I would like to offer a story given by a close devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba who has since passed from this side of life. I am sure some may have heard the name (Peggy Mason). Seeing that it will soon be the day of the Resurrection, I offer this to you (the Reader), but moreso I offer it humbly to the lotus feet of Swami.

As the daffodils reach up their long stems from the earth’s darkness, and turning their trumpets to the light, offer their golden radiance to the sun; as sensitive ears catch whispered melodies from multitudes of nature spirits, busy in every bud and bough; and as birds and creatures on every hand revel in the eternal miracle of spring, let us pray that mankind, too, will feel the stirring of resurrection in the heart.
Let us pray especially for our brothers on that little island beyond that little sea where misguided fanatics daily crucify the Prince of Love by hatred, violence and murder, and more vicious still, the poisoning and corruption of the souls of children. (Do mothers, I wonder, tell their little ones to leave their nail-bombs at home when they go to Mass? They need not bother: the nails are already driven deep into the wounds of the murdered Son of Light.)

At Eastertide in the spheres of spirit there are wonderful Festivals of light and joy, love and reunion, dedication and renewal. And there is also a strange stirring in the darker realms of unquiet souls, like the faint echo of a distant bell, or the fleeting glimpse of a radiance of light which some will flee, but a few will seek to follow. Even as in that other time, when the Master, leaving His body lifeless upon the cross, let the light of His glowing Spirit suffuse those same dark regions, and some there who were stirred to seek the sunlight they had forgotten, as He passed by, leading the Good Thief at His right hand. Let us, as Spiritualists, make no mistake about Whom we are referring when we speak, a little glibly, of the Master Jesus, or the Nazarene, or the Galilean. Many, it seems to me, having freed themselves from the shackles of unintelligible theological doctrines and dogmas, have tended to “throw out the baby with the bath-water” and become, on the rebound as it were, so rationalistic and “down to earth” that they appear veritably earthbound on occasions!

christ-resurrectionTheir thinking becomes limited, or preoccupied, by such things as “proof of survival,” the phenomena of the séance room, ESP, psychic researches, clairvoyants and mediums, receiving little messages from departed loved ones, and so on. All very well, even necessary, but there is nothing spiritual in any of these interests or activities, by themselves. Indeed many, having gained much experience of these subjects, show little or no interest in the teachings of Spiritualism as revealed through high spirit entities. Yet it is only by studying the teachings, taking them into our innermost beings, applying them to daily life and events, by personal commitment and individual mystical experience that our own lives and characters can be re-orientated, and the redemption of the world hastened. Thus it is that so many Spiritualists, when it comes to the Festival of Easter, miss the point, or tend to overlook it.

They have proved to their own satisfaction (a ) that we all survive the death of the physical body, (b) that having done so, it is possible to communicate in giving conditions with those still in the flesh, and (c) that it is further possible, again given certain conditions, to fully materialise the spirit body so that it becomes tangible, active and visible to all present. Having accepted this to be so, (which indeed it is) they say something like this: “Of course, this is just what Jesus did when He manifested Himself to the women in the garden of Joseph of Arimathea, and on all the other occasions when he met, walked and talked with His friends and followers over a certain number of weeks. Not only was He Himself a great medium, “they say,” but He was also aided by being able to draw on His psychically gifted circle of close disciples. So that explains the so-called Resurrection and the events which followed, doesn’t it?  I mean, in the modern light of psychic science there was nothing so very unique about it, surely?

But that is where they are quite wrong. In their unthinking haste to demote Jesus of Nazareth to the role of a teacher and reformer only, (an attitude of thought much encouraged by “clever” Left-wing-mass-media writers who like to portray Him as some kind of Arch-Hippy who proclaimed love and brotherhood and got killed for His pains) they entirely overlook the fact that at this moment in time the Master Jesus was and is the first and only individual born of woman who was able to transmute and spiritualise the atoms and cells of His physical body to such an extent that they took on a vastly higher rate of vibration, thus making His “body of light” visible or invisible at will.

White Eagle (a Great American Red Indian, who is in spirit) as he puts it: the very atoms of His physical body were changed and spiritualised. His body became transmuted from pain and darkness to light and freedom. In the Aquarian Gospel Jesus tells His friends and loved ones after His first appearance to them: “Behold ! for human flesh can be transmuted into higher form, and then that higher form is master of things manifest, and can, at will, take any form. And so I come to you in form familiar to you .”
And again, when He appeared to the Eastern sages in India, where He had studied as a young man, we are told, “He pressed the hand of every man and of the royal host, and said, ‘Behold, I am not myth made of the fleeting winds, for I am flesh and bone and brawn: but I can cross the borderland at will.’’’

And to the magi in Persia: “… this flesh in which I come to you was changed with speed of light from human flesh. To you I come, the first of all the race to be transmuted … What I have done, all men will do; and what I am, all men will be.”

This is a far cry from the materialisations of the séance room, wonderful as they are – for the simple but vital reason that the physical bodies of those spirit friends who materialise their etheric forms, through drawing on the ectoplasm of a powerful medium, having long since disintegrated in the churchyard, or been cremated. In fact one can go so far as to say that it is something of a reverse process: our friends are lowering the vibrations of their spirit bodies, whereas the Master Jesus spiritualised the atoms of His physical body!


In doing so, He was indeed the forerunner, the Demonstrator of the intended goal for every man, in time to come: the control of the lower by the higher, the mastership of Matter by Spirit. White Eagle explains: “The whole purpose of life here is the continued etherealisation of man, and of the fabric of this earth … This earth planet, very dark at present, is slowly quickening in vibration … Do you know that there are already planets in existence in your solar system which has become so etherealised that they are outside the range of the most powerful telescopes? Yes, these are planets of light …”

In the midst of the present turmoil and seeming chaos which are the birth pangs of the New Age of enlightenment and “breakthrough” on many fronts, White Eagle gives us this prophesy of mankind’s eventual resurrection: “We are able to speak of what we ourselves have seen concerning the future of mankind – of a life dawning for man which can only be described as celestial, when the light of the Son of God will shine through man’s faces, when they will live without sickness, pain, want or suffering, a life harmonious and beautiful in every respect, warm and human, and where the fullest expression of the spirit can be given.

“This is where all you people have a great work waiting,” he goes on.
“Try and put into practice the Christ-thought; try to live the Christ life; then you yourself will be aiding in the creation of a brighter world, and this dense matter, this darkness, will gradually be dissolved.”  We have been given a Pattern to follow, and Example to do our best to emulate in the One we call the Nazarene, whom Silver Birch (another Great Indian in spirit) describes as “ the greatest manifestation of the Great Spirit that your world has yet received.”

Let us not despair because that Example was given by a being whom the high spirit spheres refer to by many great names: the Greatest Adept – the greatest of the Sons of God – the Lord of the First Solar Plane – the Controller of the Silver (Radium) Cosmic ray of Life and Love – the First of the Twelve Hierarchical Adepts of Solar Birth (of whom the one we know as the Archangel Michael is the Twelfth), and so on.

For in entering into our humanity He had to face, endure and overcome all human problems which constantly surrounded Him on all sides in a most augmented degree and still maintain and show forth the Christ Light – becoming, for us, our Beloved brother on the path, our Compassionate Friend when we have fallen low, the very Heart of Love, the Great Healer.

Let us, then, meditate on the Festival of Easter, and like the daffodils in their humble simplicity, reach up from the earth’s darkness, opening our hearts to the Light of the Son, and offering ourselves anew in an act of resurrection and re-dedication. END

And for myself I would like to add; On behalf of all mankind let us pray for a speedy entry into the New Golden Age which is being brought about for us, so we can at long last experience and live in a peaceful world with one another, no matter what colour, creed or religion we may be. OMSAIRAM




Author: Rev. Wayne E Farquharwww.illawarraceremonies.com


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