EBC Balkans is happy that 36 new members joined the flock!  7 of them heard about us through Instagram, 12 through Facebook, and 10 through Mohanji platforms. Also, out of seven new volunteers who applied, three of them have already started volunteering. Isn’t it amazing?


The representative of the Early Birds Club, Staša Mišić, announced the participation of the Early Birds Club at the Celebrating Life festival and presented our clubs for adults, teenagers, and children on Pula Radio Maestral.

Like last year, the festival was held in a beautiful place by the sea, in front of the Zeppelin beach bar in Pula, but this year with a wider program.

Early Birds Clubs of the Balkans for adults, children, and teenagers had the opportunity to present their activities, which took place for the second time this year from August 5 to 6, in Pula. Interested festival visitors were introduced to the concept of the Club and the benefits that adopting healthy morning habits bring. The morning routine was also briefly explained, as well as the true values ​​that our Clubs promote. Parents who already have a certain morning practice were interested in hearing ways in which they could motivate their children to start the day healthily.  

The children especially enjoyed the workshops for children as part of the joint project of ACT Croatia, WCA (World Consciousness Alliance) and the Balkan Early Childhood Club. For some children, creative content workshops that our Club organizes online were one of the reasons for wanting to become part of our platform.

It was nice to see in one place participants and visitors from all over the Balkans, as well as some other parts of the world, who came to celebrate life and all its true values and thereby contribute to making this world a more beautiful place for all beings.


Another cycle of GUIDED MORNING ROUTINE is on! Here is an opportunity to be gently guided through breathing, yoga, and reading excerpts from books based on positivity, every morning starting at 5:15.

Through breathing exercises, we relax and sharpen focus, through yoga we strengthen the mind and body, and through reading stories based on positivity we set an intention for the day ahead. Group support can make it much easier to try to make positive changes in our lives, while refreshing our minds early in the morning with the possibilities of better living and thoughts of compassion and kindness can make our day more productive.

Our morning routine also includes reading! Reading positive topics early morning after stretching the body, helps to set the right “tone” for the day.

At the end of the cycle, we encourage our participants to keep up with the practice on their own until the next guided cycle.

Children are encouraged to be happy, to love life and all species, by directing themselves to achieve their greatest potential and set a positive example in the world. They are introduced to daily healthy discipline, which will continue to benefit them as they grow older. Children get the opportunity to grow and develop into purposeful citizens.

Some of the motivational thoughts sent to the participants were:

“Let’s not expect anything, let’s be grateful for everything.”

“When we expect something and it doesn’t happen, we call it a failure. It’s not a failure, it just didn’t happen.”

“When we judge ourselves, we limit ourselves.”

A mother of two new participants shared her impressions:

“I want to share a brief experience of the wake-up step with my children. I let them sleep while they’re sleepy, and then they start their routine. So far, they’re not doing yoga, but they’re following other steps. They had two friends at the sleepover, and I wondered if they’d want to skip their morning routine. They all followed the routine together and now they’re playing quietly.”

Meet some of our volunteers!

Dragana Dubaić – a board member and a senior adviser. She has a degree in economics and has been with the Early Birds Club Balkans for over two years.

Petar Milovanović – a dedicated volunteer who’s been with us for over 1.5 years. Initially, Petar was in charge of guest management in our online interviews, and now he runs the “Volunteer Care” team. Job satisfaction and a positive atmosphere in the team are his priority.

Meet Staša! A graduate in agricultural engineering and a long-time instructor of traditional yoga, she guided the club members through the morning routine live via Zoom.

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