by Tatyana Povarintseva

One girl came to me for a Mai-Tri session, and as usual work on a very deep level started to happen. Tradition was removing all the blockages that had been preventing her from growth, freedom and a balanced life. We never know what these blockages are. There are no general rules for everyone, but once the process starts the healing energy brings to the surface the most urgent issues, which once healed, change our lives completely.

At some point, during the healing session with this girl, I received a message from Mohanji:

“She should take care of animals. It’s very important for her lineage karma”.

In short, a vision appeared — I saw a man with his hands in blood, he was cutting, carving and slaughtering animals with a knife. There was a lot of blood. I sensed heavy karma. For sure, this person was one of the girl’s ancestors. I had no idea if she knew that man, maybe he used to live a long time ago. Anyway it didn’t matter, mercifully, the solution was here. I had to deliver the message to her, because cleaning the ancestors’ karma is extremely important and it brings a lot of liberation to the whole lineage, generations back and forward. Which means, if the consciousness of one member of the family is high, they can really fix many things in the lineage.

Right after the session, I told her the story. She looked at me and said:

“I know who that man is. My grandfather used to slaughter animals. He lived in the village and everyone asked him for that kind of help. Although he likes pets a lot, he always feeds the birds, dogs and cats, but he used to slaughter livestock. And you know, later on, he somehow felt that he had been doing something wrong, even though his actions were totally approved of by society, he felt heaviness. When I became a vegetarian he asked me why I had decided to take this step. I explained to him that I have a lot of compassion towards animals, I love them and don’t want them to suffer because of me. He understood me, and never again made a single comment on my lifestyle, unlike my other relatives. All my life I feel like taking care of animals, feeding homeless cats, dogs and birds. Thanks for the message. I’ll do it even more now”.

The truth is, killing innocent beings brings a lot of heavy karma, which transfers to the karma of our descendants. You may not know whether similar stories have happened in your family also, but you can choose to serve others. Not only people, but other beings as well. You expand your heart and serve the whole planet. It will clean your karma, it will clean your lineage karma to a great extant.

You are not responsible only for your life, your actions take effect on others also. We are bound to others, past and present. It’s not true that we are independent. We are interdependent. We are like cells of one body, always in deep connection, transferring and receiving the energy from each other. Can you imagine one cell separating itself from the whole organism and declaring — “I’m on my own, I don’t belong here. I do what I want. I care only for myself?”

It sounds so ridiculous, yet despite this, that is actually how we act nowadays, how our ego is trained to work in this society — we separate ourselves from the world. We ignore this essential connection with other beings. We divide: mine and yours; my interests against your interests; my family against your family; my city and your city; my country and your country; my species and other species. What we experience now in the world is actually simply a fight between our right hand and our left one. All the wars and revenge are like an ‘Eye for an eye’ principle manifested in one body. We are almost blind, my friends, killing innocent beings, torturing them. We might not feel it yet, but our heart knows, however we continue ignoring its voice, and instead we follow barbaric rules of the society. But this voice of our heart, voice of our consciousness might be too loud for our children. Too loud to ignore. And they will take responsibility for our actions. They will have to clean our karma, they will liberate us from the heaviness of our actions, whereas we just constantly used to choose to be unconscious and blind.

Simple acts of kindness and love are very powerful, never underestimate them. Changing your lifestyle to a non-violent one will bring more peace to your lineage, to the whole planet. You might not feel the effect right now, but there are many souls in this world, in this time, in past and future, who will be affected by these vibrations of your actions. Your life matters, your actions matter, your light matters. Don’t believe anyone who makes you feel small and your actions insignificant. You are life itself. You are the heartbeat of this planet. You are big enough to change the vibrations of an entire generation. Always live according to the voice of your heart, to your principles and keep on spreading light. The world needs you.

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