Sue Jones is a scientist who holds an honours degree in education and has specialized in mathematics and educational theory and practice for children. She is known for her research in mental mapping strategies in children between the ages of 4 and 11. She is an archaeologist, researcher, and healer, and her passion is exploring the link between science and consciousness.

We met this extraordinary woman in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and here is her message to all of us.

You are a scientist, but that did not stop you from exploring beyond scientific boundaries. How did all of this start? 

In the past, I have worked with many scientists who came from different countries and backgrounds. I was lucky to meet one professor from England who was an engineer, and very interested in remote viewing. This was something that really opened my world.

I took part in experiments that involved looking at the time, space, biofield (which is like energy field surrounding the body), and how we can influence this information field. We realized that you cannot understand the time if you do not understand the energy of time.

As a scientist, I’ve tried to block my own gifts because I was trying to normalize everything. Just like everybody, when you are a child, you are very open, but then you start blocking things.

This experience taught me that if I pay attention to different aspects of myself, I can connect and cross beyond these senses, which are limiting us.

In our world, we are 100% limited by the inefficiency of our senses because our senses only govern such a small fragment of what we feel, see and experience. 

Connection with other people who were working with high vibrations helped a lot, and one of them unlocked the hidden potentials in me. I am very grateful for that. At the time, he was my guru, and his presence changed my life in many aspects. Being in his energy helped me tap into mine. This was something that was meant to be. I was able to witness many miracles and a lot of things that were channelled through consciousness. He was very gifted, he could transform atoms and particles.

We live in the world, thinking it is stable and static, and unchangeable in many ways, but it is not. Actually, we don’t need machines to change it. We can use consciousness and advance in how we work with the environment, influence the natural energy of the earth, and use that to accelerate our ability to live in harmony and synergy with the planet and each other.


At the age of 26, you were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and you had Raynaud’s Disease. Did that help you see things from another perspective and become a healer?

Raynaud’s Disease means poor circulation in the body. You feel cold, and your fingers go numb. It was so bad. Plus, I had a lung condition. It turned out that I had asbestos in my body. When I allowed my body and natural senses to work in full capacity, in less than a year, this was all gone. We don’t need to be dependent on medication if we are vibrating at the right frequency, because the body can self-heal.

In my understanding, it is all about distortion in our body. Sometimes a soul takes us on a journey, which is a journey just to witness something. Even then, the experience of whatever we need to face is amplified by all the distortion; fear carried in the body, and the different influences that come from our environment all contribute as well.

So, if we can get into the state of balance from inside, we can eradicate a lot of these things.

Is there a unique approach for children? How can we help them? 

Many children – and I used to be a teacher also, and I can recognize gifted children – are often diagnosed with things like ADHD, or other behavioural problems, because they did not know how to socialize with other children of their own age, and they were not understood. Often they refuse to do the work because it is too easy for them. So I developed programs that were expanding the capacities of more gifted children. I can tap into their perspective, and many of them can see auras, but they don’t know how it fits in this world, so by the time they’re six or seven they lose this ability because there is no place for this.

They were labelled, not just because of their abilities, but also because of wrong teaching methods. We create fears and blocks in them. I think it is imperative to change standards in terms of how the new generations should be treated. We have to be careful and stop imprinting this hard and linear way of thinking.

We always talk about how we need to create more creative thinkers, but how is that possible if we don’t allow them to connect with consciousness? We are limiting them with all the wrong concepts. We push them into addictions and all sorts of problems because they don’t know how to deal with their gifts. Many of them have psychic abilities, they are meant to be leaders in this world, but the system created limitations which don’t allow them to express themselves.

Within the education system, we need to open a bit more, and now I’m working with many scientist professors and leaders who are trying to change this approach in the world.

No child is born with a hatred for another child. No child is born with a program to be violent. Every child is influenced by what WE create around them, and this is something we have to remember, and we need to take responsibility for humanity.

We have to look at the perspective of an anomaly, and not be afraid of it. We have to find a way for them to become co-creators. We don’t have to immediately say ‘this was a machine fault or error of something or someone’. We have to look at it and ask: ‘Why is this happening?’ We don’t know the answers, and we should not be afraid to say it.

Let’s throw it in the circle and postulate some new ideas on how it is happening. At the same time, try not to be so limited in thinking that everything has to be proven in solid form. We have to explain this to future generations, and we shouldn’t put them inside linear boxes.

Channelling – does this word fit in science and how?

This is normality. And the sad thing is that the more I get exposed to science, the more I realize that within the scientific field this system was known.

It is used by many people behind the scenes. Many of them, however, are afraid to say how they got their ideas. I’ve spoken with many great composers and artists – ideas don’t come from their mind, from thinking. It comes as a flow through the heart.  Even science would support that the brain is actually receiving, it is not creating everything. And a lot of it happens in our energy field. We have to teach people that the body is really a receiver. How do we do that? By having confidence in each other, understanding each other, and by creating new options and vision for the ones that are coming.

This is what consciousness is about. We all have our own different gateways to get to that point of consciousness. We CAN have different beliefs, but we have to learn not to be afraid of these differences.

We have to harness life and recognize that consciousness is in all of us. It does not matter whether you have Islamic, Hindu or Christian background, it is just a gateway to open the Self.

The only important thing is a belief that life force flows through everything, and that there is a higher intelligence that knows the pathway. It can help and guide us to optimize ourselves. But we should be careful of our ego. The real connection always comes from the heart. This is how I connect to people and the world around me. I feel love. Only love for all.

Changing the world is not only what can be done physically, but it is also more about how can we evolve energetically. If more and more people started opening, it would carry the field. The more we raise it, the faster people will awaken, and it will accelerate the process. We have to keep a high positive vibration.


Interview on Sue Jones conducted by Lea Kosovac

Sue Jones is an osteoarchaeologist, teacher, healer, and channel from the United Kingdom. Long term illness changed her view of life and what is important. Susan now explores aspects of health, mortality and experiences.


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