In 1988 I was invited to sit in a closed circle which took place at the medium’s home. In my first visit at this home circle I was taken aback by a large oil painting that greeted me as I entered. The painting was of a man in an orange gown with a large afro hair style. At first glance I thought this to be a painting of an islander only because at the time I never heard of Sai Baba and he surely didn’t look Indian. As soon as I entered I noticed immediately how drawn I was to this painting, and how his eye’s seemed to follow me no matter where I roamed.

The eye’s in the painting seemed to take on a life of their own, because at times I would even see the eye’s blink and also see him smile which caused quite a stir in me, and with excitement I would abruptly blurt out this fact which made me very embarrassed because I would startle all present. Finally the medium who had a big smile in seeing my reactions began telling me who this was in the painting. I guess I could now write a large book on all that has taken place since my very first meeting with Sai Baba, and this first meeting was only through a painting. There is no way I could ever describe in full detail of the magnitude and effect that capture me on that first night, it was absolutely incredible and amazing. After that first meeting many more followed and still they do to this day.

Yes I am definitely a devotee of Sai Baba, he has not only made me a better person but has opened many doors where I am able to serve others with love and compassion and in so doing, feel and experience Baba in all that I do. It still leaves me breathless to know that God Himself walked with us in physical form on earth today, how greatly fortunate and blessed we are to not only know Him but to experience Him. My brother and I have been to India five times where we both have been granted interviews along with wonderful experiences. And yes I have even witnessed miracles by Baba in close proximity.

I, and many millions the world over know exactly who Sai Baba is, not by what we were told or what we read but by actual experiences given by Him. Baba says if you want to know the truth of who I am then investigate me. Come closer, because as you come closer to investigate, I then come closer to you by providing you the proof of what you need.

Every time I think of Him, contemplate on Him and meditate on Him, I constantly wipe the tears of joy and love that roll down my face, this is what Swami is to me – Love, Pure Love. Some might sneer at what I write but be assured, one day you too will see and experience things of a much higher nature whether it be in this life, or some other.



Author: Rev. Wayne E Farquhar,

Editorial Team

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