The Awakening Times is a spiritual magazine and website that explores the universal and timeless quest for life purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

From contributions by leading writers and spiritual leaders to coverage of esoteric and spiritual history, philosophy, and metaphysics, as well as regular columns on holistic health and lifestyle, this publication is the perfect companion on the journey to spiritual awakening.

Awakening Times aims to bring together sincere spiritual seekers from around the world to exchange, grow and contribute in unity. We aim to explore and present the subtleties of existence through the experiences of numerous spiritual explorers, masters, and experiential spiritualists. In line with this, our team carefully selects content that provides meaningful guidance to all those who seek the highest truth in the here and now.

We aim to share the wisdom that transcends barriers of any kind and thus guide our readers to personal freedom and liberation through one’s direct experience. Providing such meaningful guidance for the highest good – spiritual liberation – was the bar set high by Mohanji, the inspiration behind The Awakening Times. Different Spiritual Masters and religious and spiritual groups have their publications aimed at promoting their teachings. However, in reality, we are all One and we deserve the right to learn from all those who communicate divine knowledge with clarity and the purest intention.

In the words of Sathya Sai Baba,

Divinity can be summed up in two words: purity and unity. This unity can be born only out of purity. Where there is no unity, there is no purity. Unity is Divinity. This must be remembered.

TAT Team

Editor in Chief: Lea Kosovac, Hein Adamson
Creative Design: Petra Franov

4 thoughts on “About The Awakening Times

  1. I just had the pleasure of discovering the “Awakening Times” (I almost said “for the first time”) However, I caught myself seeing as how redundant that would have been. It’s not necessary to repeat information which has already been implied in the same sentence. If the idea is already made clear, why waste the reder’s time and say the same thing only in slightly different words. At some point, you’re clearly just repeating yourself! LOL 😉

  2. All kidding aside, what an awesome breath of fresh air the “Awakening Times” seems to be. Universal truths are needed now more than ever. The world’s quest for artificial intelligence is inversely creating a knowledge gap throughout our society. I fear that the instantaneous access to all this information just continues to teach people that they don’t need to learn things. Why commit something to memory when it’s just a click away. It’s right there in the palm of your hand. Funny how all that smart technology is actually making us dumber as a human race, not to mention distracted all the time. Please, I encourage everyone to never stop seeking new knowledge. There is always something to learn, something to commit to memory, something to ponder on….always another question to ask. Ask yourself this….are my thoughts actually my thoughts? Do I think Independent thoughts derived from deducing the information I have gathered, or do my thoughts simply reiterate something I’ve seen or heard from someone or somewhere else. So many things try to interfere with our ability to objectively stay in the present moment. Our minds are under constant bombardment from an ocean of stimuli, but ultimately, it’s up to us to determine the reality in which we exist from day to day. Changes can be made now, and change can be complete and absolute. But only when you make the decision to become the change. When it happens… Don’t look back; not for an instant don’t even entertain the old version of you by speaking on the way things were. Simply live the better version of your life. You are the only one who will ever be able to define your reality and it will be exactly what you think it is….always and without exception. Think of the power you hold for your own future. It really can be that simple. This inward journey has taught me that the entire universe is actually governed by truths so simple, that most people couldn’t begin to understand. (As I began this comment my “Amazon Alexa, suddenly spiked in volume from about 3 to 10, just like it does every single night at exactly 2;22am) I am certain this place will become my 2nd home. So far everything I have here has been in perfect alignment with what I considert my own spiritul truth. I don’t pretend to fully understand, nor do I try to name things that are beyond my level of understanding as I think that is a dangerous practice. But I know there exists something more, something unseen, something that is one with us, and that is all things. This journey forever continues inward and it’s quite amazing if you let it

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