Louise Hay is a famous author and pioneer of self-healing guidance. She has written many books, including the original Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life books; and these have become international best sellers.

The teachings of Louise Hay have helped many find a better way of living. Enabling them to realise that the power to change their lives, lay within themselves. By identifying and resolving issues from the past, releasing negative thoughts and behaviour patterns and finally embracing the healing effects of love and forgiveness, she has mapped out a path to life transformation. Her work encompasses  many well established disciplines including meditation, positive affirmations and the development of self approval.

It could be said that all the wonderful works that Louise has created over the course of her life could be put down to the traumatic time she had in childhood. She was raped at the age of five and experienced abuse in various forms for most of her formative years. Having had a successful career as a model and coming out of a marriage after fourteen years she began working with and learning from, the Church of Religious Science. Out of this work and what she learned she produced the first version of the “Heal Your Body” book which was then more of a list of physical ailments and the likely emotional/mental causes. When Louise was apparently diagnosed with Vaginal Cancer, whilst obviously a shock, it came as no real surprise as she had already learned of the effects of anger and resentment on the body and with her background she knew this was a likely cause.

louise hay transparentHaving  focused her attention on reading, learning and trying just about every kind of alternative treatment and cleansing programme, Louise realised that the key lay in loving herself.

Louise now has a successful publishing house “Hay House” which she created herself , through which she publishes her own and other similar authors books. For years she ran the “Hayride”, a regular gathering for those with Aids which still carries on today.

Louise believes “we can be vibrant and healthy until our last days and enjoy each moment of life”, and this is the living example she sets us all.  Do you want to try an effective range of Healing Methods?

Points Of Louise Hay Philosophy

Louise Hay has always said that she is not a healer, her work is a stepping stone on the pathway.  The following are basic points of the Louise Hay philosophy:

What we give out, we get Back.  What we believe about ourselves and life becomes true for us. Our thoughts are creative.

“If we love and accept ourselves and others unconditionally
then we will attract people in our lives who are the

If you are experiencing difficult relationships and seem to have things working against you, it is because you either treat others this way or on some level believe that this kind of treatment is what you deserve. You may be totally unaware of this belief. Our subconscious thoughts manifest.


We can release the past and forgive everyone. Forgiveness opens the doorway to love.

“Forgiveness is the key to your own release”

Holding onto old anger, hurt and upset causes dis-ease within the body. If you do not forgive, YOU remain the victim. Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves for things we feel we have or have not done. Forgive yourself and others, let it go, release the hurt and anger.


We are worth loving, self approval and self acceptance are the keys to positive change. Love is the most powerful healing force there is.

I am sure you have heard this before , what you do not hear so often is that the real healing love comes from within. Loving the self brings about healing on all levels and in all things. When you love yourself you do not hurt yourself and you will not hurt others. You cannot truly love another if you do not love yourself.


Just be willing

“have an open mind and an open heart”

Just be willing to try some of these things. Even if you cannot accept yourself exactly as you are right now, you can still tell yourself you are willing to try and that will enable your subconscious to work on it.






Source: www.aplacefortheheart.co.uk

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