The reporter is focused, perhaps almost nervous during this interview. “Who is Mohanji?” he asks. “I am just an ordinary man” Mohanji humbly replies. Upon hearing his usual statement, I silently laugh within. It is amusing. I think of his many leelas (fun play) that I was allowed to witness for the past years; from miraculous appearances, divine guarding and guiding of followers, vibhuti (sacred ash) and flowers appearing, physical ailments due to him lifting karmic burdens of others. I see an existence of a divine warrior, expressions of a humble king, appearance of a common man.Mohanji is a paradox at times. He seems an ordinary man to the human eye. He is unassuming. It is quite a usual sight to see Mohanji dressed in jeans and t-shirt, his eyes fixed on his mobile phone attending to one his many followers around the globe via email, phone, facebook or whatsapp. Mohanji is available to those who sincerely seek; literally 24/7 around the clock; in this dimension and beyond. He guides, raises awareness and uplifts those who seek highest truth and liberation.

“Mohanji rest a little bit. You have only slept a couple of hours for the past two days” I express. “What is the purpose of this body. Let it be of use” he replies with a smile while he gets up from his chair to get ready for one of his public Satsangs; one of thousands of Satsangs that happened around the globe for the past seven years. Many were planned and many more happened spontaneously whenever he feels the call of seekers that flock around him for guidance.When followers sincerely ask, he always gives. It is his nature. Where he is needed, he gives. Where he is called, he goes.

“You attended seven meetings already. Today was supposed to be your rest day. Please you need to take care of your health”, I continue, determined to protect. But for Mohanji there is no perception or importance of his Self. If Truth shall be shared, a sick person visited, a meditation conducted, he will do what is required in that moment. Complete fluidity and acceptance. He flows with life in the speed of a tornado. Not one moment is wasted. Each minute lived with purpose, to liberate and uplift all beings on Earth.

This evening he is getting ready to welcome hundreds of participants for his Satsang. Mohanji is wearing his usual white formal dress, a white doti, long kurta and a simple rudraksh garland around his neck. He likes to wear white. It signifies what the mission stands for. It signifies the Path of Light, the Path of Purity and Liberation. It signifies the Golden Path of the Tradition. While his appearance may have changed, his behavior not the slightest. Followers prepared an official welcome. Flower petals have been laid out on the floor. Candles are lit. Garlands are placed around his neck. One after the other, followers, friends and strangers alike are equally greeted, embraced and hugged by Mohanji. He sees no difference between them; all are equal beings in his eyes.


When Mohanji enters the Satsang hall, one can observe different expressions on the faces of participants. Some came with curiosity, some with doubts, but most of them came with love for their father, brother, friend, teacher, master or Guru. Many names are given when the heart feels and fills with unconditional love. He sits down with a smile, has a deep look into the crowd, into the soul of each and everyone and lets silence ripe for a few longer moments.
The energy of the crowd always reflects in Mohanji. A true Guru is like a mirror. The way we look at him, he looks at us. This always holds true for each of his programs as well. One can feel different energy depending on the crowd and their devotion. As for the Satsang this evening the crowd seems ready to perceive. He fires up the energy. They are empty for him to fill in. Emptiness. Mohanji always says “Only if you are empty, grace can fill in.”

“I would like to learn about my past lives?” one participant asks. “When we were born we consciously erased memories from our past lives. It makes no difference to our current existence, to the now. If your grandfather had a donkey in the past, how does it matter to you now?” The crowd roars in laughter.

One question after the other is answered, guidance given and most of all awareness raised. Awareness is key.

“Path is awareness. Vehicle is devotion. Destination is Liberation.”

If Mohanji’s teachings are to be summed up in one word, it is LIBERATION.His unassuming nature, the lightness and kindness of his talk are comforting. It feels familiar. But the content he delivers has weight beyond measures. It is sharp, direct and powerful and at times not easy to digest. When aspiring highest truth there is no room for concepts, expectations and ego. “My path is a no-nonsense path. This is not a feel good path,” he says. When walking Mohanji’s path of pathlessness he makes us drop layer by layer. He guides us home. He guides us to ourselves. And in this process he nullifies a reality we have known so far.
Getting our reality challenged is not an easy thing to digest; dropping everything that is unreal and only keeping what is real. It feels like an intruder that we must revolt against. It feels like the violation of the only truth we knew so far; a truth that was based on binding, judgment and limitations. Letting go of it, is not an easy task. Only total faith and surrender allow us to succeed. Perhaps a few souls in tonight’s Satsang where not yet ready to let go. Perhaps their expectations were not met. They never are. But all of them melt eventually the moment they receive his divine gift of Shaktipat, Mohanji’s healing energy from higher realms. Some were eagerly anticipating it since the start of the Satsang. The line is quickly forming and curving around the hall.
As if I don’t know the answer, still determined to guard his well-being, I say “Mohanji, giving Shaktipat to hundreds of participants will take more than two hours. You will reach home very late. You have not eaten yet either.”
“No problem” he says. “We will do it. Each will receive it.” Work always comes first for Mohanji. A commitment is a commitment for him. There are no compromises. If Shaktipat was promised, Shaktipat will be given.
Mohan laughing

And so more than 250 Shaktipat’s, tears of gratitude, embraces and expressions of unconditional love later, we finally sit in the car on our way home. Well I say home. What I really mean is the house of his host where he is sleeping for the next two days. With his constant movement and travelling, I am not sure what to call his home anymore. Everyone seems family, each place like home, each encounter divinely blessed. But what I do know with certainty and conviction that Mohanji is home for me. It does not express through the momentary privilege of being in close proximity and staying at the same place with him. What I call home is the merging with his divine consciousness.

The dinner table is set. More seats are quickly arranged for additional guests that came along. I am used to it by now. He always invites, welcomes and shares. Everyone is family to him. Everyone is equally loved. Mohanji is in his usual relaxed mode, making fun and throwing jokes. He likes to pull the legs of people. It lightens everyone’s mood. It teaches us not to take life too serious.

“Life is a joke. What is there to take serious?” he laughs.
“Mohanji, you can’t believe what happened last week. Our whole altar, all your images were filled with vibhuti”, one guest says. Our dinner conversation turns to a fun topic. We are sharing our experiences with Mohanji. Treasures shared from each ones heart. I heard, saw and felt so many miracles by now, either directly myself in my own life or shared first hand by others. I could try to give a hint and share a tiny glimpse of the weight Mohanji lifts each day in this dimension and beyond. But I know he would not approve. It would contradict the tradition and the elegance it stands for. Even if there is just a hint of propaganda by anyone or if his name is glorified for any advantage of the mission, he immediately shuts it down and reminds us “Those who have eyes, will see. Those who can not see have chosen blindness.”

He consciously does not demonstrate or perform his stature. Mohanji downplays when people talk about miracles attached to him. He insists on non-delusional spirituality. When others consider him as Jesus, Krishna, Sai Baba, Buddha, his constant firm answer is “I am not another. This incarnation is known as Mohanji and will die as Mohanji. Do not come to me with the delusion that I am someone else or a master from the past.”By now dinner is long over. People are sipping over a chai. I repeatedly look at my watch and contemplate how I can smoothly convey that it is time for people to leave.

When travelling with Mohanji I have found it a serious challenge to take him off the crowd of people, to allow him some privacy, time to rest and sleep. If he is left alone he will spend the whole night with people. This literally happens. For those who are with him it is almost like managing a child, who is always in the presence and eager to give all that he has without thinking.  He is always eager to please everyone.  He expects nothing.

Mohanji white robe

When I was allowed to understand this highest form of innocence and purity one day in the past, something deeply shook me. This incident happened after we left a meeting with a new follower. As soon as we were out the door, Mohanji started limping with severe pain in his ankle. I immediately knew that he took heavy karmic burden onto himself. He was hardly able to walk, had an early morning flight and lots of travelling ahead. The pain lasted for days. Till date, the person who met him has no clue about this happening. But as far as I am concerned, I had tears welling up. I suddenly saw innocence, purity and in a way vulnerability that I have not seen before. An existence solely devoted to others, to give, uplift and liberate them.

Tears welled up in me because I saw complete ignorance, ingratitude and unawareness by others. He understood my sudden silence and says.

“Don’t be sad. This is what I am here for.”

“But she did not even ask you to lift this burden from her” I revolt.

“Her soul asked, so I gave. This body, this existence, has no other purpose.”


mohanji the greatestMy mind understands, but my heart bleeds. Mohanji spontaneously gets attracted to those who come with sincere devotion (bhaav). He asks nothing from anybody, redistributes gifts that come to him and keeps nothing for himself.

Mohanji says, “We came along on a tourist permit and we leave alone. We can carry nothing except a few memories and desires.”

Finally when people have left, I decide to retreat myself in silence. I am ready to sleep. The number of people around him each day, the incredible speed he lives with, the permanent change of plans is at times not easy to handle. It takes total surrender, commitment and faith. A living master is the biggest blessing and yet the biggest challenge one can be gifted with. It tests you. It strips you naked. He empties you from your egocentric personality without warning and without ceremonies. I finally touch his feet and bid good-night. While leaving the room, I watch him sit back in his chair, eyes fixed on the mobile phone again, replying to the many calls and messages he received throughout the day. I remember his words from the morning. “I am just an ordinary man”. I smile.





Author: Mohini, India


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