Written by Ambika Mohanji

I am from Bosnia, but with Guru`s grace I now live and work in many different countries. In this lifetime I have been blessed to become one of Mohanji Acharya`s by His Grace. To Mohanji, I am so deeply grateful for He introduced mighty Dattatreya Tradition to me. It represents all that my inner being firmly believes in. It was so effortless for me to connect to Datta and all divine masters of His Tradition. They uplift me and support me and accept me unconditionally with every breath I take. They have been there for me in my difficult moments and lovingly held their hand on my back, they have been celebrated with me all my joyous moments.

I am grateful beyond words.

As I already mentioned, I was trained to become a Mohanji Acharya, and on this beautiful, challenging but rewarding training, Mohanji recommended couple of sacred books to us, to keep them and read them as they will bring much grace into our lives, much knowledge and understanding if used with respect. One of the recommended books was Guru Charitra

It took a long, long time after that for me to be able to read these books. As it is usually the case, we humans seek God`s guidance mostly in our difficult times. 

It was the beginning of 2020, Corona virus started breaking out, everybody had lost their ground beneath their feet. It was something we never faced before. I also, connected to the collective consciousness and felt like I lost everything. I lost the job opportunity, physically I was alone, far, far away from everybody who is close to my heart, I started feeling anxiety, fears, even things that usually do not fit my mindset. By connecting to collective consciousness, I started collecting all the catastrophe that was happening around me, to my inner world. I tried so hard to uplift and connect to the source, to my Master`s consciousness, but it was so difficult. I prayed every night for guidance, and in that moment of utter helplessness I remembered the book Guru Charitra.

I took the book, I searched how to read it properly, for there are certain number of chapters to be read daily during seven days. That is called Saptah reading. I set my intentions, and started early in the morning, on one Thursday. I also, set a vow to read the book in complete silence. My God, it was such an experience. 

Guru opened my eyes, brought back my fearlessness. He removed anxieties, my focus was back on my purpose, and my worship to attain unity in consciousness. I received so much grace, and He also provided Guidance through dreams, that really shaped the way I am living now. I got clear instruction and awareness that the Guru is one with us, and whatever happens to us is happening to the Guru as well. This changed the way how I treat myself as well. 

One night during my Saptah reading, I had a dream. Before I retell the dream, I have to say that in past I was pretty self-destructive in thoughts, words and sometimes in actions. While I was reading the book, I was in very bad shape due to non-acceptance of myself. It was very difficult period for me, mentally. Then the dream came where, the way I was lying in my bed those days, the same way my Guru, Mohanj, was laying, fully in pain, wherever it hurt me, He was hurting as well. After I woke up, I understood the unity we are in with our Guru, our God.  Since then, something changed within me, and the way I treat myself aslo changed. I started respecting myself more, started showing more love to myself, more and more, day by day. I understood fully the teaching `Our body is the Temple`. 

After all these insights, and all the gifts I have received from Guru through reading this sacred book, I have decided to translate it in BHS language, to make it more available to those who do not understand English language. I really wish to all the people to feel what I felt and still feel after coming in contact with this sacred book, for it really changes lives, and make this world a better place. 

So, the decision was there, but I was yet not ripe and ready to start translating the book. One year after that, and many more experiences on the way I slowly started translating the book. It was very intensive venture I put myself on. Through translation, I started having even more insights, my faith was uplifted, my fearlessness on its peak. My life started becoming easy to go through. It was so effortless to accept the situations, people, places, for the book itself was giving me the revelations of why things happen the way they do. Certain situation I find myself in – when continue to translate, the very next paragraph reveals the root causes. My God, life became so much easier for me. But this is not something like a momentary Aha moment. This is long lasting feeling. I felt initiated into understanding the law of Karma and I also started having glimpses of understanding of the Law of Dharma. This book was my physical presence of my Guru, which I crave so much. This meant the whole world to me. 

Finally, two years after I set intention to translate the book, it was ready as a birthday present for my Guru. Such a support this was from Tradition itself. This was a very big purpose of mine, and I have no words to explain how much it means to me that I was able to make it happen. Of course, this would not be possible without the support of the Tradition. I am so happy, because I know for sure, from my personal experience that this book will bring so much good to whoever come in touch with it. This book healed me on physical, emotional and mental level. As soon as I finished translation, many paths open up to me, I got new opportunities, I am materially secured, and not to mention the grace of healing mentally, emotionally and physically. Some things, as spiritual development, cannot be put into words, because words are too limited to describe how much grace I felt on subtle level. 

All this is grace of the Guru. Without Guru this life seems as suffering, and with the Guru all the sufferings seem like a game. 

I warmly recommend reading of this book to all who come in contact with it. It brings so much grace, and joy of unity consciousness with the Guru.

I am so deeply grateful to my Guru Mohanji, without whose support I would not be able to take even one step forward, let alone to keep walking in these dense times. I am so grateful to Dattatreya who never failed His promise that if even one person who sincerely seeks for liberation is there, He will incarnate Himself over and over again. Such love we humans will never be able to understand if we are not lucky enough to have presence of Guru in our lives. 

Jai Mohanji!

Om Shree Gurudeva Datta!

2 thoughts on “Grace in Translating Guru Charitra

  1. Bravo to you and glad to hear,
    Permit me to tell you that World Teacher’s Trust website has many Texts of God Dattatreya’s tradition. Dattatreya Purana for God Datta’s life, Sripada SriVallabh Charitramrutam for His first incarnation at Pithapur are especially wonderful to go through.
    I have been able to meet Mohanji in person last year and am grateful for the same.

    1. Dear Anurag,

      Thank you for your recommendation. Definitely the translation work is continuing first with Sripada SriVallabh Chritamrutam. We are all so blessed.

      Jai Mohanji
      Om Sri Gurudeva Datta

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