. Don’t belittle others…it makes you look petty and bitter.

      27. Everyone has a cross to bare. You cannot measure one persons pain to another persons pain. You cannot know another persons pain unless you walk in their shoes, which no one will ever. Every one I know has a story to tell. His story is sad too. His generosity is wonderful. I love his humility. So refreshing coming from Hollywood. The good thing is someone who is in the public eye can get a message across more readily. Even if it helps someone in some way that is a good thing. Kudos to Keanu.

      28. He also lost a child. And then, his marriage fell apart because of that loss, and then his x-wife was killed in a car accident less than 2 years after their loss. That is pretty tragic. I’ve lost a child too, Im sorry for your loss. All they are stating is that even in that tragedy, he still has compassion. Too often people become bitter and angry and mean.

      29. And only you Darcy would turn this good story into a sad one. You missed the whole point and that sadly is the tragedy. I’m so sorry you are so selfish to realize that. I have meet Keanu. He is a great person and a genuine human being. Thanks Keanu for sharing with this story with us…..

      30. Darcy you somehow missed the whole point of the story and it was not about his tragedies because tragedies are all relative and we all have our trials in life some more than other but to the person going through it it feels like your tragedies are so much worse than anyone else. no this story was not about his loses but about his triumph over them. it is about the fact that if he were to let those things rule his mind he would be a much different person and it would be understood. he over came his own personal demons and his “sad Story” and did not let it get him down the fact of the person he is despite the tragic circumstances of his past is the inspiration you should take from it. it i not a tragic tale but an inspirational one and one I can learn from as well because there has been loss and tragedy in my life as well. think of this story as a glass half full story not a glass half empty one.

      31. I don’t think “sooooo tragic” was ever written in this article. He was simply letting the general public (us) know about a wealthy celebrity who actually does good for others. The media feeds off the negative things celebrities do because that is what we as a society buys in to. I think we should read more about the good people are doing in the world more often, maybe then, others cam reflect it I’m their own lives…..Sorry to hear of your personal tragedies, but this story isn’t about you. Maybe next time you should do less comparing and more relating. Maybe then you won’t be so negative about a feal good story because it simply is not as tragic as yours. It was tragic to him, and you try to rip everything good out of this because it wasn’t about you. Smh

      32. I don’t like that icky feeling I have when I see this selfish comment for one, unless you’re begging for pity I certainly would not want to tell everyone my personal tragedies as such, and I think that the point of the article was that he’s had hard times in life like anyone else and he’s a decent man despite being in a lot of films and making money. I think you are a little self centered, which I can’t REALLY blame you because so is 80% of the mainstream societies of today, and I’m sorry about your tragic life but to me having a baby die that you’re looking forward to and then your woman dying in a car accident and your father not caring about you seem pretty bad to me I mean, it’s all relative. I’ll be praying for your heart.

      33. Do people really believe that money will wipe out the pain of not having a relationship with your father, or losing a child, or losing a woman he once loved. Do people really believe that money will wipe out that pain?

      34. Darcy I. Think what they were trying to convey. About reeves is that. He. Is a really. Nice man. And that he is not all about the money. And. Just because he has fame and fortune. That he isn’t above the unfortunate. And that he is really a nice and genuine person. And is genorous with his money.

      35. The tragedy is that he isn’t out there posting his pathetic life asking for sympathy. Does your spell check not work?

      36. I am sorry to hear your life story Darcy. You are correct in pointing out that most ordinary people would go through hell of a lot of struggle even to carry on day to day life.only when we become heroes it gets published. Hope your life be more smooth in the years to come

      37. There’s always a bigger fish. Tragedy is tragedy, some just have it worse than others. Yes, he’s a celebrity and he is rich, but that doesn’t mean he is immune to tragic events. I mean, at least he’s seemingly a pretty good guy because of it. He also lost a child.
        I’m really sorry about everything that has happened to you. I hope your life becomes better day by day and always that way.

      38. Its not a competition!!! Dont get me wrong, what happened to you was awful, and I wouldnt wish it on anyone – but the same goes for keanu. He lost a lot of people who were close to him in a relatively short amount of time and found the strength to be able to get over it. Even if he wasnt a celebrity – that is a hard and tragic life!!! You on the other hand have led a life that is challenging in different ways, and it makes me sick that this has happened to you. However it has also made you lack empathy and human understanding in this situation, try to understand it is not a competition and look at the facts for the tragedy, not the facts in comparison, because the 2 stories are equally as tragic but non comparable.

      39. what makes his story different from yours is the way he dealt with it and rose above the tragedy. You, on the other hand turned to alcohol, reckless sex and having a litter of kids. Sure, you have had hard times. WE ALL HAVE KNOWN TRAGEDY, but it’s how we move on that makes us special . Stop playing the role of a victim and grow up

      40. It is sad that many people hurting out there who would like to talk of their pain and abuse. I feel for Darcy as I also have been the victim of many tragedies from those who we should love and trust. Keanu can afford the best therapist and voice his pain in an articulate ways and receive accolades for it. Yes I too would like to share my story and not be hurt more for sharing. Darcy, stay strong!! I hope someday we can find a place where we open up and not to be criticized without paying arm and a leg. In closing, I would also like to thank Keanu for sharing.

        1. I agree! People changed this from the “tragic life” competition to the “who has been more successful inspite of it” competition. Either way, pain is pain and people whose reaction it is to harshly criticize instead of trying to understand are being petty and reacting through their own insecurities. And while I don’t agree with belittling someone else’s pain, she has a point in that if this were an article about me and my pain no one would care. Our pain is no more or less valid depending on how famous or successful we are. Also, some of us have had childhood nurturing or experiences (and even genetic predisposition) which better equip us. We should all strive to be more understanding and less judgemental.

      41. You act like youre the only one whos ever endured crap in their life- My stepbrother tried to rape me when I was 10, my father didnt talk to me for 7 yrs. Growing up I was a party regular on the local scene- keggers etc. Big deal. His baby died. His babys mother died. His father abandoned him. You sound like a real first class biatch. Keep in mind there sweetcheeks- theres ALWAYS someone who has it worse off than you. He went through some tragedies- and came out the other side with a career, popularity and a good head on his shoulders. You, on the other hand, came out with a poor me attitude, lack in grammar and spelling so clearly you didnt learn English when you were in school, and didnt put your children first so your child died because YOU didnt make sure he treated his diabetes appropriately, and I wonder if your drinking couldve had anything to do with his heart defect?? Ya, you should sit the fk down and get over the poor mes- nobodys life is a bowl of fkn cherries. Dont like something, change it, otherwise, quit your whining and live with what you chose in life.

      42. Everyone has a story this is his. For you to compare life stories merely shows you have learnt nothing from yours.

      43. I’m sorry about your tragedies. You have indeed lived a very difficult life and I hope you continue to rise above it. My life has been difficult as well. But with all due respect, our tragedies do not render another person’s tragedies unworthy, no matter how much bigger or smaller they are than ours. Keanu’s tragedies, like yours, like mine, deserve grievance and acknowledgement of how they’ve been overcome.

      44. You indeed have had a very tragic life, and you have my sympathy. That doesn’t diminish the pain and suffering of anyone else.

      45. We all have tragic stories that need to be understood. I am sorry for your’s but mine is worse than yours or his. It’s good to see that I am NOT the only one that has had a tragic life. God Bless

      46. I think the point is, he overcame difficulties and broke a cycle that is hard to do for people raised in that kind of environment, let alone be so hard working and successful etc. it shows how good a heart and character he has, when he could willow in self pity and sadness… And get nowhere

      47. Darcy,
        Wowwwwwwww your the first person I’ve ever seen compare such sad tragedies just to see if you had more than him? Very off putting by the way. I’m sorry you have gone through that but no excuse to say he hasn’t gone through tough times. I’m not sure if you read but he lost a child too, remember the stillborn? Makes me think you didn’t even read this and just went off on your own tangent. This guy is making positive from negative aspects of his life, and you are just gunna sit back and say he hasn’t been through anything compared to you? What about if someone else came on here read your comment and might have lost two kids and said you haven’t gone through as much as them? I don’t know what good came from your comment, but you put a negative feel on a positive guy. I hope you take a second to apologize for that.

      48. i read the first few sentences and lost every fuck I gave. You sit here and beg for people to give a shit. You led yourself to alcohol and your problems. Being raped doesn’t do that. Reeves’ story tells of a few events that he overcame and made the best of, you sit down and go “woah is me” while he continues to be selfless.

      49. Why are you belittling his losses? You should be sympathetic not self righteous that you have had “such a terrible awful life and that no one matches to yours.” The difference between your losses and his losses is hat he strived to make the better out of his life and never gave up his dream. He also cares enough about other people to take huge pay cuts. However, with you, you belittle and bash other people’s misfortunes by complaining about your own. You sound like a miserable person and I’m sorry you have enough time to bash other people’s lives being that you have 4 kids to take care of. Maybe that’s your problem and the problem with your kids. Their mom is too busy belittling others over the interned for her to take care of them. Mother of the year.

      50. No one said he has had the most tragic life, he is in the public eye and this is just showing you what he’s had to deal with and how he’s got over it, people should take the good out it instead of getting a game of ‘my life’s more tragic than your life’!!! There is no need to come on and bash this because you’ve been hard done to in the past, we all have for f@&k sake!!! Anyway especially people like yourself should be using this for strength and not taking it out of context.

      51. Ok youre very wrong for trying to compare life’s… hes an actor that sacrificed most of his money for others I highly doubt you would ever do that from what im reading here you think people should give you a medal. Losing a child is tragic he ALSO LOST A CHILD AND HIS EXWIFE. Not having a father in your life and being a male is hard because you feel like you need to make up for what your father hasn’t done. Also you got pregnant because you didn’t take care of yourself so how could you throw THAT out there. You got married because you wanted to. Quit being so closed minded and realize that basically the whole article is to show how artists also suffer no matter how much money they havetheir still people they suffer as much as you, me and the whole world does. The only difference that if you make a mistake the whole world isn’t pointing fingers at you meanwhile people criticize artists for making any.

      52. Tragedy happens in everyone’s life, to more or less degrees. You are in charge of choosing how you want to move forward. You blame your life on outside factors “that led me to alcohol…that led me to this…that led me to that…”. No. You went that direction because it was the easiest way to deal with it, it gave you a quick fix that eventually created even more issues, and that’s why your life went even more down hill. He chose differently, and so could have you.

      53. Everyone goes through some tragedy and people’s experiences are what they know. Does that mean that people whom have seemingly “less tragic” lives aren’t allowed to feel sadness? I don’t think so. The article reads that he also lost a child.

      54. Keanu doesn’t post in comment threads about all the bad stuff that happened to him, trying to get as much attention as possible. So you’ve had a worse life that Keanu? Guess what, millions would swap your life for theirs in an instant — war-torn, famined, severely disabled… It works both ways. Be grateful for what you DO have and make the best from what you can and be humble while doing it. Like Keanu.

      55. The article didn’t say his tragedies are worse than yours. It just illustrates how he suffered a lot of tragedy and came through it a more centered, more generous, more grounded person. Did you?

      56. Many people in life have many tragic things happen and its how you deal with things… I don’t think their saying his life is tragic but in the face of the tragedies that he’s had to deal with he’s still a nice and charitable person…

      57. With all due respect Darcy, you have been through a lot. Many people live tragedies we will never know about.
        The fact that you spoke of your tragedies when this was an article about someone else indicates you continue to have a lot of unresolved pain and delayed grief.
        May peace and hope remain with you.

      58. Because this story is about him, and not you. Sorry for the loss of your son. But you are tryingnto compare tragic events. My best friend lost his 3 children in a house fire. Why is your life so tragic again? See how that works?

      59. Darcy, comparing your tragedy to that of another is very wrong. Although i feel sorry for what has happened to you, making it public to show your troubles are worse than Keanu is in bad taste.

      60. People responded to this woman’s suffering with such harshness. No wonder this world is going to hell in a hand basket. The people are ignorantly evil themselves and can’t have compassion when someone is calling out for it.

        1. No one was responding to her suffering, we were responding to her lack of compassion for other people. Most people who commented mentioned that her story was tragic.

          1. That’s right matt! Jen, people need to learn a lesson in life by going through harsh conditions. Apparently, Darcy, is still haven’t learn ped from her own tragedy. So the response she got and still getting are well deserving towards her.

        2. So you are appalled at the harsheness of how people responded…, yet you called them ignorant and evil. Hmmm that’s pretty harsh. Put your seatbelt on…you’re driving that handbasket you mentioned. Fucking hipocrite.

          1. Calm yourself woman! No need for profanity here! Your comments make you unworthy of reading to!

        3. good grief people, instead of taking the high road and appreciating the teaching of overcoming adversity and using any resources at your disposal to make this world a better place, most of the comments are mean-spirited and judgemental. Darcy I understand you have endured much and you probably did the best you could under difficult circumstances. This life we are born into is not fair or just. I know what it is like to make choices while in a place of emotional, psychological despair. I hope we can all appreciate another’s triumphing over disaster. Every day is a new day with the opportunity to rise above the crap and ask ourselves “how can I make this world a better place?” Thank you Jen for saying what I was thinking.

      61. Wow how selfish of you, it’s not a contest and you shouldn’t throw yourself a pity party. The point of the article was to show that even though he went through a lot of tragic things in his life he didn’t let that stop him from moving FORWARD he didn’t let the negativity in life consume him. He learned from it and it shaped him into being a great man, humble, and sincere. Yes everyone goes through different things doesn’t give you the right to just say “oooohhhh but what’s sooooooooo tragic about his life, I’ve been through worse” Congrats you sound like you’re still in a horrible funk and are still seeking attention like a victim instead of NOT acting like a victim and doing something GOOD. You’re belittling a great guy because he’s “famous” and that’s not right.

      62. It’s his tragic story, just as you have yours, and many others have theirs. What I took from the story was that although he’s faced tragedy and heartache, he’s continued to persevere and give from the heart. Many go in the opposite direction and become insensitive douchebags, or develope substance abuse problems. We all have our own tragic stories, and sometimes sharing can be uplifting and motivating.

      63. The point of the article is how he has came through it and the person he has become. Try relating instead of comparing. He could have become a bitter critical person. Instead he became kind and generous. Its obvious he is an awakened soul. We all have tragedy. I won’t tell you all of mine, but I will tell you put yours and his together and that is just a small part of what I’ve been through. I’m just always grateful to hear of another human who has survived and can still love.

      64. I think it’s because of the fact that he IS a celebrity and most of them seem to be so selfish and jaded. Being famous makes most people callous towards the rest of the world, even under the best circumstances and what they are saying is that even tho he has been through a lot, he didn’t let it make him a horrible person. You could learn something from him.

      65. Is this a pity party??? No one said he had the WORST life, but rather a difficult one and still came out on top with respect for every human being. You on the other hand proved you don’t have his integrity.

      66. Darcy, so sorry to hear your story. Your Body is just a vessel that your soul strives in. The way to heal your soul is to have a relationship with Jesus. People all over have things happen to them and God gives you the free will on how you will handke tjose tragefies and things will not change until you make that decision. Who knows what God’s plan is for you but until you accept he does have one for you will be stuck accepting the negative. Many people have had worse yet have over come their tragedies. Many people use this to help others. Some have written books or just gone to their local AA or rape victim meetings and shared their stories to let people who have had similar issues that they are not alone. You are alive for a reason now make the decision to live and look to help others to show them you can survive. Get to a pastor or counselor. I prefer pastor your choice but get help and turn it around and help others. Saying prayers for you!

      67. Darcey, you may have had some negative things happen to you but you seem to play the victim role. Keanu dose not.

      68. Though I agree your problems are more extensive than his the comparison is pointless, more Kay have happened to you but to someone who doesn’t kno the pain of rape losing a partner you love and a child u were growing to love is equally painful, pain is pain at the end of the day, the point of this is that he actually does something with his pain he hasn’t just givven up as so many people do, he has taken that pain that would consume so many and has turned it into tears of happiness for others the point that has been made here is that he has gone through his own hell and now tries to protect others from going into the same hell… Its easy to mock him because u believe your pain to be worse but he’s doing things for others. He has come out of his hell with an attitude to help others whereas evidently you came out of your strife with envy and anger…

      69. Darcy.. it’s kinda messed up to judge what someone else considers a harsh life. There are people out there that have had a much harsher life than you and would say that most of your problems you caused yourself.. like the drinking and getting pregnant at 16 and married by 18. You stated that losing a child is harsh, well keanu also lost a child. None of his problems did he bring upon himself like you did with your problems. He couldn’t have controlled anything that happened to him.. you could have controlled most of your problems. Don’t get on here and belittle other peoples problems because you “think” yours is worse. I bet you wouldn’t like it if people acted like your problems were nothing because there are people out there that are worse off

      70. Because it is. I am so sorry that you don’t see the pain of others. In spite of all the hardships Keanu has endured, he has been generous and charitable to others. He has turned his life around and feels compassion for other people. That is what we should all be doing. Making the world a better place. Improving ourselves and serving others. Keanu Reeves also lost the life of his child. Do you disregard this b/c the child died with only a month left in utero? He’s had a rough go of life as well, yet he’s developed compassion and charity for his fellow man. As it should be. Read the article again. That is why his life has been rough.

      71. Darcy, I’m sorry your loss has made you such an asshole. Which I think is the point of this story, the fact that Reeves didn’t let that happen to himself. Your story is seriously tragic, but we all have our tragedies, some worse than yours, some not. You should learn to listen to the stories of others and have compassion. It’s not a competition.

      72. It’s not a competiton. The whole point is to show how a person can overcome trgedies. Why you took offense is mind boggling.

      73. Keanu had tragedy through circumstance not bad or misguided decisions. Tragedy comes in all forms. It’s best to seek understanding in others that obsess about ourselves. Can we say Narcissistic? Although, my heart goes out to your son, who is the one who actually experienced the tragedy.

      74. Darcy, Don’t make this your story. The fact that you experienced horrors in your life doesn’t lessen Keanu’s tragedies to any degree. The wonderful point of this article is that he remained grounded, compassionate and genuine. When you become worth $100 mil and still take the subway, when you gift a virtual stranger $20,000, they will write a story about you. Until then, be positive, lose the victim mentality and remain an inspiration to others.

      75. He’s had hard and sad times like everyone else and definitely more than some, but some people tend to think that because he’s rich that he doesn’t suffer. Of course he does, and has, but what this article is about is how he has only become a better person or has not let himself become a worse person like you because of his tragedies. instead of seeing how you could make the world an ounce better because you know what suffering is and would like to make it better,you just want to measure your tragedy dick against others and bitch about how you still had it worse.

      76. I am sorry about what you’ve been through. Yet, your story is not any more than his. Take yourself off the most tragic life ever. Thankfully, you were able to witness life within your children, even if all of them have not lived full lives. He loss his best friend, the mother of his child, a child who was still born. He never got to hear his child cry for the first time or laugh. You would think that you would have learned from your own experiences how to connect in empathy to someone, but it seems that you only think of yourself as having the right to have pain and heartache. All you had to say was me too and actually connect with his story and you would find a little healing. You and him are both important. It’s not that his story is worth more than anyone else’s. It’s that someone would care for his story just as much as your story. Everyone is worth love.

      77. It’s tragic because he went through a lot and is still a selfless person and fantastic actor. What have you done with your life besides self pity. Everyone has struggles but most people succumb to defeat and become fixated with the misguided assumption that pain is a competition. Sorry you’ve suffered but greatest is found through resiliency and overcoming adversity. Keanu has done this in the public eye and has exceeded talent far greater than the rest of us. May I recommend you make peace with your own history before critically judging others. Thank you and good day.

      78. Darcy,

        I really feel sorry and empathise with u for what you have gone through in your life. Am sure in coming years your life will fill u with happiness.
        But dear the difference between Keanu and u is that he is not the one whining about his tragedies.

        Be strong … Live long..


      79. Stop whining. This isn’t about you and your screwed up life. No body said he had the worst life in the world, neither do you.

      80. He’s being discussed because he is a star. This article is about the positive attitude he has kept not a most miserable person in the world contest.

      81. First off I am really sorry for your loss. What you have experienced is tragic and in the world of comparisons you have had it harder than him. In the case of actors and Hollywood, Keanu has had a rough ride. His story doesn’t discount yours and yours does not negate his. I’m sorry that you felt the need to ‘win’ by having a harder life. You said you were seeking help. Talk to your therapist about this. Victimizating yourself is bad mojo.

      82. I truly feel for you, the only reason his life is being spoken about is because he is famous. Why not acknowledge the fact that even though he has had some tough times he still tries to be a great person. I Hope Darcy that you find the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the only One who can take your pain away. I don’t have all the issues you have spoken off but I know pain. I also know when I gave my life to Jesus Christ my life turned around. I hope you find that as well!

      83. Whoa, Darcy. So not fair. True, there are different degrees of tragedy to someone looking from the outside, but to the person they are happening to, it doesn’t matter. The worst thing that ever happens to someone is just that, THE WORST THING that happened.

      84. Darcy, I’m very sorry to hear about all you’ve been through. It must be difficult to live with all that pain. However, your pain doesn’t invalidate someone else’s. Just because you have been through some horrible things doesn’t mean his pain, or anyone’s pain, isn’t legitimate and sad. We all have our struggles, our pain, and our regrets.

      85. First of all, I am sorry for your loss and the pain you have inflicted upon yourself all those years, but that does not make someone else’s less. Empathy is what bonds us together as a human race. You can use life as an excuse but really, it’s your reaction to life that counts. His was just better than yours.

      86. I feel for you. I don’t know you or the tragedy you lived and continue to live but do not make it seem like your tragedy is any worse or any more tragic then someone who has had their own obstacles in life. Everyone has a story. Either a happy, loving or tragic story but none the less a story. Please do not minimize the hurtful events others have encountered in their journey to be any less traguc or important as yours. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. The loss of a child must be the worst experience anyone can experience (especially a mother) I am sure you have grown a lot from all your unfortunate experiences and life events and I hope to God you and your other children (however old they may be) never have to endure another death or great sadness like that again. May God bless you and your family always.

      87. so wait, you were raped like so many 13 year olds, but keanu’s story is less harsh than yours? you have nerve for one and it is necessary for you to seek more help because pointing fingers does no justice. second, if you don’t want to hear his story then why would you bother reading it? maybe, just maybe, there are more tragic stories that he has dealt with. if you were part human your response would’ve and should’ve been different. p.s. no need to air out your laundry on social media. what good did this do you anyway? #thinkagain

      88. It isn’t a contest about who’s life is more tragic, yours or Keanu Reeves. It’s about how despite all he’s endured in his life, he’s still a good person who is compassionate, generous, and understanding. Another story they neglected to tell is how recently a mentally disturbed woman broke into his home and instead of calling the cops immediately, he sat down and had a long talk with her in his study before calling the police later. Let us stop and think for a second about how many actors would do that, or an average individual for that matter… Your story is tragic, but lets not play it off like what happened to Keanu isn’t bad either.

      89. As you mentioned yourself, you ruined your life, HE WASN’T.
        Tragedies keep coming at him and he keeps standing tall from the beginning, YOU DIDN’T.
        You took so many bad choices before you seek help, HE GAVE HELP.
        The list can go on and on but I think the above can highlight the rest.

      90. Darcy:
        My sister spent the last 10 years of her life as a quadraplegic crippled by MS. She was in constant pain and required 24 hour care, including a feeding tube. She watched her children grow up without being able to enjoy their youth. My brother in law stood by her all that time and took care of her till the day they agreed she could not take it any more. Your situation, while unpleasant, was in your control; ie you were “forgiven” by your children. Your son’s health, was in his control. So please, before you criticize someone for their situation, be cognizant of the fact that there are always others who have it worse than you. And in particular, no one should have sympathy for victims who bring on their own circumstances.

      91. Sorry to hear about your strugles try to find peace in your family and friends peace be with you

      92. Yes, what happened to you is very upsetting. But what is also harsh is that, because his life’s tragedies don’t match your own, he doesn’t deserve to be considered a man who did have a tragic life. I would not be able to deal with what happened if I had gone through with what you have gone through, but I feel that same way towards Keanu Reeves. Just as he has pushed through, you should too. Don’t compare or judge the tragedies of everyone else to your tragedies, because that definitely will set people back

      93. He had a child die as well. Just because it was not alive does not mean he did not have a kid. yes we all have had tragic in our lives but some more then others. I was raped drugged shot at had a heart attack went into cardiac arrest twice and had 6 miscarriages. So why is your life tragic????? I am not putting the man down.

      94. They are not saying his life is tragic or more tragic than others. They are just commending him for his strength to move forward and still be a good person despite the loses he has endured. He lost a child that he was never given a chance to know. You at least got to know your child and watch him grow. The pain you suffer and the pain he suffers is the same. Nobody is ever the same after losing their child. I am sorry for your loss and I pray that as time goes by the pain is easier to deal with.

      95. His story stands on its own without needing to be compared to other stories of loss in order to be substantiated. Further, I think people feel for him because not only has he endured tragedy, but he has been humble and reflective about it. Surely someone who has experienced the grief in life that you have would understand that pain doesn’t have any less of an impact simply because someone else in the world is having a worse day than you are.

      96. Yes Darcy what happened to you was horrific. However you can not base everybodies lows on your own, it is all relative to your experience.
        For examlpe my daughter at the age of 15 mos began her battle with a rare illness that almost claimed her life three times over. This is something our friends and relatives can not understand as they have not lived it. When they tell us about their childs massive and painful ear infection and feel guilty that it is not as bad as what our daughter went through we tell them to stop comparing. For them and their child it is huge and scarry because it is the worst they have been through.
        Our experience has brought more compassion into our lives. Which is what I’m hearing in this article regarding Keanu Reeves.
        It sounds, to me that he has taken what many consider tragic and turned it outward to be more compassionate toward others in the best way,possible. It seems to me to be a genuine way he lives his life. I, for one would , like to commend that behaviour.
        Imagine what the world could be like if we all made a conscious effort to do the same.
        I wish many blessings to you for continued healing And I am sorry you have had to endure so much.

      97. ur life is tragic but his life is also tragic. My life is hard too.. My mom passed away when I was 10 and that led me to make stupid decisions in life… But we have to learn from our mistakes and keep it together when ur hit with a tragedy. Keep faith in God..This life is only temporary.

      98. people like you despite your tradegy of being raped you made bad choices that created bad affects of others that you created, for you to down play some of what he has gone through to make your life worse is sickening to hear. It’s not about who has more to classify their life as very bad it’s about seeing the good in a person despite the adversity they have faced in their life. Most of your adversity you created by your bad choices and that’s sad. You need to learn respect and appreciation for others who deserve it regardless of how harsh their life list is

      99. The point is Darcy tragedy is tragedy, how you handle it defines you. He could be a self involved jerk that’s bitter and takes it out on those around him.. He’s not, he’s leaving his heart open to others and sounds to me like you haven’t mastered that ability yet, so the fact he could do it under a microscope is impressive.

      100. Many many people go through horrible things but this article is not about them or you it is about Keanu Reeves.

      101. Darcy, the victim mentality is the worst part of a tragic past. It seems you suffer from that. So because you’ve had it worse, we should not feel sympathy fo him? How very selfish of you.

      102. Are you kidding me?! As a person who’s lost a child, you if all people should be able to understand his loss and grief. The article isn’t saying everyone should feel bad for him. It’s saying that in the midst of his trials his kindest outshines it all. Unlike yours.

        1. Thank you. Finally someone with their light on. He cares for the common folk. He could be like the rest of Hollyweird and take his millions and run off and spend it on crap. But no. He gives it to charity, the hard working staff, and to people who matter. That is how he deals with his grief. That is what this story is about. And nothing else. I Love You Keanu

      103. It ain’t better or worse, just different. it actually seems like there are many common elements between your story and his…
        in the end i have to say really that comparing how you feel to how he feels is pointless. maybe instead you should show some empathy, after all you probably understand his tragedies better than most people.

      104. Darcy, that must have been horrific for you. I’m so sorry. I agree with you though. Just because it’s a celebrity it shouldn’t make a difference.
        I’ve had my own tragedies. I was raped by a dog when I was 4 yrs old.

      105. Maam I also have lost a child and yes it is very harsh. My children have also forgiven me for the drug and alcohol abuse I inflicted upon them growing up. They are not saying that his life is more tragic than anyone else. They were trying to say that even though he had very harsh experiences, on top of being rich and famous in the public spotlight, he didnt become like most famous people and forget what hardship he come from to be where he is today. So therefore he still treats people with respect,gives very generously and still does things,like ride the subway,that most famous people would not do because those famous people seem to have forgotten who made them famous. People of poor to upper middle class. Cause if not for us they wouldnt be RICH AND FAMOUS.

      106. Why do you think your life is tragic. I only heard one tragic thing in your comment. The rape ….. All the other things you said are from poor decisions you made. I’ve made my own share of bad decisions but I can relate them to lessons learned and not play the victim card. I am not trying to be judgemental but someone needs to bring it to your attention so change can occur if you choose it.

      107. Darcy, you just made bad choices to deal with what you went through while Keanu took good choices in response to his tragedies. That is, if you really want to compare lives.

      108. Ms. Williams,

        Firstly, my sympathies for your troubles.

        But I must point out that no where in the article was it stated that Keanu Reeves had it worse than anyone on the planet… it was only pointing out that through his tragedies he has relatively “kept it together”, and has been noted to be generous with his money.

        That being said, tragedies are not quantifiable… in that no one can say one person’s tragedies are more or less severe than an other’s as you cannot assign a rating on human feelings.

        So rather than bring a person low, why not treat them with the compassion due a fellow human, being rather than disdain for your perception of their life?

        For what its worth, I pray that you find peace with your troubles, if you have not already.


      109. At least you had some years with your child his died before birth. And the point of the story isn’t so much his tragedy but his persevering over setbacks and still helping others.

      110. I am sorry for the things that have happened to you. No one should ever have to lose a child. Keanu also lost a child. Please be as sympathetic to him and you would want others to be to you.

      111. Because he’s not holding on to it the way you are. Stop being so bitter and realize that you are a survivor and that you’re here for a reason. Nobody’s story is better or worse than ones’s own but you are letting it further destroy you unlike Keanu who seems to find a way to make good things happen out of bad situations. So stop hating on him for having his stuff together and start working on getting yourself together. The first step is letting go.

        Someone just like you

        1. Well said, so much so that hence…there is the difference. Sometimes people are so bitter, that nothing said to prove differently will ever be understood. Everyone faces different, similiar, the same, worse, easier, trials and tribulations. Because God made us, we all also have free will because we are uniquely made. Compassion and passion for others are also choices. To not understand the hardships of others is pretty sad. It’s how one chooses to handle and therefore deal with pain is the deciding factor. I admire anyone who has been through something so debilitating as this and “chose to” survive. For another they may not have made it, taken it differently, and not been able to get past it (survive) that makes Mr. Reeves unique. Life throws us “all” hard balls. How we chose to deal is what makes or breaks us.

      112. In case you missed it, he to lost a child and then his ex wife.
        This isn’t a competition.
        Nobody wins, lots of people lose.
        No one said it would be fair.
        No one said it would be easy.

        Sorry for your loss, your life hasn’t been easy. I hope you live long and prosper.

        1. Amen. I hope he finds peace. Because the pain he is feeling is something that takes years to overcome. I pray that God will give him the strength to get through this process and be the the person he wants to be. He is so talented and has such an amazing heart.

      113. This story is not about only his tragic life, because trust me I could top yours. But it is about how he handles his life after tragic events. Trust me he could be like most rich individuals and not give 2 shits. But he does. Maybe you need to read the story again. Retain the material. He is a great person and I am so happy that we have a CELEBRITY that is down to earth and that is real like the majority of us. He gives a shit.

      114. You have obviously been through alot..I understand how you sought out drugs..sometimes we try whatever it takes to heal the pain.

        You can’t compare tragedy or pain based on who has had it worse…you could use your story to inspire people to heal.

        As a female I know rape can be a soul sucking experience..alot of girls who have gone through the same need to hear they can get past it.

        Be a teacher..encourage others.comparing pain is not the answer.

        I’m sorry for what you’ve been through

      115. You called that a bigger tragic life? kid that’s not compared to what someone who knows the truth had, plus be thankful to god he died horribly for us, and at least that you are alive, what you had was suffering, and I’m sorry you went through this no woman deserves to be raped not even a animal, but your pain is not enough to understand reality.

      116. See, though, the difference between you and Keanu Reeves is that one of you apparently thinks that a tragic life gives you a free pass to be a judgemental asshole, and the other one doesn’t.

      117. Didn’t you read the post, he lost people too. His kid, his friends an an ex he still cared for. This isn’t a pity story about him. It’s to show that through life’s hardships, you can find the strength to change people’s lives an help them out. The writer of this story dosnt know you so the story ain’t about you… Just cause you had a very bad an tragic past, dosnt make it ok to look down on other peoples hardtimes with insult. From your last comment about Mr reeves it sounds like your just being pety cause no one’s writing a story about you.

      118. The article is not saying he has had the MOST tragic things happen to him- that he wins the award. His sister that was his best friend also died of cancer. One persons tragedy does not lessen someone else’s. Your tragedies are still simply awful. It’s not possible to compare pain, though. And we shouldn’t try.

      119. I dont think they’re only depicting of life as tragedy. Its more like, despite the tragedy, he remained a good, generous person. U obviously missed the point. Everyone has tragedies, how you come out of it and what you’ve become defines you!

      120. Woe to you Darcy! All other people’s grief pales in comparison!! How dare Keanu feel sad – I’m sure if you write to him telling your story he will instantly perk up and be extremely happy, forgetting all his grief!!
        You know! Other people’s grief and loss and hurt is as bead to them as yours is to you! He could have gone down the same road as you chose! But he didn’t! It’s up to you how you deal with what life throws at you! Some people choose waste…others choose purpose

      121. Hey fuck nuts if you really went through all of that I would think you might have learned sorry for all the shit you put up with but if your life was that bad you wouldn’t be comparing it to someone else’s life that was bad because you know the pain of how bout you stop being a douche and sympathize with the man who knows you might have something in common.

      122. Wow this is about the awesome things hes done even with tragedies in his life and you come along and want some kind of pity what have u given back to society’ besides you negative bullshit??

      123. Don’t worry about trolls and preachers… What do these men know how devastating the rape is for a teenage girl. I made a minor mistake in my teens and I’ve still been trying for years to make up for that. Someone’s preaching you not to be bitter in most, bitter and annoying tone… Funny isn’t it… Preaching something that they can’t even practice 😉 I draw inspiration from Reeves as well as your life. Thank you for sharing your experience.

      124. Reeves didn’t write his own story. We are all just people trying to survive in this world. Have you ever hung out with a celebrity? Everyone assumes that they have it together due to the fact that they have money and fame. It sucks. I realized that after only hanging with a few musicians back in the day. You get absolutely no privacy when out in public. You wonder why addiction and suicide is in the lime light among the famous. At least you and I can grieve over our own adversities in private. It’s sad that you feel like you have to beat Reeves tragedys. I truly am sorry for all that you have gone through and I will keep you, as well as Reeves, and all of us who have found one adversity after another in my prayers. We all need it.

      125. That is the most selfish thing I have ever heard Darcy. So what? My life is worse. What kind of attitude is that? If you were HUMBLE like the actor then your story may be heard by others. Instead I hear a very bitter woman who needs more therapy. I have respect for this actor and how he handles hardship.

      126. It’s lovely and wonderful to see someone go through so much in their life and grow so far beyond the problems they’ve faced that they can turn it into a badge to beat down others with. My dearest sympathies to anyone that must witness you in your private life. I can feel the distance between you and kindess like an ocean between continents. Never change. The world needs people like you to remember what it is we avoid being.

      127. They left out his sister. The story is me very wealthy and he’s still a good soul. They don’t mention he gave money to ALL the set builders in the Matrix because they were under paid. Reread the post and take a lesson. Fall down or move forward. You chose to fall down and make a life of misery. He chooses to be kind generous and keep moving forward. My brother works on the sets and few actors “see you”. Time to read and grow up. I was raped and I’m still standing and use humor on memory days. It’s not my only assault. So what? Cry or smile you pick. A lot of blame is on you.

      128. Dear Darcy, my heart goes out to you, my dear. Although, I have never experienced what you have, you have been able to pull up yourself and continue. Being raped by a close acquaintance, or by anybody, leaves a deep wound forever, on a young girl’s life. I can not begin to imagine losing a child. You are fighter. Thank you for sharing your story with us, may God bless you!

      129. Well Darcy, I think it’s tragic that you have had all those things happen to you in your life. Keanu has also had some tragic events as well. We all cope differently. But to undermine his or your tragic events is insensitive. What may not be so bad to you probably is to him. Your life sounded rough, and we have all had rough stuff in our lives. I hope yours is better and you find healing in your heart and mind. Through all of life’s ups and downs, I do know one thing, God is constant. He never leaves us and is always by our side. A true Father.

      130. Type hereit is not him shouting out how trajic his life comes from snooping journalists,,paparazzi…you make it sound like a competition! he is someone who has remained grounded through super stardom and also someone wh has experienced some bad luck that has not affected him in a negative way

      131. If it makes you feel better to say you led a worse life so be it. But most people with money and fame are not as generous or nice. Why knock someone else. We all have choices.

      132. His life is no more tragic than yours, but his generosity and fight to move forward is empowering! I have 3 kids and two with disabilities and couldn’t imagine losing then. Even though, both were closer to death at a young age that I have been my whole life. What’s amazing about Keanu is that he doesn’t seek attention, he just gives! My story would take to long to explain about my girls so I won’t. Loss is hard, and I’m sorry for yours. This isn’t about who’s life is worse but how one deals with it. I wish i had your strength and Keanu. I froze when my daughter stopped breathing, i froze when they said the staff infection would kill my first born. My wife was my anchor and I would never have gotten through anything without her. No grief is worse than another. You’re stronger than most and I admire your strength!

      133. I know you want to be a good medalist in the suffering Olympics, but it isn’t that his life is more tragic than most, it’s that people care enough to write articles about him. Maybe because he actually does for others rather than whine in the comment sections. Some of the things you said you’ve gone through were out of your control, but why don’t you take responsibility for the things that were and try to make the lives of your children better, because if you’re this negative on the internet, I doubt you’re positive in real life. Oh and by the way, I find it hypocritical that you expresses how hard losing a child is, but order no sympathy for him when he also lost a child.

      134. So… your logic….if there was a person that endured EVERYTHING you have endured, but they also dealt additional tragedies….like, the losing THREE CHILDREN AND A HUSBAND TO A CAR ACCIDENT CAUSED BY A DRUNK DRIVER, or GANG RAPED AND STABBED BY A GROUP OF HIGH COLLEGE THUGS and surviving to only find out YOU NOW HAVE AIDS, or here’s a good true story: SHOT IN THE FACE BY AN EX-BOYFRIEND AND EVEN AFTER THREE SURGERIES IS STILL A TERRIFYING FACE THAT CANNOT BE SHOWN IN PUBLIC. So….I ask you….because there are calamities worse that yours, does that mean that your suffering doesn’t qualify as “tragic”??? Of course not!!! Your suffering is legitimate and real, BUT SO IS HIS. Just because yours is worse (BY YOUR OWN STANDARDS) does NOT mean that his suffering is not tragic as well. You don’t have to be the “best” tragic story to be worthy of pity and consolations and prayers. Each person’s struggle is THE WORST for that person. Are you saying that ONLY the person who has suffered the ABSOLUTE WORST CALAMITY ON THE PLANET is worthy of sympathy and concern??????? That is very small-minded. You are worthy of sympathy, prayers, and compassion, and SO IS KEANU REAVES. Don’t try to diminish his suffering just because you think yours is worse. Grow up.

      135. Because we all face hard ship in life it is how we handle it. By living, loving and learning. That is what makes us GREAT.

      136. Darcy… With all the forms of birth control available, why would you ever bring more children into a world of chaos, & instability when you knew you weren’t in a good place mentally? If life wasn’t fair to you, why make them suffer? They may have forgiven you but, don’t think for a minute that what they had to endure & witness didn’t have any impact on how their lives turned out , & don’t think for a minute they don’t carry the unnecessary scar’s. It’s not right to bring children into the world knowing you aren’t going to give them everything they deserve because your life is turned upside down. Extremely selfish. Keeanu had tradgedy in his life as we all do… The difference lies in the way he chose to deal & cope with it, he chose to not let it poison his heart & he didn’t bring in or make other innocent people part of it.

        1. yes? have communism 50 years with no control birth solutions and abortions made illegal and have the orphanages filled with unwanted and unsuccessful post-home abortion- disabled children and ,then,whole big countries coming to your home and saying all over the places how awful you are as a human and your minorities went to viena and had some swans-how dare they?so,you go in a corner and stay there until we decide you re worthy for our alliances-meanwhile,we go in your countryside and buy children over the fence telling their parents we re desperate to adopt all over west Europe-we never found those children-yeah-birth control everywhere…

      137. Dont compare two different tragedys. Its no fair!! Now i could tell you my life story and then you Will said That my life is So hard! Belive me That i carry very heavy cross! The point is That this man is still good human being and think of others.

      138. Okay but you’re still responsible for yourself. Everything aside from the sexual abuse and your son getting sick was a direct result of your own actions. Keanu just randomly had horrible shit happens to him that was not his fault and out of his control.

      139. Waah wah poor you. Nice sob story. You’re first reaction to hearing about someone’s life story is to compare it to yours? There’s always someone who has it worse or better, that doesn’t change the significance of one’s life.

      140. I agree with you completely, Darcy. I now am 44 and Happily married, but myself & my husband both went through tragic issues like you growing up, & even throughout our marriage. At the age of 4 I was molested by my Uncle. I was also raped by 2 men leaving work in a dark parking lot when I was 18. I then met my high school sweetheart. He starting using heroin at the age of 20; & then he got me into it when we were 21; we used for 2 yrs; until we got arrested. I woke up and realized I had to quit my drug habit & my relationship w/my fiance. In 1998 I had 2 have a surgery for a large ovarian cyst. When my Dr went in to remove it; he discovered I had endometrial cancer. I am now married to the love of my life. My Dr told me getting pregnant is a good way to get rid of it; & my husband and I wanted children of our own 2gther.
        He has 2 kida from a previous marriage. His ex wife hot pregnant my some1 else at 16, the father wanted nothing to do here or her daughter. My husband at that time took her daughter as his own; and gave her his lsdt name. He was 18 st the time. When my husband was 19, had a son with her. Their marriage didnt work out.
        He still talks and sees his kids as I do as well; even though his ex doesnt want us to. She ended up becoming a heavy drug addict; and in 2005 we got custody of them. That same year I had to have a full hysterectomy due to the endometrial cancer; and after 2 miscarriages that devastated us both. In 2010; i suffered from a brain hemmorhage. I had to be flown 2 a neurological hospital. When the Dr’s told my husband and parents that he thought i wasnt going to make it; i did die for 2 minutes & was resuscitsted.
        But, was in the hospital for 1 full month witha a 3″ in diameter hole drilled in my skull w/a tube hanging out of it draining the blood and fluids.
        Through the grace of God; I am alive 2day.
        My husband growing up moved & went to 4 different schools, has 8 siblings that he knows of. He just found out he has a brother and a sister he never he had.
        His father was very abusive, a drug addict, had 2 wives, (my husband’s mom & then the woman he cheated on my mother in law with.) He beat my husband, and my husbands Mom.
        My husband did the best he could to help & protect his mom; & took care if her until she died in 2013 of a stroke at the age of 67; which devastated my husband.
        We both are a tesm, have been to hell and back like you! I was in remission from the Cancer; but i now have it on my liver, & my dr fears its going to spread further.
        When we read about what Keanu Reeves went through? We thought the same thing. There are people in this world who suffer daily, & go through hardships worse than hevs been through. Why is his life so “tragic”? Because he’s a celebrity??

      141. I can’t begin to tell you the things I’ve gone through because it would make a person puke. Tragedy yes many times over. At age 19 Jesus found me because I was lost and each day I thank Him for keeping me safe and alive. I pray that you will come to know him also. I’m 59 now and never regret the day I said yes to him. He is the only way, the only truth and the only life, and he will forgive you and heal you of all of your past hurts. The problems we all have is the hole in our spirit. The Brake from God. And going our own way and thinking we got it all together when we don’t. Jesus will fill that gap and make you whole, open your heart to him and ask him to come into your heart and he will save you from hell, and forgive your sins. We all need to be forgiven. Keanu is a good actor but if he doesn’t know Jesus, he needs him also. All of mankind needs him. Jesus is true powerful healing, LOVE… for every man and woman. God bless you and I will be praying for you. Chief Eaglefeather


      143. Most of it is your own fault. No one forced you to drink it was your own decision. Getting pregnant at the age of 16 is again your own fault. Stop being so jealous because he didn’t let these tragedies break him like they broke you he didn’t start drinking he kept going BUT still stayed a good person unlike you. You’re pathetic.

      144. Everyone has their stories. It’s heartless to say that Keane reeves’ life is not tragic. Your is tragic too and you have my sympathy as well. But you need to understand and appreciate Keanu for his generosity and kindhearted nature he has today despite of his tragic life in the past.

      145. Why are you making someone else’s life seem small and like their doesn’t count just because you went through more doesn’t mean what he went through doesn’t count and is small. Everyone goes through stuff and you should never compare pain. I’ve been through a lot a lot and I’m still young so I look at Keanu and it inspires me that I can still do something with my life instead of looking at him and thinking “oh, well I’ve gone through worse so why is he hurting?” I see you went through a lot and you should’ve had to go through all that. No one should, but when you compare lives it makes it seem like that other life is pointless and no one should ever feel pointless

    2. Everyone has gone through somethings, but no one’s is worse than the next person. It’s all in the way of how we work through it and try to live our lives the best way we know how. The pain and grief we carry with us or we let it go, if we can. No one can stipulate how long we go through our struggle in life, we just do. However Keanu or anyone handles their pain, it is up to them. Know that whatever life throws at us, we are strong enough to handle anything.

      1. You are so right about that. It’s when individuals throw out there that their lives have been torn down by kids and why is he getting special treatment. Is when I get upset. I don’t see him setting on his rear end sulking and acting like life is over. I am very proud of this man. I know what it’s like to be in his shoes, and trust me it’s not easy. I hope that he continues his life’s goals and dreams. And that he can find happiness.

    3. Pain will go and it would be like a dream he is an awsome person he needs to take his shirt off and create a new life. I lost a kid hurt like a son of a bitch but you’ll get through!’S

  1. Never could see Keanu as a douche.
    So please stop trying to play “bad guy” roles man.
    No one can ever see you as a bad guy, Keanu.

    1. Keanu deserves happiness in his life. He needs to know GOD loves him and that he can see his dead loved ones again.

      1. God loves him? Did you stop and think about that before you wrote it? Was god not watching when his baby was still born, or when he let us create recreational drugs that can kill you, or car accidents. The list goes on and on, i would of thought a supreme being that can create a world and everything in it in 7 days could avoid at least some of the needless things listed above?

        1. I know it’s difficult to comprehend if u are not knowledgeable in how GOD works ..I myself can’t say am fully knowledgeable but HE gives us ideas and leads us to understanding . I use to struggle with the same questions until I came to understand the concept of free will …GOD doesn’t cause this sad events but man does and some are natural / biological etc disasters …yes he allows them when they do happen but not cause them (we do must times – freewill) but remember when they do happen HE is always with us to restore us and we believe and ask HIM.

          1. How can it be free will if it was FORCED upon us? god DEMANDS us to have free will? Don’t you see the oxymoron? It doesn’t work.

          2. To me, the wold seems to work on its own as if there was no one at the throttle or the wheel. When one or a small handful of people stagger out of a plane wreck, they may proclaim that the hand of God came down and sheltered them for a higher purpose – or they could say that they simply lucked out. Religious people would claim the former, and atheists the latter.

            Where was God when two thirds of the Jews in Europe were wiped out by the Nazis?

            It is your choice to believe that the world works by random chance or by a string of miracles planned by the creator. To me we are all gamblers hoping for the best. Prayer does not seem to work for the gambler, or to those whose time has come, either by the cruelty of man, or the cruelty of our mother nature.

          3. Religion and money are cause for more world conflicts than anything else. It appears Mr Reeves has It all figured out because he’s about neither. He’s a genuine, kind human being. More so than most of the sheep that preach god.

          4. I agree with you. He loves us so much he’s given us “Free will.” We have a wonderful brain that God gave us as well. Some choose not to use it properly and make wrong choices. We’re equipped with a conscience too. We were created to express love and care for one another. To do no harm. If we lived like this, imagine all the bad that would not be. It feels so satisfying when we GIVE doesn’t it? So if we always gave of ourselves, be it time, compassion, a good compliment, good advise, a nice gesture, a favor, anything positive to show affection, how better off we all would be. Everyone has an opinion and that’s wonderful, but still there is our conscience that lives within us. We need to cultivate love within us and share it. The negative things that are out of our control are easily overcome this way. We are capable of this. Mr Reeves copes in his way. He loves and he gives. He finds his peace. It’s a beautiful thing.

          5. I agree Edie. If God hadn’t trusted and given this we would be no better than robots, ruled by a dictator with no freedom of our own. Many of the wrongs in this world could be overcome if we shared and loved more. No one should go hungry, thirsty or live a hard life if the world but we are greedy and selfish. Many disasters are out of our control but so many are man made. We are lucky if we have no tragedy in our personal life and people cope as best they can but personal tragedy leaves its mark in different ways on each of us and hopefully as individuals we can learn from it and show empathy to others. Those of us with faith remember the tragedy Mary had to endure and the tragedy that her son suffered.

          6. I don’t like when people say God works in mysterious ways and things along those lines. It’s not an excuse for all the tragic things that happen in this world, and it’s an easy way out for religious people hoping to spread their faith. I can’t reconcile the fact that crazy things happen in this world and it’s all for “God’s great plan” .. it’s just bs.

        2. Sorry you feel God should be a superhero to save the day when bad things happen. Being on earth is a test for the greatness that’s to come in the future. Don’t hold so tightly to the flesh that it here on earth because it’s almost meaningless for what’s to come in the future. The only meaning this life is to be the best person and follow gods word and love your neighbors and serve each other. Everything here is a test and how we react to it determines your future in the afterlife. This life if not perfect because we make it that way by the sins we do everyday. It’s not god that is holding us back, it’s us. This life wasn’t suppose to be perfect is just a blink of an eye for the eternity you spend in heaven or hell.

          1. You state your claims as if they are fact, you cannot possibly know what, if anything, happens when we die. You don’t know and that’s why it’s called faith – belief without knowing. If there is a god… it makes no sense at all that we would be tested in this way. Our genetics and environmental factors largely influences how we react to “life”. If we are not in control of these factors how can we be held to account when we die?

          2. Bill, your words just made me so happy – to know that there are people from all walks of life, yet understand that this life is a test – well it’s simply fantastic and inspiring. May God bless you in this life and the hereafter.

          3. It shouldn’t be about religion. Not every person is a believer in what you believe in nor should they have to be.

        3. Martin, forget trying to point out stupidity of religious folks. They can’t see it or they won’t believe ridiculous stories in the first place!

        4. God did not kill his family. He has given us all free will on this earth. We have consequences for actions. We have a time to love, a time to cry, a time to die. We have God to turn to when terrible things happen. And we praise him when he blesses us. God has a purpose for this man or he may have been in that car accident with his ex wife.

        5. If you knew God you would talk totally differently. God doesn’t change stuff that happens. He changes the way you take them. I bet keanu is still happier cause of the good things he does that 90% of the other actors…….that’s God…..xx x x x

        6. It’s a test from god. In Catholic beliefs, god will test you to see if you still deny him after all the suffering you endure. Upon your judgement day, if you still deny him, he will also deny you.

          1. Yeah, and if you aren’t a good boy Santa won’t bring you free presents from the shrinking ice cap of the North Pole.

            The Bible is fiction. Grow up!

          2. A test? What kind of a sick freak maniac would make a test out if killing baby. Your God sucks

          3. Exactly Eric a god of love would never do that. Unfortunately that is the way the God of the Bible had been slandered by false religious teachings. Read James 1:13. A loving father would never harm his child, why would the father of all mankind who gave us the ability to love do that. He wouldn’t.

        7. That’s not how God works lol. Spiritual beings ultimately choose their own earthly path. God is simply the source of all spiritual and physical matter.

        8. why are blaming God for this? do you think that God should be responsible for making your life peachy?

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the overly religious type and I don’t intend to start an argument on whether God exists or not (Keannu is buddhist btw). I’m just saying we should stop blaming others for any misfortune we went through, and start taking responsibility over our own existence, just like how Keannu overcame all those tragic experiences and came out of it being a better person.

        9. Martin, When you ask the Lord to be in control of your life he will. We have been given free will. Accidents are caused niglegence. It’s not God who causes all this but the evil one who is against us and against our Father. The devil is a deciver and causes wickedness and pain n sucide. We’ve gotta turn to God to protect us from the evil dangers at night or the evil that kill in broad day light. Read psalm 91 on Google. Lear about God before you point fingers at our loving father who suffers more than we can imagine. He is seeing us destroy each other n the enimy laughing about it. If God decides to end all this he can in a second but then people like you won’t get a chance to see heaven coz you chose not to love your father God but to love the pleasures of this flesh which will rot. My dear brother, God loves you and he will never give up on you. It’s time you pray for yourself and for your brothers n sisters who think d same way…. Be on God’s side n make him victorious!

          1. I have read the bible. OT, KJV. It’s painful reading, full of nonsense, contradictions, confusing timelines, abhorrent “moral” learnings (Abraham or Lot, anyone?), utterly utterly ridiculous meticulous recitals about, for one, Aaron the priest and his ridiculous attire and altar etc.. It’s just an awful awful book. It was written generations after the supposed facts, based on 3rd, 4th, 5th hand information passed down from illiterate to illiterate until it gained a head of speed and a following of equally illiterate and impressionable people. Not just Christians either. Judaism, Islam, Catholicism etc are all terrible, outdated and meaningless basis for living your life.

            Remember, a premise based on zero evidence needs zero evidence to disprove. The ball is in your court, “god”… Prove your existence. Just once. And not to a “virgin” in trouble, or dirty peasant soaking in tongues. It’s been some 1,500 years since Mohammed was graced by your presence – how about hitting up a renowned public. See what you got.

            I witter…
            Religion poisons everything.

            Have a good night everyone. Sleep well, there’s no hell to worry about!

        10. That’s a question asked by so many people, but who’s to say those things were needless? Maybe they are the things that made him realize life’s true value is not money. His generosity has affected so many people and changed their lives. We don’t know how bad things will change us, but if God is real, then his reasoning could not be understood by any mere human. Those things may be the cause of many lives being saved.

        11. God allows us free will Martin. And things are allowed to happen to build strength in yourself and in your faith that God will get you through it. Our minds will never fully understand, we aren’t meant to fully understand or faith wouldn’t be necessary. We’ve all had lose, we’ve all suffered, we all fall short, but the difference between people that have a relationship with God is that there is comfort in knowing He is with us, He will guide us through and He will always love us. I hope and pray for you today that you would pick up a bible and just read. Even though you think it’s a lie or made up or whatever, just read it. See how it works in your life.

          1. where was this supposed God when Jamie bulger was being tortured? I am very sure it was not Jamie’s ‘free will’ to be tortured and killed….

          2. Do you really think the argument against God due to suffering is valid? It’s not. Shit happens. Thompson and Venable exercised their free will while taking away Bulger’s.

        12. God allows us free will. Because of this, there are alot of awful things that do happen. In the worst moments of trial, God gives us the opportunity to make our lives better. I hope that someday you can know the peace that I do, even during the bad times.

          1. I thought this was about Keane reeves and his personal tragedies and kindness so how did it turn into a whole mindless discussion on the pros and cons of God people. So some believe and some don’t move on and stop argueing about it life’s too short .

        13. The world was given to us, and we immediately gave it over to evil. That is why death is here, and 90% of what you mention are more created evils of our freewill, not of God’s hand. We love to blame God, but we’ve forced Him out of everything we do in society since the early 60’s then we say “where’s God” when things go wrong. You also never can say what messed up things people are doing behind closed doors to create things like a stillborn. Look at you first, ask for forgiveness from Jesus the Christ and watch God show up.

        14. Well, you want free will, but when bad things happen, blame God. It might make life easier for you that way, but things go wrong. It’s how you deal with them that defines you. I guess you’ve been well defined then.

        15. God gave us free will to do what we want. Otherwise we would be slaves to Him. Its only the ignorant that say “God let this happen” or “God let us”.

        16. Lol martin, the freaks are indeed out! You can’t argue with them though, they’re high on their coping mechanisms.

        17. So maybe if God hadn’t created such tragedy, then Keanu would not be so generous. And because he has not been generous, he would not change the life of one of the recipients of his generosity. And perhaps the recipient was contemplating suicide but because of his change in fortune, went on to live a full meaningful life. I find peace among tragedies because I try not to consider events as “needless”. Please try it Martin; you may find inner peace and ability to deal with your own tragedies.

      2. This is a nice thought, but it’s only in your mind that this takes place. The reality of it is that there’s zero evidence of this being true. You can continue to delude yourself about how you’ll get happiness in an imaginary afterlife, or you can concentrate on making happiness for yourself in the only life you truly know exists. This one.

        1. There is no devil and there are no gods and if there were you wouldn’t have childhood cancer and suffering in third world countries(that are predominately catholic).wake up as Keanu has to the fact that its what you make of your life by being kind to others and having peace of mind that makes life worthwhile.peace and love will conquer all.:)

          1. If there is no God, there is no afterlife. If there is no afterlife there is only death for all of us, which means your definition of love and peace does bit conquer death. Only true love which is God conquered death on the cross and therefore conquered death.

          2. I believe There is no god, there is no afterlife. Love and peace occur in my LIFE. I do not need a God’s promise of an afterlife to be a good person. I have no hole to fill and I do not feel incomplete. I am not a lost soul looking to be found. I do not fear death therefore I have no desire to “conquer” it. I am now and will continue to live a happy and fulfilling life that is my own. I am happy you have found meaning in your life with your god but do not condescend to think that I am any less of a person because I am a godless person.

          3. But I CAN “Conquer death” …..for I am the new possessor of

            THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!!!!!!!


          4. lewis you obviously dont read the bible properly…..god didnt die on the cross…it was gods only begotten son jesus who sacrificed his life for mankind so we can have life and before any asks why then the bibles answers all such questions as to why permits wickedness,what the future holds and how we can come to know him…..think of this though people if there isnt any god or spirits why do millions say they have contacted spirits and seen spirits,maybe lost family members etc….it would all be lies!!!!

      3. Unless those dead loved ones didn’t “know” God or follow “His” rules (who say’s this invisible deity in the sky is a male anyways). Then they will burn for all eternity, right? So maybe he DOESN’T want to see them again?

      4. Ooor he realised a long time ago that we need to evolve and realise we only have one life span to do what we want and then lights out for good

    2. I totally agree with you…i’ve never seen a celebrity like him who has his feet firmly rooted to the ground even if fame and fortune is latched unto his name…

      1. He plays the villain “Man of Tai Chi”, an excellent martial arts movie from a few years ago. Keanu also directed it.

  2. so good to hear good things about good people … Sadly this doesn’t ever make top news or CNN but we know there are good people in this world . Nice to hear about them! Thanks for sharing ..

  3. Finally somebody writes something positive about an actor, seems like these days all that sells are scandals yet @ six days after this article being published there are only 4 comments here but if he had done something bad then there would be thousand of negative comments eating him alive!

    Thank you for your article!

    1. I am completely agreed with you, but now a days media persons only focus negative aspects as they get good money and TRP’s for this ..and even actors do follow the same path to get popularity by doing that “Virus spread itself faster than Medicines’.

  4. he and I are same age. Love all of his movies, plus he plays bass guitar. Very cool dude! Would love to meet him someday!

  5. That’s what everybody should be doing,be polite and respect people of our nation.The God for Keanan Reeves.

    1. He is the reason i wanted to do something more then just go and get a job read his story and share!

  6. Awesome person. I saw his movie Speed with Sandra Bullock but I never knew about his personal life. Let his friends, wife & his died born child rest in peace. Will pray to God to give him more strength so that he can help poor people the way he donates money.

    God Bless You Keanu Reevees.

  7. everybody here doesn’t get it!! Maybe he’s a good actor but it doesn’t always follow that his also a good man. He could be a source of inspiration coz of this article but there’s a lot out there that is also like him or even much better. Giving away $80M doesnt make any sense coz its just an exaggeration that most people love to patronize. I hope everyone here should know that this article doesnt inspire people or uplift life itself but instead its just a simple story generating money that is published becoz the character involved is a celebrity.

    1. Yeah, I can’t take your argument seriously because <(see how it's really spelled) you didn't take the time to even use proper grammar. To counter your argument: just because he is a celebrity doesn't mean he's a bad guy either. I think it's refreshing to hear about celebrities that are actually nice people. It seems like it's only negative news out of Hollywood lately…

      1. That was a very unkind comment from you. It’s nice to be nice. Perhaps YOU need to get God into your heart. Don’t be hateful.

    2. What percentage of your money do you give away? Usually the first person to knock someone else down is someone who isn’t even closely resembling the character whom they minimize.
      If it wasn’t inspiring why all the great comments?

      Its great that articles like this get published and people experience a warm moment. Seems like you might be just a tad cynical? Who pissed in your Cheerios? I hope someone blesses you profoundly and you see things differently for your own happiness.

    3. My husband was on his hockey team. When it was his turn to take the team out he never did. He went out on everyone else’s dollar though.

  8. You forgot to mention Keanu had a younger sister who died of cancer (or some terminal condition) that she battled for quite a while.

  9. Still born sucks , I just went through it . my wife all most made it till 40 weeks .. Hard watching her give birth to some little perfect person that didn’t get to see us if that’s not humbling even for an actor , god works in so many ways to us sorrow to turn us . God Bless Keanu

    1. Angie, Pauk Walker was very generous. During the after effects of hurricanes that would leave many people without homes, Mr. Walker would not only donate to help rebuild but actually went there to be apart of the team and actually help build. While he lived the luxury life, that doesn’t mean the man didn’t do good things.

      Another inspirational actor is Robert Downey Jr. He too went from being wealthy to going to jail for drugs to getting back up and working hard. Not only did he work hard to get back into acting, the man is also generous. He has helped amputees and donated for lots of causes. He also was generous to his co-workers in film. Example: the first Avengers, Robert was supposed to receive make more money on this movie than his other fellow actors. He chose to cut back on the payments he received to give equal pay to the other actors.

      There are quite a few generous actors out there. Some are well known and some just prefer to keep it private. Paul was very private while Robert, though private at most, helped advertise a lot of the charities he worked for.

  10. Personal hardships will do one of two things, make you a better person or bury you alive…thank you Keanu for being an example of a better person…your life experiences, be it good or bad, is a testimony to the world, that you are no different from us just that you are a famous actor but still human…

  11. In my generation, he was famous far before Matrix. I often forget about his devastations and kind heart as they are overlooked by the gore of what most celebrities have become. Everyone is human, and I am sure other celebrities, being human, also have had some major tragedies in their lives. Everyone does have a story, but his is compelling not because of what he has been through but because how he chooses to live and deal with the situation. Good for him for still being a good person, despite what he could be with fame and fortune. The world needs more people like him!!

  12. He has always been my favorite actor since hearing about his generosity during The Matrix. Anyone noticed he hasn’t aged a day since the 90s? All that positive energy must be good for your health!

  13. The first time I meet Keanu & his Sister Kim who loves Horse’s was on the island of Kauai at my Grandparents Hale (House) way back in the 70’s! We was in the yard sleeping in a tent that we set up was really cool talking story about what was our goals in life! Keanu said he going to become a Movie Star!! That was his dream! ALOHA

  14. I have always loved Keanu. He had me at ‘Point Break’. I have followed a lot of his life and I am so happy to hear he has remained humble through all his life tragedies and his celebrity status. So many celebrities feel entitled and they would not be who they are without their fans. You choose that life knowing that you will be in the media spotlight. It’s the sacrifice they make for the luxurious lifestyle some lead. Sad, but true, many end up losing themselves to the industry and become a product of Hollywood. They no longer belong to themselves. Great article!

  15. ive travelled the skytrain in vacouver and i see young men too busy texting to notice an 80 yr old lady get on board and even if they did they wouldnt move until i ask them to move sometimes not politely to see him give his seat to that lady makes me feel like chivalry is still alive and well god bless you and keep you on that even keel Keanu

  16. Wow!! I know I love the movies Keanu Reeves star in. Not only because he is easy on the eyes, but because he is an awesome actor. So many times you hear actors or actresses are rude and other bad things. I’m so sorry for the hard times he has had, but this is what shaped him into the awesome person he is. A lot of people could learn from him. Maybe one day I could meet a person like him.

  17. I’ve never seen him in a bad movie.
    And I watch alot of movies ….
    I even liked 47 kungfu outcasts…
    Blessings to you..keanu!

  18. Keanu, you are a wonderful person..Even in your movies you can see you are a good man. I know you don’t need to make any movies but I hope you do. So I can enjoy seeing you. Sometimes life deals you hard knocks, I know from experience, but somehow you have to pick up and keep going…My husband has always said when I was having a bad day, tomorrow it will be better. It normally is.. Stay true to yourself and have faith.

  19. I am so sorry he has been through so much. He is a very stong, sweet, caring man and amazing actor. I wish him all the happiness in the world. I would love to see more actors be like him and be so caring ad help people out. I love the part in Speed where him snd Sandra ended up in the street after the train wreck, so very moving. I would absolutely love to meet him one day!! It would be an honor.

  20. God bless you Keanu Reeves and keep up the good work! You have probably given many people hope when they had none. We need more men and women like you. Good people still exist! And it feels good to do good! You are in my prayers. Xo

  21. Umm, actually when I met him in 1994, he was a total douche. He got his drunk butt kicked out of Shari’s in Napa, CA for being extremely rude and disrespectful to the staff and other patrons. He was a total jerk

  22. All you people saying u pray he gets to know God please stop! U are being bad Christians! How do u know he doesn’t know God or doesn’t care to!!! Who knows but as Christians we must worry about ourselves and be the best human being we can be. Don’t worry about others relation with God!!! Pray for the man if you want but stop dictating people’s lives it gives us a bad look. Thanks! Love u Keanu!!!!

  23. I also enjoy all of his movies especially Constantine my favorite. I have it recorded in my dvr and I have a movie of it. He’s a awesome person and I hope that may God full his life with happiness and prosperity. Ameen. I think he should make a second part of Constantine. Love you brother.

  24. what an amazing being! I would love to know him because I need more people like him in my life; he walks the talk!

  25. What the heck are you talking about? Keanu Reeves never won any Academy Awards, plus Gene hackman did not star in The Devils advocate Please do some research before posting absurd facts about an actor.

    Regardless he’s awesome!

    1. Hamad, Learn to read, there was 2 movies listed lol Gene Hackman was on “The Replacements” and Devils Advocate was Pacino lol

    2. Hamad,

      I think maybe next time you should go back and read what is actually written again before making out that the writer is incorrect or stupid. They stated that the movie won 4 Academy Awards, not Keanu himself. They were also stating that Gene Hackman was in The Replacements and Al Pacino was in The Devil’s Advocate by using the former/latter method. Admittedly, the grammar probably could have been improved slightly, but you can still understand what they are saying if you read it carefully.

      We can all agree that he is awesome.

  26. Thanks for sharing we all have our own pain, some more than others but it is good to be reminded there is still life

  27. Thank God there are still folks out there like him and like you guys that are leaving the cool sentiments. I would love to meet Mr. Reeves, but would probably never happen lol. Life is as a blink of an eye so enjoy it to the fullest, wish him the best

  28. Keanu Reeves is an awesome actor! I would love to see him on the screen again.
    It would be my pleasure to meet this young man. He has my utmost respect!

  29. “Now 50 years old, Keanu’s life has been full of more tragedy than you would expect from a movie star.”

    Sorry, but the whole premise of this article is that “movie star’s” lives somehow should not have tragedy in them. None of Mr Reeve’s tragic life events were ever hidden. They were all reported as they happened. The title of the article implies that what has been previously reported has somehow been false.

    The “truth” is that money can not buy happiness, and that actors are no more, or no less, subject to having tragic events happen in their lives.

    Grief affects all people differently, regardless of their career choice.

    1. I completely agree … my parents were drug addicts all of my life. My mother overdosed and died 3 years ago. My life is not perfect, I enjoy that he has not let his fame and fortune get to his head like most celebrities do, but seriously… he’s not the first, he wont be last and he’s definitely not the only one to deal with this. I was fortunate enough to have a woman (my step-mom) raise me and teach me how a person should act in their lives – but my drug ridden parents also taught me how not to act and do in life… I won’t be who I am if i didn’t go through the family issues I have.. same for this guy… he wouldn’t be this way possibly if he hadn’t learned and hurt in his life.

  30. Thank you Keanu for shining light on earth. I can feels your love and passion through your enlighten movies.
    Wishing you a blissful life

  31. I like Reeves, and I’ve enjoyed his movies. His story’s sad, and I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose that many people in one’s life. That said, this article rattles off a list of personal tragedies and then somehow arrives at, “but yet, he persists.” Is it somehow considered a heroic feat to not kill yourself when life’s dealt you some lemons? Does he deserve praise, or can we all just agree that he’s had it rough and hasn’t become a total dick as a result?

    You wanna write an article about how interesting or sad his life’s been, have at it. But the whole idea of spinning it as, “He’s still living, and he’s not giving up on his A-List, kajillion dollar life” is ridiculous. We should also probably write articles about people who have suffered just as much personal loss but are ugly, poor and don’t have Ted Theodore Logan to fall back on.

    He gave up his subway seat so a woman could sit down? Saint. I see that happen ten times a day on DC’s subway, and no one bats an eye because it’s normal, considerate human behavior.

    I also understand that “positive” content like this is pumped out faster than the internet can handle it, so I guess this is just the world we live in these days.

  32. Thank you for this article. I have always had a deep feeling about the humanity of this man, and now I find it is accurate.

  33. In life we have good things that happen and mostly bad. We get stronger when bad things happen and we learn. He has a heart. Not many people do. I would love to meet someone like him with a heart and his unselfishness and kindness.

  34. I didn’t know about difficulties he’s faced. I can’t say knowing he’s had a hard run changes my opinion of the man. As stated we all have our challenges in life. I do respect him for retaining his grounding though and remembering his lofty position was only reached on the hard work of those not commanding his salary. Humility and empathy are rare gifts and I, for one, am grateful to the original author of the article for sharing a good example of those gifts.

  35. You can’t measure grief with physical things.There are people that would trade whole countries to get something or someone back,but it makes you who you are.Despite him doing John Wick lately I’m still a big fan.

  36. What kind of an idiot just trains their Cell Camera on someone else on a subway. How rude. I imagine he felt like he was under a microscope because of that ! How is one supposed to react to a stranger using their cell phone camera to record a subway ride. I think hes a nice guy and if this camera person did, they should stop the stalking. If he didn’t give the lady his seat, would he still be a nice guy ? Womens rights or equality means they dont get a seat just because they are a girl. With a baby, yes. just sayin

  37. This is kind of dumb. So underwhelming. I can tell you many stories of people who have had similar or worse things happen to them. And you know what, suffering has meaning, not just if you are a movie star but if you are human period. Just look at Christ. If an innocent man who was also God can suffer so much, suffering cannot be meaningless. Anyone’s suffering can be redemptive, if we let it. I’m afraid I don’t feel sorry for Keanu.

  38. This is kind of dumb. So underwhelming. I can tell you many stories of people who have had similar or worse things happen to them. And you know what, suffering has meaning, not just if you are a movie star but if you are human period. Just look at The man on the cross. If an innocent man who was also Divine can suffer so much, suffering cannot be meaningless. Anyone’s suffering can be redemptive, if we let it. I’m afraid I don’t feel sorry for Keanu.

  39. Keanu, you will probably never read this but I feel your sadness in every picture, movie, interview that I have ever seen of you. Being through some tough times in my life and not being able to feel true happiness within our souls is always the hard part of our daily lives. Seeing so many people so happy and wanting to know what that really feels like, wanting to feel what it’s like to be loved by someone who understands who you are inside and out. Finding that special someone is like looking for a needle in a haystack, something I stopped doing along time ago. Maybe in our next spiritual world we both can find the happiness and peace we both seek. Hopefully one day our paths will meet, I will pray for that day of happiness. God’s Blessings to you always my friend.

  40. Usually the people you write about never reply back to you. But I just want Keanu know that I deeply feel his sadness. If by chance he wants to spend time with a nobody like me, I would love to spiritually try to find the happiness and peace we both seek and want within our souls. Mahalo my friend.

  41. Keanu, Is of Hawaiian descent. I’m sorry for learning of his father’s departure early as a child in his life. However, he has instilled in him the Aloha Spirit that makes him as genuine as anyone else. We are very proud of him because of his humility and power to choose a more simple life knowing that he can have anything he chooses in this world as a star amongst stars. Keanu I hope to meet you someday when you return to the islands. May you continue your success and may you have added blessing because of your kind heart. Aloha Nui Loa!

  42. thankyou for sharing this with me as it has inspired me to think of famous people as being generous and fair people and not the other way around, I hope one day I can be just like Keanu and do good in the world also.

  43. I saw him in the subway once! He was getting out at 59th street with a guitar and I was getting on to go to Astoria. It was exciting. Thanks for reminding me : )

  44. What if a guy like Keanu & Pope Francis met..i would say they could really get along with each other.. having the same ideals & principles in life..that simplicity,empathy & humility are real..few possess it now adays and it’s really a God given gift..that kind of attitudes or I must say “virtues”..made me respect & admire him more. God bless you more Keanu..!

  45. Keanu is really a nice guy. I used to have my lunch sometime in a small pizza place at Yonge Street in Toronto, close to where I worked at Queen’s Park. He talked to me twice. One more time I went there to have pizza for lunch, he was gone. The next time I saw him was in “Speed,” I was surprised that he became a very good actor in Hollywood! Amazing Keanu Reed! All the best, I became your fan!

    1. Same for me ! This is when I fell in love ! (LOL) Anyway I DO believe he’s a neat person ! I also read somewhere his sister Kim faced leukemia (as I did) ???

  46. He is such a kind hearted soul and is one of my all time favorite actors. This is one of the many reasons why he is loved by many people and displays his true character! We need more Keanu Reeves in this world! I just love him!

  47. Love that this was shared
    Just goes to show …we all have choices..
    We can survive the challenges and still be the best we can be knowing how many lifes we can change along the way.

  48. Bless this man. Keanu is truly a man of the prophet (Peace be upon him). I will pray that he comes to bathe in the glorious light and infinite warmth of Allah. Allah hu akbar! There is no God but the one God and Allah is his name, Muhammad is his prophet

  49. Why do some people assume that others share their religious belief? Can’t you just empathize, share some kind words and move on? Do you know how many religions there are in this country? Obviously not. Believe what you believe but stop trying to prove your religion. We are all tired of it.

  50. With due respect to Keanu, I attended 7 different schools, lived thru my parents divorce, the tragic death of my best friend at 18, a miscarriage & breakup with the love of my life, foreclosure & bankruptcy from the recession, AND almost being killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. There are a lot of people who have survived hardships.

  51. I mean no disrespect to a caring human being, but it seems like the majority of people here are expecting some god-like action based purely on the fact that this one individual is known to many others, I love that any single entity can show warmth and love, but do they have to be famous before we see the importance of their interaction with the world? Look around you, relish all those moments, respect the actions of a stranger, praise everyone that cares and do not be surprised when a fellow human being, regardless of their level of fame, shows love in a way that we all wish we could. Respect to keanu, and to anyone who makes others think.

  52. I have followed Keanu’s career and life from his very beginnings. Even obscure films such as, Permanent Record, The Prince of Pennsylvania and The Night Before. He is a truly great actor who does not get the accolades he deserves. His personal life has had a lot of tragedy, including a sick sister, for whom he bought a house and provided round the clock care. He does play a mean bass an I was lucky enough to see his band Dog Star, in concert in Philadelphia, PA. He is a selfless philanthropist and very private person. He has a good soul. He is definitely I of the top 5 people alive today that I would love to meet and sit and spend time getting to know!

  53. You are a wonderful human b. I have always seen such saddness in your eyes. You have very deep thoughts. It woukd be wonderful to not have to wirry about financial probkems for just a littke while but that is sadly not possible for me do to a severeback injury.

  54. I agree, grief never ends. My life has had an over abundance of tragedy also. While I do not think that money could ever replace the grief of losing my husband in a car accident, I do think it would be much less stressful if I didn’t have to worry that my house will burn down because of the bad wiring, or my roof will fall in because it leaks.

  55. I guess some people think this article is trying to convince you to think his story is the most tragic ever. It’s not about that at all. It’s about how someone despite going through hardships can decide to live a positive life instead of just complaining all the time about it or be very selfish about it. We’ve all see celebrities doing very questionnable stuff, so I guess it is not easy being a celebrity and not letting it get to your head.
    Respect for Keanu.

  56. I stubed my toe when I was 19. Wife left me a few short months later. All five kids i had at the time shot and killed themselves because of the shame they’ve had. And I have been on welfare ever since. On 75 now. It has been a really hard life.

  57. Anyone with the last name Reeves is jinxed. George Reeves. Christopher Reeves. Gurrrrr.
    Thank you for sharing his story. I have been through much worse. None the less I know exactly how he feels about money. It means nothing without your family.

  58. I’m not a religious person, nor a believer, but the bible is a manual on how you should conduct yourself in life and respect and tolerate others whatever your beliefs. It’s not fiction as one ignorant respondent suggested. Shit happens in life and some get dealt a bum hand. I’m sorry for those unfortunate individuals but it’s what you do in those circumstances and how you respond to others that stands you out as a good person. Life is not a competition nor is it grammatically correct! Well done Kenau, a good human being.

  59. its amazing how much fighting happens when people want to prove their life is worse than others, why? For a pat on the back? Every person will percieve (sp) tragedy at different levels depending on their coping mechanisms. Every one can say they have had it tough but just from reading these comments i seriously doubt any of the arguers would have the same strength of heart keanu has had in the piblic eye. I think hes amazing to still hold his own.

  60. What do you mean I can’t force people to believe in God? I saw him when I snorted in some white powder last night. this is not a story of extraordinary resilience and character against the face of all odds. Keunu could only do this because God was helping him. By killing his best friend and wife.

  61. I enjoy knowing that there are people like Keanu who doesnt let fame get to him AND IS PURE at hheart.God bkess you Keanu and I pray that the Lord provides for you love companionship and a family of your own. Not to discredit or replace those of whom u have lost but to bring joy and happiness to your heart. I know what its like to feel like there is a void or an empty space in ur life that needs to be filled. I have been searching for it and have not yet found it. I advocate n help the homeless population because it brings me a lil peace knowing I made a differenceIin someones life n it helps me to sleep at night. Thank you for being one of the few REAL individuals with heart in the world. Much love, aloha and respect, Chris.

  62. People don’t become quality human beings in spite of tragedy, they are faced with a choice because of tragedy, some chose victimhood and bitterness and others chose to find the reasons to rise above tragedy. You’ll see both types as you go through life because no one who lives long enough avoids tragedy, our choices about it make us who we eventually become.

  63. Please can we have discussions on any and every subject without the god botherers butting in to promote their propaganda? At the merest, most tennous opportunity they start spouting off. I respect all religions so I am asking all representatives of every creed to just give it a rest and stop hijacking conversations. Stop using discussions on completely unrelated topics to twist it over to religious debate.

  64. Thank you Jay, Tina C, and everyone else who has inspired us, through caring, thoughtful and soulful points of view. While everyone has had tragedy in their lives, some more than others, some choose to sift through all the trauma and pain this story reminds us of, to get to what is real about us all. Consider searching for the most peaceful, compassionate part of you and realize what is really being said in this article, prior to speaking {or writing} through your anger.

    I read only about 15 of these comments, scrolling all the way to the bottom hoping the comment before mine would be an intelligent, compassionate reply. And it was, {well at least when I started writing this comment}. Being real and connecting with other people whom we all have fought and will fight our own battles, is the definition {even in cyberspace forums and articles} of true humanity.

    By the way…one last note;
    For those of you who feel anger toward Darcy. Please, give it a rest. She has had a lot of trauma in her life too. She has had to cope in terrible situations, while dealing with mental illness. Hopefully she will continue to work on her progress and healing. Who are you to judge her? Choose Peace.
    thanks all ~

  65. Is it comparing one good actor with wealth, to the hundreds of other actors who waste and ruin their lives and others around them.
    Many doors would have been open to him to salve his grief, yet it appears he walked through the right ones.
    I see his story as a juxtaposition to Charlie Sheen and Miley Cyrus, who appear to abuse themselves and their wealth as if they exist just for their own indulgent needs.

  66. Kueno arrived in time and shows off the low life grows like consuming as it became tsunami ‘ boedha is something..god was somewhere and we people be devilded 🙂

  67. Well, all I keep thinking about is that picture and how I would loooooove to wake up to that every morning. He is down to earth, kind and a simple man with a good heart and a fabulous actor who is sublime and good at his craft. Yes he is rich but that is what makes him so awesome, he doesn’t live that way. I am now going back to thinking about that picture and smiling, carry on people, peace.

  68. Nothing in this world is by chance….. not even a grain of sand is at it’s place, without the Almighty’s wish.

    All of our experiences – good or bad, are the result of our present and past lives’ karma, till the time we bring the balance of wrong deeds to zero, by our good deeds. Have faith, be righteous, and accept your destiny with grace and complete surrender to your master.

  69. incredible human being.
    If you want to read another story like this (though written in blogs). Visit the website of my mom.
    She has overcome so much tragedies and still is overcoming them (loss of her son, abuse, tragic car accident that nearly killed her and so much more), and is such a kind human being too, wanting to help everyone who she meets or hears about. She needs to be recognized by a much bigger public, but is not yet, because she comes from small worlds as Baton Twirling and Circus. Please read her blogs, she is a magnificent human being!

  70. Each person has a story I life to tell, unfortunately the human mind is stuck on “They have what I don’t, so why should I care what his/her life was like?” We as a species are self entered and selfish. It is great that his personal tragedies have led him on the path he is on. We each have a journey in life with different experiences. No one can say who’s grief or pain is like their own, just as a belief in God is between them and the Father. We are too judgemental of those we see around us, instead of focused on our own lives. I have had many difficulties in life also, but I faced them alone and learned from them. What we do personally after the hardship is what molds us and gives us strength. As each person has a different hardship, so is their strength. I am reminded to continue being humble by this story, which he didn’t have to share with us, and to push through without taking others for granted. Look a little deeper within yourselves to find your humility and strength. It doesn’t matter how little or much you have in life. I can give my shirt off my back to a needy person or $10 million (if I had it) if I am lead to, but that is my choice and not to be judged by anyone else.

  71. i think the point of this post was to showcase how good of a person he is in spite of everything he has and has also been through. Just because you have been through a ton of crap doesn’t make you a good person. It’s what you do to carry on and reduce the amount of harm we heave on each other that defines who you are as an individual and how you will be remembered. Trying to compete with each other over who has had the most horrific life thus far says nothing….how you have overcome the horrific events however, can move mountains so to speak.

  72. I lost a hat and hurt my knee when I grazed it against a fence. Then, without warning, an old man on my street’s dog died. It was lucky that I’m not keen on dogs. So, so much tragedy and it makes me sick that Keano is being portrayed so positively in the face of minor hardship when people like me get nothing. I can barely cope yet I’m still reasonably chirpy.

  73. You missed the point entirely. It’s not about how tragic his life was. Its how he didn’t let it stop him from overcoming it and being bigger than life. Something it seems you and your self pity have yet to achieve.

  74. God didn’t fie on the cross his son did……just to let you know…

    And its not about God or who’s life is worse. He has kept being himself even with all the fame and money most actors turn to drugs sex and do bad shit..but he didn’t God didn’t do that he made that choice himself as a human being.

    As a race where we all ways looking for reason and something to belive in there could be 100,000 gods

    Just live life to the full things happen to us its up to us to make a choice how to deal with it no one else makes that choice for us..

  75. a friend of mine was picture double and stand in for Keanu on the Matrix films. At the end of the trilogy he wrote him a reference and spoke well of him. He is a stand up guy and a friendly helpful nice guy. Good on you Keanu.

  76. I feel for him as I know the loss of a baby that was stillborn that was 19 years ago you never forget that loss. It is good to know that there are some actors out there that think of others and not just themselves and they give back with kindness and want nothing back in return I have never had people around me do that as I am a giver also with gods help I also forgive those that judge me on what I do I know that I am not perfect I have my struggles as a single mum, I have raised my kids with manners and pride and have taught them to think of others also not just themselves.

  77. I think some of us understood it the other way round. What i have learned is, Grief cools us down… yes it’s painful yest it’s revolting a taste but it has a calm placid quality to it, it calms out the terbulent energies that Hapiness brings, that of “this should not end” “can it always be like this””Why can’t i have this/that”… it worries me today to see meme’s on facebook saying “stay away from negative people” “love yourself” “be the best you can at all cost” “dont care for what others think” these ideas will bring more pain and grief…like everything else life is a bouquet of emotions we all feel negative and positive, we all feel weak and empowered how can we pick and chose one emotion over the other… then in effect the message going out is… if you feel negative/weak about something don’t talk to us and be ashamed of yourself…grief is the Kiln in which great souls are baked… keanu perhaps is not what he is despite his grief but because of it… Keanu is also a buddhist and one of the first axioms of buddhism is… “There is suffering” followed by “Even it shall pass”…. take care guys…

  78. Basicallly how it works is… modern life is rooted in futile ideals of being absolute and timeless (Guranteed suffering)… grief vehemently tears that veil and reveals how transient and ‘in the passing’ literally everything really is…and in the end “Nothing really matters”…and there-in is the liberation from the matrix.

  79. How you deal with the sh*t life throws at you defines you. No points for wallowing in self pity. We will all experience grief loss & heartache. There is none more painful than loosing a child or someone you love or both!! I have also this year had a double loss of my baby/pregnancy & relationship with the father, reading this reminds me that we must take care of yourself & each other and show compassion for others. Nobody has a perfect life no matter how much money or success they have. In fact that probably isolates them more. Myself would give anything for things to be different to have my baby in my arms the love of my life or both. I hope everyone finds the courage and strength to find strength to carry on and learn to live with the pain. Hopefully find love & happiness & I hope it’s not to late for Keanu to have a family/child. 🙁

  80. I have had so much shit in my life, but I have always admired Keanu Reeves. I even named my youngest son after him.

  81. I have always thought of Keanu with fondness. Not because he has had challenges througout his life, we’ve all had them, more than we care to mention, and have all known people who have had extremely difficult lives, at least many of us have. I love who he is because of the strength he displayed and the positive way he used to handle his difficulties. I could sense the wonderful soul at work there. I bought the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure because I realized he was one of the kindest person I’d ever encountered. Seeing him in the Matrix proved this even more.

  82. I don’t have the time to read through all of these, but I am saddened by how harshly people are judging the woman who is obviously suffering and having a difficult time getting past her pain. I have suffered from clinical depression most of my life, and I’ve seen more tragedy and illness than most people in this country will see in a lifetime. I’m fortunate to have some very fine therapists and psychiatrists helping through it. Maybe she isn’t. Everyone who suffers needs kindness and understanding, especially those who are having a hard time mucking around in it. The last thing you want to do to someone who suffers these kinds of emotional scars is to accuse them of not trying when you don’t understand what got them, or to tell them they made choices that got them where they are today. People who have been sexually abused don’t just walk away from it unscathed because they decided to “suck it up.”

    The extent of Reeves suffering is relative. How he handles it depends upon how emotionally stable he is. Some people are not emotionally stable, often because of terrible things that were done to them, especially as children and young adults. You need to give them a break, even in their resentment. Even in their rage. Kindness, understanding, validation…these are the things this woman needs–not mean words and complete lack of empathy.

  83. “Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Not sure who said this but it’s a good thing to remember. Life can be rough.

  84. if your life is as bad as it started. Do not continue with something worse. We have our own will to choose what the next path leads with our present doing and choices. It is not a comparison to who or whom it might be the worse.

    A salute to Keanu reeves as he did not really brood over what has happened but has kept on being optimistic and continued giving. It might be the fact that he knew he couldn’t get much more from where he can get, so with his wealth he is able to contribute some to the rest who doesn’t. I’m sure if whoever is a friend of Keanu reeves and if you are in need of his help, he would do so for you.

    For those who are still comparing. Unless your newborn or wife or husband or loved ones have passed on, condolences. But for those who are the ones who just brings life on earth and destroys theirs with your doing, your just as my name says, an ass.

    In this comment I might have offended or stirred up some unwanted feelings, but please allow me to say that it is a sign of guilt. So do some self reflection. God is a sign of respect and believe. Do not use God as an excuse of your misbehavior.

    We are lucky enough to be able to put some clothes on our back and have a shelter to live under. To those who has the privilege to use social media to speak ill of others or to complain and compare how life your life is. Do not forget that on your hand currently is either a phone with internet access, or a laptop/computer which many do not have.

    So who are we to say how bad our lives are?

  85. Seriously people?! This article is about his life and what HE has dealt with. Shut up about your problems. He is a normal dude and not one of you attention seeking peeps would be anywhere close to normal with the fame that has been heaped upon him if it happened to you! You all have proved that by discussing your own tragic lives. You are all pathetic and have completely missed the point of this article. Keanu didn’t ask for any of the good or bad things that has happened to him in his life…much like us…hence the topic of the article. Geez. Shut up and deal people.

  86. I have never had to deal with tragedy like Keanu or that Darcy lady. I’m thankful for how good life has been for me and my friends and family. With saying that though I do believe that most of your life choices determine what happens to you. Now I’m not saying everything is connected like that but a lot of it is. In Darcy’s case she went down the wrong road with alcoholism, and with that choice started a long road of bad decisions that put her where she is now. Like I said, not all of that tragedy can be attributed to get poor life choices but most probably can. But she could have been like Keanu and rise above it and be humble and kind, and not let it rule you. The only one to blame for your life Darcy is yourself.

  87. Great guerilla advertising for Keanu. I do know that he gets prostitutes from time to time, so his life can’t be THAT bad. But it does show if you’re incredibly good looking and have good management, you can pull yourself up by the bootstrings and make the best of it. Sharing, however, is selfless and gives him a thumbs up in my view. I still won’t buy the book, but his prostitutes will.

  88. Such an admirable man! I have followed him in his movies and music since I was 15 years old. He seems simply amazing to me and always has been. I would love to meet him again one day and really talk to him on an intellectual level. To me he’s brilliant and shines bright through it all! Love and Respect this man tremendously!

  89. Just curious as to why a lot of the posts are about some chick named Darcy and her story. I get that she went through a lot but the article is about Keanu Reeves NOT her.

  90. I always knew there was something about him that was just a little different, and in a nice way. He had a mystery about him to me that now I understand. Being broken hearted, feeling loss and suffering does change a person, because I have been there. Things of the heart; family friends and being good to each other take precedence over money. All you take with you and all you really leave behind is what’s in the heart of all matters, Love.

  91. We all have different paths that lead us as to where and what we are today.
    I do believe that what Keanu had experienced made him the man we all admired. And as for everybody else,hardships and trials are challenges to keep our faith strong,it is all up to us to what path we choose, but it’ll be much better if we take the path that leads us to God.

  92. Concerning the comments, I thought this article was about Keanu Reeves, not other people.
    We all have tragedies in our life but this article was about one person, Keanu.

  93. well I was impressed by the article and entertained by the comments. It’s sad to hear the pain of some folks but I’m sure everyone of us has had some tough times. I’d tell you mine but you wouldn’t believe half of it, but I’m fine. I love life. Tough things happen to a lot of people. It’s great to hear the compassion of the readers. Very uplifting to know there are so many that have kind and gentle words. That’s a story by itself. And maybe that is the story behind the story. I used to think “why can’t people just be strong and work thru it” until one day I found myself trembling, not knowing if I was dying inside or what. I’m not weak but I was brought to my knees”. My point is that everyone has a breaking point, and after my realization, I truly understand tragedy and the pain that drives people to break. I wish I could comfort everyone who finds themselves helpless, but all I can do is pray for angels to help guide them thru. Perhaps mr. Reeves was an angel of sorts for those that were close. I applaud him. And all of yall (yes I’m from Texas). Well that’s about all I have to say. Love. Peace. Kindness. All good things.

  94. Many people knock on those who give God Glory for things like Keanu goes thru yet makes its thru it as a stronger man,a better father,a better husband only by keeping his eyes up on the Right things in life, thru my 20 something years in Law enforcement I observed a lot of families destroyed by abusive men which I hated that’s why I thank God for men who stand strong in our view where they are often judged harshly in our eyes they can do so much with what is given or earned, Stand strong Keanu, Matt,all who loves there families and are great example for our children to look up too

  95. Well said Goose and Carl! You all are sounding like those brothers whoake Christian movies to show is a digference in dealing with lifes challenges. I wish that there had been more individuals like you in this world. Nut know that God has you all spreckled through for a reason. More like to testify to others that there is always something totally opposite of what society portrays. Individually we all have a multitude of good cjoices, we just need to take a stand in our lives and make them. In reading through all of the posts, I continue to pray for each and every person I may never meet, but know that God has a plan for all of us.

    We never know the plan or if and when we’ve achieved it, but God knows and for me that is all that matters. Keneau’s story both proves and shows that through any adversity, hardship, pain and/or sorrow, that with God’s strength, any and all can survive. It’s a painful journey, but even at the age of 50 he still nelieves in making better, best, right choices. Through it, he has survived.

  96. I read a few comments at the top about people writing rude things about what Darcy Williams wrote.
    To Darcy- you have faced a tough life and I can’t even imagine the horrible experiences you must have faced after these unforforntunate events. I’ve lived through tragedies and what I felt after reading you post is the deep dissatisfaction, grave lack of love and understanding, trying to fit in with various people you meet with a smile and still being castes out, waking up and motivating yourself to live, carry on doing good work, helping others in need and at the end of the day feeling very very lonely and thinking hard about what was my fault…
    The discontent, frustration , lack of support around you, on top of these tragedies that happen one day adds more to the painful life.
    I’m facing all these issues myself and I believe in good karma. If you do good to others, good things will happen to you too. I’ve to say, 99.99 % people you interact with will never care to know or understand what you have to say, specially when you are a commoner with no money. This is a sad sad world we live in, it’s not fair but this is how it is. Start afresh today, do good which I’m sure you already do. But most importantly, you must know, you are not alone or wrong. There are common people who suffer grave tragedies and are just ignored and left alone to live with it 🙁 and then while suffering and fighting with yourself and the harsh world. You become an adult and then everyone gets a right to judge you on what you say, how you express. No one will ever care, people will just laughs, criticize, judge you but generally no one will ever care about how much you’ve struggled to be alive for so long just thinking it’ll get better and someone will stop to ask how you really feel.
    It’s not fair when people talk great of actors or famous people who faced tragedies but they are famous people, in this world what shows is what sells. Which is fine in my opinion. Many a times these people are an inspiration to us.
    I know and can understand your position and have to add you have done a good job so far. You’ve survived and accomplished many things in life, be proud and set an example for people who face challanges. It doesn’t matter if no one understands you. You are much more stronger than many others. Keep smiling.

  97. Us humans are a funny lot, many have the courage to move on and support others in dark times of sadness. Many offer support to others, it’s in our nature so feel proud of yourself and do good for others as they do for you. If your feeling down or sad, just look into the face of a smiling child and think, it cannot all be bad, there are still nice things in our World.


  98. Simply he is a movie star, celebrity, etc., IT DOES MEAN that HIS LIFE as a Whole is better nor sweeter than others: the non-celebrity and ordinary/typical people!

    The truth is he may not even reveal and report—Publicly—of Every Single Element and Aspect of His Own and Private: Wounds, Torments, Losses, Harms, Sufferings, Suffocations, and so on that He has Undergone in his Whole Life!

    Therefore, it is Simply Senseless and Merciless for one to say that other people have it worse or so much worse, etc. etc. than a Celebrity’s Life!

    —By Amy LifeStar, HD & Ethicist

  99. First off its not keanu that is broadcasting to everyone what he doea for others or what shitty things have happened to him. Its magazines…news papers…rwporters that tell the world what he has been through. Theres a big difference. For someone who could be driven every where in limos to be using public transportation and to give his seat up to a woman. Thats a heart to treasure. There are people riding the bus who if an elderly woman was standing in front of them with grocerys in hand would continue to stay seated the whole ride not giving a damn about the woman. This country has gone so far down the tubes because mothers dont teach their children manners any more. And there are some cultures because your not one of them they destroy instead of building. I find that if your stuck in your tramma of your past you will not see the promise of your future. If your life was not great and you can still shine your a testimony to help others see its possible. Life is too short and for each day your eyes open its a day to be thankful. God gave you another day on earth to help change for the good of all. We’re all the same in Gods eyes….we’re His children.

    1. Wait … mothers don’t ? What about the fathers ? And … now a days if you touch your child you’re put in jail. So while he some parents just don’t disciple … the world has taken a lot of power and disciple out of the parents hands. However I highly agree with your opening statement. Keanu Reeves isn’t broadcasting this … others are and from what I know of him he wouldn’t. I don’t know him personally but a friend of mine is really good friends with him and he’s truly as good as he sounds.

  100. I do applaud Keanu Reeves for his great generosity
    it would be nice if all of the stars as they are called in Hollywood or anyone who has far more money than they will ever need followed his example and shared their wealth with those less fortunate,
    I don’t believe that anyone actually deserves or needs the type of money that movie stars or top sports people are paid and it gets more ridiculous and out of proportion with the average persons reality ever day,
    In a world where so many people have no water to drink ,food, medicine or a bed to sleep in we should all try to do what we can to help if we have a little extra.

  101. Thank you thank you thank you is all I can say. After working with Dr. Todd my court case worked out in my favor and I must say that it was looking very bad. He helped me to be able to get past this awful period in my life and move forward without it following me forever. manifestspellcast@gmail. com

  102. If you want your husband that left you to come back to you with a love spell, just search on GREAT MUTABA on google he can help you…

  103. Comprehending the appropriate question to ask is definitely significantly more important in comparison with having a prepared response. Good questions challenge your own reasoning. Scientific studies are rather unambiguous that we care about those who pay attention to us. Our objective and goals are unquestionably at the heart of who we are and who we would like to be. In the simplest sense, power questions are our instrument for helping to observe the accurate inescapable fact around us rather than shadowy depictions of it. Ask fundamental questions regarding the things which all others takes for certain. Everyone is compassionate. They need to have a great discussion with you. We accomplish things for many different reasons. Whenever you question someone as to what satisfies them, it opens the door to exploring something that is constantly extraordinary to that particular individual. It can be a magical instance for others once you bring in them to discuss their ambitions together with you. There are occasions when you don’t need to offer guidance.

  104. I am in agreement with pretty much everything that you mentioned entirely! Excellent website document! acbgkbddegfeaged

  105. The power of God kept me alive.True story,the satanist have underground cities.Where the streets have no name…

  106. Fact is you put your life on the line as well.Braver than any movie cause it’s real life.I babysat a woman in a junk yard till her dad could find her a safe place far away.She had the stories…

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