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February is always a month of great joy for us, as it is the month we celebrate birthday of our beloved Mohanji, the founder and the force behind The Awakening Times Magazine.

This year also marks the 9th anniversary of bringing forth a conscious magazine that we hope has inspired many. But that is not all. In the last two months, we pushed all our limits and made exceptional progress with our team, and we can’t wait to share the news with you. But, it is not time yet.

If you enjoy our content, we can only say that you should keep an eye on our social media platforms because something special is cooking in The Awakening Times kitchen.

Until then, we leave you with this February edition, which will be a great addition to your winter/summer nights.
From Dr.Semir Osmanagić’s perspective on Vinča civilization, an interview with Baba’s Boy on Guru Hoppers, a new reminder from Staša with recommended yoga postures, this month beginning a series of therapeutically focused reminders, a typically poetic contemplation from regular contributor Pelka Evdenić Kuzelka, lessons on self-sustainable living and much more.

No Flowers, No Sweets – Mohanji’s Birthday Message

Written by Mohanji

Little Monkey: Workshops on Self-Sustainable Vegan Living

Written by Višnja Griša

A Minor Inconvenience

Written by Sweety Vyas

Grace in Translating Guru Charitra

Written by Ambika Mohanji

Like a Lotus Flower

Written by Sweety Vyas

Semir Osmanagić on the Prehistoric Vinča

Interview Semir Osmanagić

Antwerp on the River Scheldt

Written by Boris Perišić

Staša’s Reminder Therapeutic Yoga: The Thyroid

Written by Staša Mišić

The 4 Rooms of Mrs. Safija

Written by Dalila Lakomica

Can Birds Dance? Early Birds Balkans Proves they Can.

Written by Early Birds Balkans Correspondent

Baba’s Boy on Guru Hoppers

Interview with Dirk Van De Wijngaard

Mahashivaratri – The Great Night of Shiva

Written by Mataji Devi Vanamali

The Importance of the Guru on the Yogic Path

Written by Sanja Dejanović

Vegan Recipes from Svjesno Kuhanje

Written by Conscious Cooking

A Brief Reflection

Written by Pelka Evdenić Kuzelka

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