Mohanji is a chronic introvert, a man who never claimed to be enlightened nor claimed to be anyone’s Guru. Mohanji lives and exists exactly as anyone of us would, with a difference of a profound shift in awareness within.  He expresses every flavor of life: professional life, married life, parenthood, spiritual life, and that is what makes him authentic – he lives what he preaches in every moment of his existence. While the global energies continue to rise and push humanity into unconditional nature of love and global conscious evolution, Mohanji is someone who inspires others to follow his example in today’s distorted reality full of half concepts, hurry, competition, fear, greed, self-centeredness.

Mohanji walks among us and never expresses disapproval of anything, except violence of any kind. He encourages the brotherhood of species. He encourages unity of minds. He encourages unity of consciousness. He believes in divinity as unity. He does not recognize any barriers, neither those of caste or creed, class or religion, nationality or culture, language or color. He believes in the power of humanity as kindness.

Mohanji is a man who is subject to the same pressures of everyday existence as anyone else might be. He has endured trials, thorns, loss, grief, loneliness and various agonies of life with dignity and elegance. Consequently, it was his own very life that gave him a holistic understanding of reality at many levels and, as the flowering of consciousness happened within, he was encouraged by the Masters from the higher realms of consciousness not to withdraw but, on the contrary, remain among the people and lead by example, marrying discipline with love, dedication with inspiration, replacing karma with dharma.. One of them recently told Mohanji: “We prepare you for the impossible.“

Indeed, among the Masters, it is a sacred, grand collaboration in which each plays his/her own role and delivers accordingly.

among treesMohanji’s journey was not at all smooth. At one point he lost his child, marriage, job, income, property, health. In the eyes of material existence, he lost everything. However, that was the time when the real shift in awareness happened in his inner world. Mohanji got catapulted into higher states of consciousness, until its final flowering and dissolution of ego-identity. Telepathic communion with the Masters such as Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Mahavatar Babaji, Agasthyar Rishi, and others drove him to continue with his spiritual mission and deliver teachings which are, as Ms. Nensi Nainaa said, “Both spiritual and practical, open and transparent, honest and truthful, authentic and liberating, without any ulterior motive other than to wake others up.

Mohanji inspires us to drop the false sheath of our existence and start reaching the essential nature of ourselves, which is pure existence, pure consciousness and pure bliss, arriving through each one of us to be embodied in everyday life.”

Embodying higher consciousness and remaining one among the many was and is far from a smooth journey.

As Mohanji said,

The higher the frequency you touch, the more difficult it is to maintain it. Everything and anything can pull you down. People, situations, environment, time and space can pull you down to lower frequencies. It needs constant vigil and, in a way, isolation to stay with the frequency. Isolation is not easy in the society. Moreover, it is not easy at all, if you have to live in the society that judges, criticizes, threatens, pushes you to live in a certain way, behave in a certain way, express in a certain way, etc.

When you increasingly become objective and deliver what is right for you without discriminating between the right and the wrong of different frequencies, you may get crucified. First of all, you are a manifested being and you have all the needs of any manifested being. Secondly, you have shifted frequencies which your own friends and family may fail to understand. Thirdly, when karma equals completion and fulfilment, one’s lifetimes get reduced and the present lifetime becomes very intense. Accumulation of desires becomes almost nil. It becomes like a flash of desire, its manifestation and instant dissolution.

Creation, manifestation and dissolution become almost simultaneous. As a result, spontaneity will become loud and clear. Spontaneity will reach a level where the manifestation and dissolution stop happening in the physical level after a period. Everything happens within. The first is external manifestation. The latter is internal and only internal, and it would be completely and totally spontaneous. The fear-driven society will not understand this. It is not easy to understand the consciousness. It is not easy at all. It is a constant struggle each day.


Mohan Elena
Mohanji’s spiritual mission finds full support among his parents and his wife and devoted disciple, Devi Mohan, who finds Mohanji to be objective and totally impartial.


He grants me no special favors, nothing more than anyone else receives. I never expect any either, because I know his heart and I know his dedication to the higher purpose that he lives for. He is, as he says, ‘purpose-bound’. I see that purposefulness happening all the time. Indeed, he is like a mirror, filling into the vessel that you bring to him. If you bring anger and a hatred-filled mind, he responds in the same way with laser-sharp definiteness in order to blast it off of you that very instant.

The same principle applies to me in the moments when he scolds me, either in public or in private. If you bring love however, he is love and he melts… The mirror called Mohanji sincerely and objectively reflects your own constitution. Whenever he has uttered sharp words to anyone, I have clearly seen things change in them almost immediately. His presence always transforms and heals. Many people however come with expectations. Those people will also leave with complaints. Expectations never work with Mohanji. He never caters to such desires.

Mohanji and Devi
Mohanji and His wife Devi Mohan

He always says: “I never intercept or interfere with anyone’s karma. All I do is remove blockages so that they could move on effectively in evolution.”
Those who complain have clearly not understood him.

Mohanji always operates in the present, sliding to the next and next event effortlessly. Nothing stays in his canvass as he glides through life. Nothing can hold him beyond the specific time. This, I must say, is the unique quality of a Master – if a Master cannot scold his disciple and prick the balloon of his/her ego, then he is no Master.
Mohanji has always kept on delivering in whatever form he chooses. He has never expected anything from anyone nor did he care whether anyone praises or criticizes him. He just made himself available and kept on delivering. The Mohanji Factor continues to touch many lives every moment. Needless to say, it makes me proud to be a part of this mission, to be a part of this grand movement of unconditional love.

In Mohanji there are no pretentions, no desire to impress – only spontaneity, authenticity and sincere, steady expression of his true purpose, the truth of his being, which is to lead others into liberation. Those who catch that vibe will take the lead and travel deeper into inner silence and their own authenticity. Only those who seek the highest and are ready to dissolve can recognize Mohanji. The rest will look, but will not see, they may try walking the path, but will not persevere.

If you feel the call, welcome!


Author: Devi Mohan

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