In an era of modernization, corporate culture, materialistic aspirations we humans are lost, our youth especially. Though they seem to be progressing, or may even be at the peak of their careers, when it comes to their personal matters and management, they have lost the track. They are confused and entangled. Depression, suicides, broken relationships, addictions are some of the issues which our youngsters our struggling with.

The constraints of opening up or discussing their issues with their family, friends, and relatives worsen the situation. In this kind of scenario, the dearth of guidance often leads them to the doorstep of a counsellor.

Suzy Singh is a Transpersonal Therapist, Karma Coach, Relationship counsellor, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She has extensive clinical experience in multi-disciplinary approaches to vibrational healing and energy medicine. Her area of specialization and continuing research is understanding and decoding the subconscious mind and the interconnected nature of consciousness.

Her spiritual inclinations emerged from a very early stage of her life. Yet in a quest for achieving materialistic success she worked for many years in the world of advertising. But in the year 1998, she left her job and her materialistic successes because she felt a need to listen to her inner voice in order to find her soul’s core purpose. Deconstructing and healing the human psyche became her calling. This led her to specialization and clinical work in the area of sub-conscious mind.

Her work has helped innumerable people across the globe to find greater happiness, more peace, better health & enhanced productivity. In December 2012 Suzy received the Bharat Excellence Award for outstanding and extraordinary achievement in the field of Alternative Healing by Dr. G.V.G. Krishnamurty, Honorable former Election Commissioner of India.

She is a contributing author on the subject of Healing through Hypnosis in the Amazon bestseller “Holistic Wellness in the New Age.” Her next solo book on Karma & Fulfillment is due for release by Life Positive Publications by the end of this year.

Her initiation into the world of consciousness has been through many elevated masters and mystical experiences, including, among several others, a fatal car crash and a near death experience.

The 7 Karma Codes gives you startling insights to why things happen. It guides you through the turbulent sea of distressing emotions and complex questions about life. Be it your career, personal relationships, the search for self-esteem or the relationship with God; the 7 Karma Codes contains secrets every man must know. As you embrace the wisdom of these codes, you will move from confusion to clarity, victimhood to power, and darkness to light.

Your spiritual quest has brought you to a point where the book called “7 Karma Codes, Heal the Storm Within” was born out of your experiences and knowledge. What are those codes of karma you are mentioning in the headline? How did you discover them?

suzy-singhWhen I was a mere infant, at the age of two, my family and I encountered our first car crash. My mother had to attend to the aftermath of the accident, and I was thus sent away to my grandmother’s home in a small city for two years. This was my first experience of separation. It created a deep sadness in me, a fear of loss and love, as I ached and yearned for my mother’s presence. Fortunately, my grandmother immersed me in her love and compassion, but by the time my bond with her flourished, it was time for me to start schooling and I was sent back to my parents. This early life displacement left me feeling very ungrounded. By the age of four when I was just entering school, I had already experienced emotional abandonment twice over, was confused about my roots and suffered from a lack of belonging. The stage was thus set for me to seek a more lasting anchor in the Divine.

It aroused in me a burning desire to comprehend the construct of human life. The universe responded by bringing me timely masters, teachers and teaching experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant. As I investigated, experimented, contemplated and prayed to be shown the design of life, these codes became visible to me. I started seeing patterns in the human consciousness that resulted from aligning with or opposing the universal laws, and from this careful observation and study, emerged the 7 Karma Codes.

These 7 codes form the basis of spiritual practice and the pathway for peace & fulfilment. The Suvasana Code impels you to choose a better way of living by shifting your focus from darkness to light. The Homa Code makes you aware of past conditioning, teaching you how to dissolve trapped emotions and false beliefs. The Swadharma Code urges and enables you to recognize your talents and capabilities through self-analysis. The Anubhava Code helps you strive for mastery in relationships. The Dana Code shows you how to burn karma’s rope. The Sangha Code awakens empathy, cultivating social inclusiveness to arouse the desire for oneness and unity. The Sankalpa Code reminds you of the need to renew the sacred vow for activating your highest and most compelling karma in life, to be closer to the Creator of all things in this very incarnation.

Can you mention some of the spiritual influences that you had along your spiritual path? You said in one interview that you had help of many elevated Masters. Can you say more about it?

It was perhaps in my late teens one evening when I was swinging on the gate outside my home that a monk walked up to me, removed the rosary of tulsi beads from around his neck, handed it over to me, and then vanished in the blink of an eye. To this date I am bewildered and wonder if that really happened or if I imagined the whole thing. But the fact remained that I had the rosary, which I wore joyfully around my neck for days, refusing to remove it, for reasons unknown to me.

That incident accelerated my aspiration for the Divine. From then on, I started hiding in the family storeroom where I could sit undisturbed for hours in the darkness, meditating upon my third eye, even though I had never heard of meditation, and yet I knew exactly how to meditate. Thereafter, many elevated masters entered my life quite miraculously to prepare and teach me.
I had the great blessing and opportunity to learn the holy texts, the Gita and Upanishads under the guidance of Shri Parthasarthy, considered the most revered teacher of Vedanta.
Subsequently, I was initiated into the spiritual sciences by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I received Shaktipat from another elevated teacher lovingly addressed as Bhagwan by her followers before she left her physical body.

I have also been deeply inspired by the teachings of Shri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, the divine cosmology studies of the Radha Soami sects, my own family Guru’s (Kul devatas), Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Amardas, both of whose direct descendant I am, and my cosmic teacher, Shirdi Sainath who continues to guide me through the unseen realms each day.
My near death experience after my second car accident in 1999 further strengthened my spiritual yearnings.

You said on one occasion that experience in advertising and exposure to consumer research shaped your sensitivity towards people. What do you think of a modern day fusion of consumerist society and new age spirituality? How can spiritual and material aspects of life stay in balance and what are the key ingredients for such equilibrium?

suzyWhatever you place your attention on, it grows. This is simply because every repetition, whether in thought or action, strengthens your habit mind. There is nothing wrong with having or enjoying luxury or material abundance, the problem is in becoming attached, in craving for it and being disappointed when these luxuries are missing. Addiction of any kind causes suffering, whether it is to material comforts, luxuries, food or people.
If you can cultivate an attitude of enjoying whatever you have in the present moment and being comfortable even without it, then you are achieving balance, you are becoming free of likes and dislikes and ultimately you shall be free of desire itself. It is the clinging, craving, wanting and not getting that creates suffering in most instances.
Experience the sense world, but practice withdrawing from it each day by processing your negative emotions and practicing meditation, mindfulness and silence. Occasionally, renounce what your habit mind demands. Watch your addictions and train your mind to let go of them. Do the inner work regularly so that you can still the storm within you.

You claim that modern young people, or “Millennials”, are confused and “work and party hard, drowning their woes in the cacophony of loud music and sangrias at pubs or consuming caffeine at coffee bars”. Modern society produces enormous amounts of entertainment for everyone, how to overcome such tendencies and urges?

We seek addictions and distractions to avoid and soothe the inherent suffering that we may or may not be aware of in our everyday experiences. By choosing to be vulnerable, to feel all of our feelings, without denying, avoiding, escaping or repressing these, and learning how to dissolve these in responsible ways, we can overcome these proclivities. This involves knowing what your tendencies and triggers are, recognizing your conditioned reactions, identifying your causal wounds and then, processing and healing them.

The Homa Code in the book addresses these aspects and prescribes ways in which the reader can practice dissolving these trapped emotions to reduce the intensity and power they have over you. This, coupled with other insights and practices recommended in the book can help the reader climb the consciousness ladder “from being obsessed about having and acquiring things at the bottom of the ladder, to doing things that the world considered worthy, and eventually, to simply being a loving and compassionate presence.” (pg 23)

What would be the most important advice you would give to someone who is experiencing a really bad karmic period in life?

Don’t react, resist or lose the lesson karma is bringing you. Instead look deeply at karma. Remind yourself that all of life is governed by universal laws that are free of error. If your law of attraction has brought you a particularly uncomfortable experience, it is there to help you develop virtues such as fortitude or forgiveness. It is there to soften your soul, making you more empathic. It is there to offer you the opportunity of redemption and atonement, of errors you may not remember. Every uncomfortable experience is an opportunity to reduce the burden of karma, to grow and evolve into a more compassionate being. Don’t lose the opportunity. Don’t increase your karmic burden by reacting or postponing the lesson, or by avoiding or praying for it to go away. Embrace it. Learn from it. Take responsibility for it. Own it. And eventually, move higher because of it.

How can people alter or alleviate effects of negative karma? Do we need to pay off all our debts or we can earn some Divine grace which can bail us out from this karmic prison?

To alleviate the effects of negative karma you must first comprehend the laws and forces that cause your suffering. You must then nourish your willpower to change the causative habits and tendencies. Laws cannot be violated but they can be counterbalanced when one understands how they work.

One such way is by becoming attuned to the suffering of others. By cultivating the desire to alleviate their suffering you can impress the accountants of karma, provided your underlying intent is pure (sattvic) and truly service oriented. The Dana Code gives an in-depth understanding of this concept. When you shift your attention from the personal to the collective, you spontaneously activate the descent of Divine Grace.

Grace does not reduce or cancel your karmic consequences, because universal laws are exact in nature. What it does is hasten karmic completion by awakening your wisdom mind through empathy, compassion and prayer. It strengthens fortitude through acceptance and expands your ability to contain and experience suffering. As a result, your suffering becomes more bearable, and you feel less pain. You begin to see that suffering is teaching you and refining your nature, and this humbles you. Humility is the stepping stone to spiritual progress.

Grace can also be invoked by experiencing a deep sense of remorse for errors committed. This creates the possibility and desire for forgiveness and atonement which further refines your consciousness, cleansing it. But remember, it is only suffering and personal pain that makes you drink from the well of forgiveness. So why seek to discount suffering? Why do a half-baked job of soul cleansing? Why not take the opportunity to cleanse every trace of error in you so that you never commit the same karmic foul ever again?

book 7 karma codes

You also write: “One simple mantra for developing strong interpersonal harmony is to “let the achievements and abundance of others inspire you, rather than making you jealous or insecure.” Sounds easy, but it’s not. How to clean our emotions and become pure in all levels of being?

By activating the impersonal ego or Self that can witness your self-centric behavior. “All evils are born of the cauldron of separation and scarcity, perpetuating feelings of yours versus mine, which promote narcissism. We begin to get fixated about I, me and mine. The wholesome ego that was originally a cohesive structure becomes fragmented into two parts. The useful personal ego, whose job it is to sustain our survival, and an antagonistic ego, whose rapidly growing selfishness makes us live in a self-absorbed world of I-ness.”(pg283) The more you learn to witness the selfish personal ego, the easier it will be to let go of your impure or destructive emotions.

How to start with our spiritual journey? Where to begin, on what aspects to pay attention, how to work on ourselves in a proper way? 

The journey must begin with the childlike curiosity and desire to know the truth about all things. Next, you must practice looking deeply into your mind through contemplation and self-analysis (swadhyaya) so you can become aware of your triggers, hot buttons, your biography and your story (childhood wounds). The Homa and Anubhava codes can be very useful here. Then you need to make a determined effort to choose peace, happiness and love in every breath (Sangha & Sankalpa Codes). This will require you to become conscious of your reactions, your fears, your destructive emotions and your limiting beliefs.

You will discover ample opportunities each day to practice becoming conscious in your intimate relationships and offices. Every time you unconsciously project your anger, fear, guilt or shame onto another person, you must be mindful that you are creating poor karma. This is why you must stop blaming, complaining & shaming others, choosing instead to process your destruction emotions and finding that still spot within. To tame the monkey mind you will need to develop discrimination, one pointed focus and strong will power. Without these, it is impossible to progress on the spiritual path.

What message would you like to send out to readers of The Awakening Times magazine? 

All the knowledge of the world is useless if you do not practice the wisdom teachings. Practice brings personal experience. Experience cracks open the wisdom mind. The wisdom mind makes transformation a reality, leading to, what an un-awakened mind may call miracles, that occur through the descent of Divine Grace. But it all begins with a personal vow, a Sankalpa, to practice each day. Make that vow today, because…
With open arms He patiently waits, watching time pass in earthly dates, hoping that truth will win. Wake up dear one from this hypnotic sleep, that hurts your heart and makes you weep, and ask yourself, Am I ready to begin? (Pg 385)

From Left to Right, Annurag Batra, Chairman BW Business World & exchange4media, Mohanji, Spiritual Leader, Suzy Singh, Author & Healer, Aditya Ahluwalia, Publisher & Chairman, Life Positive Magazine


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Suzy Singh is a Healer, Karma Coach, Spiritual Teacher & Author of the bestselling book 7 Karma Codes, Heal the Storm Within. She is based in Delhi, India and can be reached on

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