by Pelka Evdenić Kuzelka

Yesterday was the 8th of March, Women’s Day. It was also the fourth day of our classes of Yoga teachers’ course, which we are joining in person in Fireflies Intercultural center, a magical place, embedded amid almost wild nature, far from the hustle and bustle of India’s overcrowded cities. 

The newly established routine of an intensive camp course begins before dawn, with millions of sounds of nature waking up, a symphony without the symphonic leader, but vibrating harmoniously as an ode to the Creator. After the morning meditation and yoga class, in the break before the next class, I met our Yoga teacher Ushaji. We congratulated each other on Women’s Day and in this brief chat, with a sparkle in her eyes, she told me that tonight she would tell us a surprise.

No need to wait for tonight…. The surprise came in mid-morning, while we were studying the philosophy of the Yoga Sutra, the second part, Sadhana Padha. As if it was a premonition, while we were talking about Svadhyaya (it means the right company, reflections, and the books which help us to improve) Nikolina interrupted our class, asking us if we are willing to skip our dinner tonight. When we agree to it, she gave the news that we are going to meet Mohanji at his home. Our hearts melted from happiness and love. Besides, out of the fourteen students, we were two people who did not know Mohanji in person and we were simply overjoyed and excited with this amazing gift. 

The rest of the class we could hardly pay any attention…. We were floating on a cloud of serene happiness, knowing that in a few hours, we will be with Mohanji and at the same time having flash floods of an instant awareness that, indeed, in a few hours we will be with him. 

Time is relative, we know… the trip from our camp to Mohanji’s house took a couple of hours, which seemed like ten hours on the way there and half an hour on the way back. Arriving at his house felt like arriving at our home. We went inside and went to the dining room, where most of the people were at that moment, among them Devi Mohan, Mila, Mohanji’s parents, Sulaki Maharaj, Dirk, and him, in person. There, so close, he welcomes us with a smile and with this unconditional love that is felt in an absolute way.

So many blessings!!! Wall had tears in our eyes reflecting so well the unconditional love we received from Mohanji. Being with him filled us with so much peace that if Mohanji had not said a single word, we would still leave his house with our hearts full of love. 

But he spoke… and we listened to him not only with our ears and hearts but with our souls. …. He spoke to us of this special connection that each of us can have with him, so deep that we can perceive his messages without using any electronic devices to facilitate it. 

Our entranced souls absorbed Mohanji’s every word: “You will start experiencing that timeless space. You will fill like somebody said that she was connected to me and suddenly she felt inside me, and she saw this program addressing so many people. She heard everything I spoke, not through video or Facebook or whatever, and she wrote: “These words you spoke today. It was like I was within you.” So, that happens. You can conglomerate it into me through consciousness or tap into me consciousness-wise.  That’s possible. But that means consistent connection, zero analysis… see, analysis means stagnation…  Stagnation is pondering on one thing: why is this, what is this, this is good, this not… so, what happens… Analysis paralyzes you; analysis becomes paralysis. So then, disturbs happen, then you are far away from me, even if you live here in this house, you will be separated from me because you are analyzing. But when you are accepting, this all will be accepted. When you are accepting, this is what it is: I am connecting to Consciousness, not at the physical level… body will die, the physical body will die, but I am connected to Consciousness, I will never die, and he will never die. That connection happens and then if your experience is pure, you will be living that. That becomes your reality.

But please remember analysis becomes our pattern. We are trained like that in schools to analyze everything. So, what happens is like if you are analyzing things more, the fragrance is lost. Imagine one beautiful flower, you try to analyze all this beauty and all the fragrance, as come that we start splitting it and all this beauty and the fragrance is lost. So, that happens.

More than analysis it should be Awareness. Awareness, and also awareness of consciousness at work.” 

This is just one of many precious messages we received that night. It spoke to us about fears, ignorance, also about the world situation in which we find ourselves, and where there is a great need for Manana-meditation, for repeating a mantra daily 1008 times, to raise the vibrational frequencies in society and the World. And the most important thing now: we must not waste time, because wasted time is wasted life. Mohanji spoke to us and explained that the currency we use while living is Time, which is the only thing we have. Time wasted is money wasted, time wasted is a life wasted. Procrastination and distractions in life waste our time. Time is precious and we should use it well, Mohanji repeated this several times while we were with him.

There is infinitely more to talk about this evening. What I want to conclude is that he is a wonderful and attentive host, who fulfilled all our wishes, even those we are not even aware of, such as inviting us to enjoy a delicious dinner, filling not only our souls but taking care of all our needs.

Leaving his home was a challenge because we felt like a magnet that attracted us to stay inside. It felt like leaving our own home with all our loved ones inside. But the good thing about a home is that you always come back to it. 

That’s why it’s home.

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