We keep hearing: be open, be available, be receptive, accept everything… And everyone. At times, it can be really difficult. Maybe you are not emotionally well, you wish to retreat and be on your own. Maybe you have grown a sort of revulsion towards the outside world due to your long and deep spiritual practice. You simply prefer being on your own, turned towards the inside. Which, indeed, is crucial. It is very difficult to remain focused on the inside world, to keep your inner peace, to stay balanced. So, you have come so far with it, i.e., so near to it. Then, what happens? You think you have reached your inner peace and now you can enjoy it on your own? Oh, you… The fun only starts now. It is time for juggling. Why? Because we are the bridges that connect so many people with each other, so many people with different ideas, the notions and ideas combine within us, nations, races, religions, mix and unite within us. And we need to present that to the world.


Remember, if you are caving in, closing yourself to other people, you are denying yourself valuable experiences which may lead you further in your spiritual quest, or in your life in general.

Of course, there are phases when we really need our peace and we should respect that as well. Use that as a period of recharging. But as you expand more and more, you will need those less and less.Still, sometimes (actually always) it’s necessary to get out of our comfort zone as it is the only way to move forward. So, you may be feeling drained, you may find interaction with other people tiring, you would maybe rather stay at home meditating. Try doing the opposite at least once in such a situation. See what happens. See how your energy changes, how your mood changes. Go out there and give the world your greatest love. Your best advice. Your funniest joke. The most useful piece of information. Meet that person who needs to meet exactly you. Or whom you really need to meet at this point.

Yes, it is difficult at times. It is a different type of struggle from trying to appease your mind, but it is the only true balance. After long years of working on yourself, after years of spiritual practice, you are able to keep your inner peace and balance. But if you can only keep it while on your own, have you really reached it. Consider all those years as a training session, a trial version. The true challenge for any spiritual seeker is to keep your inner space pure and undisrupted when you are surrounded by other people. By so many outside factors. It’s like you’ve been practicing to walk with a bucket full of water on your head without spilling it, but now you need to pour it into another bucket, without spilling again.

All the positive energy, all the love, all the purity we attain or contain are there to be shared. We are all gurus to ourselves, and to each other as well. That is why we need to stay available to people, to share what we have, most importantly our love and time. If someone reaches out, wishes to interact, asks for help, be there. Find all that patience you’ve been building up, all that love that’s been accumulating in you, and pour it out on people. Always go with that, and you’ll see that such interactions will no longer drain you.
It’s not easy. It’s a long process of first being there for ourselves. It is understandable we are not always able to be there for the others. But set the example. And the others will be there for you, then.

Be open to whoever comes to your life, because they have come for a reason. The have a message, a lesson, a piece of information, a reminder for you. In whatever form that may be, they have the love of the Universe for you.


And same goes for you, you may be the gem in someone’s life, just what they needed at the right moment.
Talk to people. Meet people. Who knows how many people connect through you. You are the link. We all are. You help destinies fulfill. You are the link, but you also help dissolve the links in the chain of karma. Talk to people. Maybe they need to attend exactly the course you have just finished to move in the right direction in their lives. Maybe they need to travel to the place where you have just returned from in order to have some experience, and they never would have thought of that place if you hadn’t mentioned.

The Universe works through us. The energy flows just where it needs to go. Don’t block it. Don’t put the barriers. Let life happen through you. That’s why we are all here. Don’t close yourself. Maybe you are someone’s only bridge to some phase in their life. Okay, definitely not the only one since Universe works in mysterious ways, and always finds a path, but maybe the fastest and the safest crossing.

Keep that in mind. Every detail in our life has its purpose and can take us further on our quest. So be the bridge. Just don’t let anyone ever double cross you. ?


Author: Tijana Sladoje

Editorial Team

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